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When I was still updating the automotive site, I wrote a post on the Peugeot 206 that somehow garnered almost 1300 comments. That was 3.5 years ago, the 206 proved to be a pretty awesome car that isn’t only looking good on the outside, but at the same time a rather reliable machine too.

Kerol drives one to work on daily basis, and it has so far proved to be a good piece of machine.

Silver Peugeot 207
the new Peugeot 207

With renewed emphasis in the local market, Peugeot is launching the new 207 (very soon!) here in Malaysia.

The 207 will be an ASEAN production and hence priced competitively in this segment. The Peugeot Malaysia website has a bit of a teaser on this car with the following details:

  • 3 year 100,000 km warranty
  • immobilizer
  • dual SRS (airbag)
  • sensor activated headlights & wiper
  • ABS, EBD & EBA (anti lock braking, electronic brake-force distribution, electronic brake assistance)
  • mp3/wma player with bluetooth & USB + 6 speakers
  • 16 valves engine with tiptronic & sports mode transmission
  • 15″ interlagos alloy wheels

There’s no details on engine capacity yet but I’d guess it’s most probably a 1.6. If you think a 4 door sedan isΒ docile, check out the above video on what the Peugeot 207 can do.

Can’t wait for the pricing information to be released!

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  1. Errr…. Zoom Zoom? Is this a Peugeot writeup or Mazda? LOL

  2. vrOoOmm~ πŸ˜›

  3. was just reading your other website the other day. btw is it still active or something?

  4. hi hi… i saw u just now while lunch… seems u working nearby me too…

  5. Rather go for Peugeot 308 much more sporty πŸ™‚

  6. Dad was trying to convince me to get this when he got his 407 -_-”

    Can’t say I wasn’t tempted but HELLO I JUST BOUGHT A NEW CAR hahahaha.

  7. all I can say is that it’s locally assembled CONTINENTAL car… to compete with those Japanese players like Toyota, Honda and Nissan πŸ˜‰ price-wise from what I heard is competitive too! However, the only grouse is the low resale value as Peugeot brand is not that strong in Malaysia!!!

    • Leo: Yah I think resell value will take a while to get to competitive level when it comes to European cars.

  8. The front looks nice but I just can’t fathom the rear end of that car…

  9. Wah didnt know Keroll drives a Pug! Rawwwwr…as a matter of fact, i’ve tested this new feline..comparing to my 206, feels much much better & more responsive! The drive speaks louder then the looks. One thing i find about Malaysian car owners are, they’d go for appearance despite u’r getting peanuts specs for the price paying for! Talapia? KY ; p

  10. my sis own a 206 and all i can say…..i will never buy anything that came out from naza. worksmanship is bad and so many defects, and now, waiting to reclaim the warranty. i own a kia and my experience with naza has not been good……terrible to be exact. got problem with the steering and need to claim warranty, months pass without any calls until making an official complain, then only did something. claim the switch light and until now (4 yrs) and they never called…and i give up on them. not to be negative, peugeot cars are great…..handling is better than camry for the 407 but the ppl who distribute it make it sucks…….

    • kenny: ah, that sucks, hopefully this has changed for the better.

      • well, it is still the same…it’s the attitude of their staff. the forte is nice car with great price but since it is from naza kia, i’ve sworn not to buy anything from naza. my sis car is one part of the nightmare, wait till i tell you the nightmare of booking till getting the keys. i think all naza cars buyers are one time buyers, NO MORE 2ND TIME!!

        FYI – last time, the customer service at Naza HQ screw me up because I was asking why the mileage for my new car was already 400++km……..

        • kenny: perhaps that’s an isolated case, services like you describe won’t carry them far if it’s everywhere. that’s for sure.

          • their main attraction is the price+features, just look at how well featured is their forte but why i can see more city than this car? a full spec forte and a normal spec city……which is more ‘attractive’? i’ve seen so much has regretted with their warranty claim…….

  11. That is one ugly car! Looks very distorted. The front doesn’t even match the rear. Old technology. Will get the city or a vios anytime!!

    • Leon: ahh, look is but a personal taste, personally I think the version of city before this looked horrible, tho current one looks quite nice, transformer-ish. πŸ˜€

  12. Hi KY, this is my first time visiting this page. I’ve gone for a test drive for the new Peugeot 207. I like it !. A nice car for me and for my small troop. The question goes back to the low resale value. One thing that makes me contemplating to get it or not! Need advice! πŸ™

    • Mom of 3: well it depends if you plan to keep the car for long. if a purchase lasts 5-10 years anyway then resale value shouldn’t be a problem.

  13. Thanks for the quick feedback. I guess that’s the problem. I never keep a car till 5 years πŸ™„ . Will keep on thinking. Thanks KY.

  14. Hi dude..ive been using this car for 1.5yrs already…there were sum hiccups here and there…but they were good in solving it…thumbs up…
    just nice for a small fly…what else can we ask for it u get 5yrs warranty + service… u just park ur car in their service center and wait…pay ntg…
    plus the additional acc makes it good deal…
    at the beginning this car was unique (till now too)…people took 2nd look as i was among the pioneer to drive this in Mlk…
    dear ppl, i would say to ALL..yes please consider this car…

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