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Several weeks ago I was invited by Miss Lim Su Ann aka pinkpau for a food review session at Skewers, a (mainly) BBQ joint located at one of the newer shopping malls that sprung out at Subang recently. This one aptly named Subang Avenue, located directly next to Carrefour hypermart.

Skewers restaurant at Subang Avenue
Skewers restaurant at Subang Avenue

My partners in crime during this session were Suanie, Horng, Michael, and Haze. Pinkpau decided we do not deserve her attendance, but we still love her, I guess. hehehe

We were greeted by the very friendly (almost to a fault) part owner of the restaurant, Ken Low, and the host promptly ordered some sangria for us while waiting for dinner to commence.

spicy fish burger
spicy fish burger, different in a good way!

Do note, since most dishes at Skewers are grill to order, food can take slightly longer to arrive compare to your normal taichau kinda place (like New Paris). A Β little bit of a patience is usually needed for freshly prepared food.

The dish that impressed me most was, oddly enough, not a grilled dish, it was their spicy fish burger! Spicy, fresh tasting, and very refreshing, everyone should try it!

tiger prawn, big beef burger, skewered lamb
tiger prawn, big beef burger, skewered lamb

Grilled tiger prawns were yummy too, no surprise there, and I also particularly love the skewered lamb, very succulent, goes very well with the rice and vegetable.

The humungous beef burger we had came with salad, chips, cheese, jalapeno peppers, egg, and even chili. It was very wholesome, but I though the meat was a bit dry though (they promise to look into it, so hopefully this has been fixed)

grilled chicken wings, squid with salted egg, skewered chicken
grilled chicken wings, squid with salted egg, skewered chicken

Then of course, there’s chicken wings (how can a BBQ place not serve chicken wings right?). Their version is different from your typical kopitiam/food court style but closer to American buffalo wings instead, tastes pretty good, but would be even better if there’s some sour cream to go with, I think.

Deep fried squid with salted egg is done very differently here too, instead of just the egg yolk, the entire salted egg is utilized here. This meant that the sauce turned out quite salty, which basically stops at being interesting but I don’t exactly find it an improvement over the more traditional yolk-only version. Perhaps this is will be changed in the future, according to Ken.

Skewered chicken is juicy and tasty, definitely makes good beer food.

desserts at Skewers
apple crumple, something, tiramisu, and er.. something else

Skewers also serve quite a selection of desserts. We tried their apple crumple, tiramisu (pretty good!), and two other desserts that I can’t remember if you put a gun to my temple. They were pretty decent, but nothing really stands out though.

Suanie, KY, Michael, Haze, Ken, Horng
Suanie, KY, Michael, Haze, Ken, Horng

Overall I think Skewers is definitely a place worth visiting. Parking is ample (underground), the restaurant is nicely decorated and has a very nice alfresco dining area with a well stock alcohol menu too.

If you’re looking for a drinking place that also happen to serve more than decent dinner, you wouldn’t be disappointed.

map to Skewers restaurant, Subang Avenue

Subang Avenue, Jalan Kemajuan Subang
Jalan Kemajuan Subang, Selangor

GPS: 3.08215, 101.58929
Tel: 03-5632 1368

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  1. errri go skewers for beer! love their Hoegaarden promo πŸ˜›

  2. 420-08-3530

  3. Michelle Chin

    The crumble of the apple crumble looks a little dark

  4. Eh price??

    • Tim: price’s pretty reasonable as per these types of restaurants, I didn’t jot down tho :S

  5. Very tempting….what’s the price like?

  6. Wah lao!! Skewers (but I prefer to call satay wor…) paired with beer!!! Perfect combination

  7. did David Lai perform magic tricks for u? hahaha..

  8. mimid3vils

    Another new mall other than Empire? 😯

  9. Sour cream. Or maybe blue cheese dressing?
    Nowadays very hard to find good Buffalo Wings lah. Even TGIF/Chili’s don’t serve good ones anymore
    Dome used to serve them, but now Dome has been relegated to a place for drinks more than a full meal.

    • J2Kfm: yah for some reasons the original style Buffalo wing’s just not very popular here I guess.

  10. Very nice, especially the spicy fish burger!

  11. Danica Eric

    Hey KY you should review next. πŸ™‚ I thought of them when I saw your Skewers review. Their food is very reasonable and the service is great too. Went to the Tropicana Mall branch and had scallops, chicken, beef yakitori – they were all so yummy!

  12. What a delicious spread! I’ve been meaning to check out this place since its open… if only it’s not in subang!!

  13. Yup, I dined at there with my friend last time!
    Their sangria is much much better than Italiannies!! πŸ™‚

  14. ky did you make a mistake in this pictures?
    I can’t see grilled chicken wings, squid with salted egg, skewered chicken. The picture is a repeat of tiger prawn, big beef burger, skewered lamb

  15. wahh the food really look good! yummys

  16. vivek gupta

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    we are the mfz of brass head shish kabob skewers. It can be a useful thing for your restaurant. we can make any design that you want.

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