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One of my regular dinner/supper places is at the mamak square of SS2. Unlike many other mamak places, this square offers Malay, Chinese, and Mamak food altogether, and as a matter of mutual respect, serves pork free food all around.

Nan An Ah Seng chicken rice at SS2 Mamak Square
Nan An Ah Seng 南安阿成 chicken rice at SS2 Mamak Square

Tucked at the corner of the square is one of my favorite chicken rice stalls around  town – Nan An Ah Seng chicken rice.

Unlike most other chicken rice stalls, this one only serves steamed chicken (with limited chicken gizzards and liver) and bean sprouts. You’re out of luck if you are looking for roast chicken, roast pork, or bbq pork here.

steamed chicken and bean sprouts
steamed chicken and bean sprouts

There isn’t much to describe about chicken rice I guess, the steamed chicken you find here is basically one of the smoothest you can get anywhere. The sauce is a bit thicker than the usual soya sauce + oil mixture, the version here has a hint of oyster sauce.

The chili also carries a good kick too.

Haze and KY at SS2 Mamak
Haze and KY at SS2 Mamak

A plate of chicken rice goes for about RM 4.50 and the stall operates from dinner to super late supper time (around 1 in the morning).

Other than chicken rice, the Ramli Burger and Ah Leong fried rice here are awesome too.

map to ss2 mamak chicken rice

Jalan SS 2/60
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.117558, 101.622323

Discuss : Nan An Ah Seng Steamed Chicken Rice at SS2 mamak square

  1. lotsofcravings

    gosh im craving for chicken rice big time!

  2. Yup the chicken rice superb
    Beside the fried rice,awesome!
    But the Malay stall drop standard compare last time 

    • Erica: ah, which mMalay stall you’re talking about?

      • the middle one with red sign…pak lang
        std drop max, the tomyam last time use to be nice but now using maggi paste one…. 🙁

        • Erica: cos the chef left. lol.

          • is it? but i alwiz thought it was cook by the malay lady..i saw her still around..
            anyway try the pan mee at ss2/103? some ppl recommend it as nice pan mee…
            at the corner lot coffee shop

  3. We normally order their porridge and chicken. Dump the whole lot of chicken and chilli into the porridge and stir. Yum to the max!

  4. Oh this place 🙂 Jenn & I love to come here for supper in the past! Now we have stopped supper-ing so seldom come here.. normally I’d sit at Misai’s area.
    I just don’t like the fact that everytime we sat down, an old uncle and a young lady would come and tried to push their lala, etc.. sometimes they’d got into minor pushing… sigh!

  5. Michelle Chin

    This is real smart. Oyster sauce in the dressing that goes with the chicken. 🙂 My mom made the dressing that goes with steamed chicken like this too.

  6. TummyRumble

    wow, another place for me to try.. haha.. thanks for the recommendation 😀

  7. ahhh i remembered this stall. you brought us here once when Huai Bin first came to KL!! Nice!!

  8. There used to be a quite annoying uncle always approach to promote his lala, is he still there?

  9. ah! nothing like a good chicken rice to hit the spot! have u tried the kota damansara one? that’s damn good pak cham kai too;)


  10. Like steam chicken rice best…especially the smooth ones…

  11. Jessica Choong

    Just a fun fact to add – the cook (uncle there) used to be a classy hotel chef who decided to fuck hotel shit, and thus, the birth of our wonderful late night supper 🙂

  12. Eh, you call it “mamak” square? Hmm I never knew what to call it. Most of the shops are still open till 3 wor.

  13. I used to visit this chicken rice every week. It’s the most smooth and awesome one I’ve tasted in PJ so far.. Satellite’s good too but I prefer this 🙂 I am craving for one now with kuey teow! 😛

  14. Edwin ng

    Anyone know where do they move from SS2 …

    THEY already not there anymore …


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