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Stuffed crab is one of those dishes that is so good you wonder why they only have it in the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. My best guess is that we don’t have enough very kind and toothless aunties here in KL to separate crab meat from the seafood, that or there was an agreement for that during the formation of Malaya to protect the eastern states’ interests..

After all, aren’t our government known for setting up special agreements and policies to protect interests of certain groups all the time?

Tong Juan restaurant, Kemaman
restaurant Tong Juan at Chukai, Kemaman

The first time I had stuffed crab was only earlier this year at a pretty busy Pak Su seafood restaurant near Kuantan. The experience was rather good and I have been thinking of a repeat for this dish since.

So when the opportunity to have it again arises while on the way back from our previous trip to Redang last weekend, we naturally took it. This time we went to Tong Juan at Kemaman, located at the ideal spot that is just about half way point between KL and Kuala Terengganu.

stuffed crab, this is what we're here for
stuffed crab, this is what we’re here for

14 of us went in and Terence did the ordering, and for the first (and probably the last) time, the dude did not over order.

We had stuffed crab for everyone, grilled tiger prawns, spicy squid, vegetable, fish ball soup, and fried rice. This was for lunch on a Sunday (a working day in Kemaman, feed your parking machine)

grilled prawns, spicy squid
grilled prawns, spicy squid

While those super health conscious might complain that the stuffed crab at Tong Juan is a little too oily, I had no problem with it.  The crabs were good! With plenty of crab meat plus finely chopped onion and who knows what else in it. This is definitely a must-order.

The huge grilled tiger prawns were another awesome dish. They were easily the size of my palm and grilled with a bit of stuffed garlic at the back, a nice variation, delicious.

stuffed crab, fish ball soup, vegetable, fried rice
stuffed crab, fish ball soup, vegetable, fried rice

Fried rice was pretty good as well, but I didn’t think the fish ball worth a repeat, they were pretty life less and uninspiring, if not a tad too salty too. Vegetable’s just to satisfy vitamin C quota and for color matching, nothing to report.

The bill came to about RM 27 or 28 per person including drinks, while not cheap, I think it is still reasonable and definitely worth going there again on my next east-coast trip.

location map to Tong Juan restaurant, Kemaman

Tong Juan restaurant
K-117 Jalan Sulaiman,
24000 Kemaman, Terengganu
GPS: 4.231314, 103.428383
Tel: 09-859 1346‎

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  1. stuff crab look so delicious…yummy 😛

  2. OMG, the stuffed crabs still exists in Kemaman! I stayed in Terengganu when I was little, and occasionally my parents will bring us to Kemaman to eat the stuffed crabs. And I remember they were yummy! That was easily more than 20 years ago!

  3. Hey, this takes all the effort out of eating crab. They really should bring it over here.

  4. you forgot to mention then long, painful trek to the place, under the glaring sunlight.

    for this meal i got sunburnt!

  5. you guys are heroes ma! heroes! <3


  6. Is this place halal?

  7. What’s nice in Tong Juan are their lobsters too, did you try? Pretty cheap compared to the average KL price 😀

  8. also next time you’re there, try the crab omelette… it’s pretty good and a nice change from the average oh-chien

  9. I believe we can get the stuffed crab at the old Coliseum in KL. Perhaps this is a Hainanese dish.

  10. wah look at the fishballs. I want some too!!

  11. seafood! come to muar to have nice seafood especially asam fish. My gf and I will be your host when you’re here. (:

  12. TummyRumble

    some mamak stall have stuffed crabs… but theirs come with loads of spice in it..

    • TummyRumble: yah, different style, and you don’t know how long they’ve been keeping it in the fridge. lol.

  13. For a tiger prawn each and a huge crab claw (with hopefully more crab meat than minced fish or pork), per person, the price is definitely okay.

  14. Visitor from far

    Taste was just ok,but the crab wasn’t fresh plus expensive. Found a rubber band in the plate of crab we had but owner did not apologise at all upon complaint and had a very bad attitude. Saw a rat in the kitchen too. Will not visit again definitely.

    • Visitor from far: ahh, i guess your experience wasn’t the same as mine tho, but I do agree that service wasn’t exactly great at all.

  15. Over rated!!

  16. I went to this restaurant during Awal Muharam Holiday 2013, and I think Tong Juan charged overly expansive. Sotong being charge for RM66!! It not a big portion, there is only 4 of us. 2 senior citizens and 2 female. We ended up paying RM200++ for 4 stuff crab (RM34), 4x tiger prawn (RM48), Crab meat fried rice (RM24), Steam red Garaupa (RM55), and Fried Sotong (RM66), fried bean (RM20) and extra RM8 for not sure what is that, maybe wet tissue we used.
    I was shock when i receive the bill.. its way too expansive!!
    I asked why the sotong charge so expansive, the guy said because it’s a big size sotong.
    I don’t think a big size sotong worth that much.
    Be careful when you walk in, ask the price before you order. There is no price listed on the menu.

  17. As the topic here is with Tong Juan stuffed crab, i was there last weekend. I used to work in Kerteh and Kemaman Supply Base back in 1988, i have frequented this restaurant quite often. Back then, it cost only 4 to 5 ringgit. Its 11 ringgit today. Thou its nice but because is popular here, its overly priced and the other dishes are basically average…..Think Hai Peng thou not a full meal serving restaurant is much more interesting with their simple breakfast and of course the famous coffee. You tend to have 2 to 3 cups instead of one..even though they’re small. Try nasi Beriani with kambing and/or fish head curry at restaurant Dollah bawah pokok…abt 2 km from Hai Peng towoad towards the trunk road to Trengganu. Not as authentic as before but still the best.

    • Vic: times have changed hasn’t it? I guess some places just don’t keep up their level of service/value but bank on reputation..

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