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I’ve always been a bit of a reader, from trivial wikipedia articles to ESPN sports analysis, and of course, books. This is how I spend my one hour or so LRT rides everyday.

Reading beats standing idle looking at strangers that slowly became nameless familiar faces over the months, reading also beats listening to music in the train unless a better way is found in to deal with my spontaneous dancing/karaoke sessions on public transport property.

Barnes and Noble Nook
my ebook reader – the Barnes and Noble Nook

I was one of the earliest adopters of ebook. In fact, back in 2003 I had a little Sony Clie PDA that I used to read on. The tiny screen displays pretty crisp colors, but suffers from the drawbacks of having relatively small memory, and rather miserable battery life. It was tough to find ebooks then too.

Then came the age of smart phones, I tried reading on my phones with mobipocket and so on but gave up eventually. The screens were too small, and LCD with back light was never kind to the eyes.

Many argues that physical book is best and that nothing beats the feel and smell and whatever, but I disagree. Book is good, but ebook readers with e-Ink technology are awesome. How about being able to store thousands of books in your hand, with built in dictionary, and weigh only as much as a typical book? Of course, there are more features too.

Barnes and Noble Nook, size comparison

Since most ebook readers use e-ink screens from the same company (and they are awesome, you can read under direct sun, battery life lasts over a week), choosing a reader for me became a slightly harder task.

After quite an extensive research, I narrowed down the choices to Kindle and Nook, and finally I got myself a Barnes and Noble Nook Wifi model, and this is why:

  • reads ePub (the most popular ebook format, lacking in Kindle), PDF, HTML, and graphics
  • has a webkit browser (like firefox/chrome) and wifi access
  • based on Android and has a community built firmware at (with other open source apps too)
  • 2 screen design with color touch screen at the bottom for navigation
  • ability to add microSD card to extend the 2GB built in storage (Kindle doesn’t allow that)
  • plays MP3, comes with 3.5mm universal stereo phone jack
  • user replaceable battery
  • relatively light at 320 grams or so (less than half the weight of an iPad)
  • relatively low price at US $149

The only problem was well, Barnes and Noble doesn’t ship the Nook to Malaysia, and you can’t buy ebooks directly from B&N without some tricks. But fear not, there are many ways to skin this cat.

I got my nook from ipmart and paid some RM 800 including shipping and a nice leather sleeve. Alternatively, you can also get them via other shop/shipping sites like vshub or USunlocked. If you’re interested in buying ebooks from B&N directly, you can use a debit card with US billing address from services like the one from USunlocked (US $10 to get the card).

There are also free ebooks from the likes ofย Project Gutenberg as well as some other sources, use your imagination.

Believe it or not, the ebook readers sold at MPH are more expensive, and comes with quite a bit less features than the Nook, terrible.

I’ve had the Nook for about a month now, read half a dozen books on it and only had to charge it 3-4 times so far. The experience in fantastic, and I highly recommend anyone who love to read consider one of these e-ink readers seriously.

Discuss : Barnes & Noble Nook ebook Reader in Malaysia!

  1. hmm. tempting, tempting.

    • Irene: make it happen hohohoho

      • Hi! Im a Malaysian currently studying in the States. Im thinking of getting a Nook/Kindle for my dad. Could you explain a lil bit more on how you can get a $10 US Card to purchase the ebooks? I’ll be graduating soon so I gotta close my bank account then. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Aishah: I think you can’t buy from BN straight unless you subscribe to US IP address VPN connection as well. I usually get my ebooks from other sources since Nook can read normal epub & PDF formats anyway. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Nice, but what about iPad? ๐Ÿ˜›

    • CK Wong: iPad is awesome as a general productivity/gaming device but not so great as ebook reader, a bit too heavy and batt doesn’t last as long, plus it’s an LCD with backlight.

  3. Hi KY. Suggest you look into audiobooks to listen to on your commute.

  4. and can pass off as an iPad! hheehee

  5. Hey. So do you download the books online for free or do you still have to pay for it?
    Sounds like a worthy investment ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Rebecca Goh: well there are free books online, and of course there are paid ones as well. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • most online free ebooks are really really really old classics. because in US there is a law to prevent conversion of ebooks unless the author is dead for more than 50 years ( i think).
      so most of the popular books from the last 10 to 20 years…we still have to pay for it.

      however, if you have a phone (none symbian or android phone), you can download some free ebooks from of course they format is not as good as the really changeh ebook reader. but i had been reading of my phone for the last 2 years. and best of all……….THEY ARE FREE!!!

  6. iPad rulezzzzz

  7. nais.. i could kill less trees with this

  8. thanks for the review!! :mrgreen:

  9. Please feel free to indulge your spontaneous dancing / karaoke tendencies in public!!

  10. Michelle Chin

    I prefer my books in paper

    • Michelle Chin: I had the same stance once hehe

    • me too………but………space is limited and trees are limited too. so i have decided from 2010…no more paperbacks for me. only ebooks. :mrgreen:

      • Laura: applause!!!

        • just re-read some of the comments….and did my tax return this year and was lookinig for books receipts….guess wat….NO PAPERBACKS. YEah….i managed to stay off temptation and didn’t buy even 1/2 half paperback or comic.

          I did fall off the wagon many many many times ….buying ebooks. hahaha….especially since i install kobo apps on my android phone. I bought a galaxy tab in May this year…so i am even reading manga on it. But i still prefer my old nook for reading. Cause it is so much lighter than tab. ๐Ÿ˜›

  11. Dude, how long did it take to receive your babeh from the States?

  12. which leather sleeve u bought???i just curious…

  13. I got mine too!!! YEEEEEEEEAHHHHH!!!
    i got my cousin to bring back for me. Bought it at USD 149….with a leather cover and a spare battery too (don know when will she be back again). overall….MYR 660 only. the exchange rate dropped till 3.10!! hahahaha.

    now my problem is…if i download other epub books unto nook…errrrrrrr….how do i do that? i haven explore much on my nook yet. got it 1 week ago. i am still finishing my book from my phone. hahahah……..i have been downloading most of my ebooks from mobile9. but the ebooks from there is in java apps. which android doesnt support.

    but i still don regret on my nook.

    • Laura: I suggest you upgrade it to NookDev’s custom firmware, the steps are pretty simple actually. All your ebooks should be transfered to the Document folder. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • ok thanks. i will try that during the weekend. thanks again.

        • Laura: you’re welcome ๐Ÿ˜€

          • just had a look at the site……….errr…… is all giberish to me. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ
            errrr……..probably have to have a computer expert friend to explain those to me. hahahah….i am more of a user rather than the more detail technical stuff.

    • Regret buying Nook. But then the tablet wasn’t in the market yet.
      Now I read my ebooks on my smartphone.

      • Koh: agree that smartphone’s making readers quite redundant these days, unless you value e-ink technology.

  14. Good review KY!

    Can help me get one too?

  15. still prefer to buy the old-fashioned book! and once I got bored with it.. just sell it through eBay ๐Ÿ˜›
    Nowadays… I seldom read books unless Reader’s Digest and car magazine

    • Leo: well ebay isn’t as useful here in M’sia tho, and I think readers digest is on decline, sadly.

  16. how many titles can it hold again?

  17. Very nice…but I’ve gotten the Kindle instead at about RM450. Haven’t get the casing though but it’s so small and almost weightless! Bringing it with me around Taiwan now…

  18. Ahhh… tempting. Gave up on eReader due to the availability in Msia.
    And the ones they’re selling in MPH is rubbish.

    Might consider this Nook. Read about it before but didnt notice the cool features.
    So its better than Kindle huh?

    • LieF: I like it better than Kindle ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Sweet! Thanks for introducing ipmart. Didnt know the site exists.
        Suddenly checking on other stuff now. LOL.

    • nook has several advantage over kindle. first of all…amazon upgrade its e reader with new version of e reader sometimes..lower priced. it kinda upset of a lot kindle users. However, nook upgrade is software online. And its battery is exchangeable and also you can hot swap the sd card (is it sd card or other type of memomy card KY?) which you can expand up till 8GB, KY??
      hmmmmm…..wat else….i have heard my cousins in US said that her friends mostly prefer nook, because Barnes and Nobles has “actual” bookshop. And Amazon doesn’t. if they have any problem, they can just pop in to B&N and ask the tech there.

      • Awesome! Its on my wishlist now. But probably not too soon.

        Maybe after I finish my paperbacks. LOL.

        • Hi Leif,

          Im selling my nook ereader if you are interested. Still very new barely use them eversince i bought it. Funny things is its still in the box. Let me know if you want i can sell it to you.


        • Hi Leif,

          Are you still thinking of Nook ereader?
          Im turning the price down now.
          PM or email me for price

          To anyone out there too anyone interested please let me know.


      • laura: nook uses microSD (same with most handphones) for additional storage, yah and the firmware upgrades are good. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Hi KY! i saw you in the train yest but just couldn’t step up and say hello because it was too packed! saw you with your new toy too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Can read books in Chinese?

  21. Say KY, just curious, why didnt u buy the 3G model?

  22. Danica Eric

    Should I forgo the 3G ver and get the Wi-Fi ver? What will I miss out?

  23. Danica Eric

    And I feel like I’m cheating on my paperbacks if I buy the Book >.< So tempting.

  24. hi!!does ur nook have prob with the bezel…read a lot through, a lot of them are having the same prob,which is crack in the bezel…argh!suddenly i’m afraid if i buy it,there’ll be a crack..and have to return it,and will cost more money..

  25. Totally agreed is a nifty gadget, for reading under the sun is better then my ipad and the best thing is that is support chinese characters due to the os is google android.

  26. Thanks for the write-up! Had been eyeing the Nook since few weeks ago and saw the one on IPMART but didn’t know whether they are legit or not.. Might try and order from them.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • sya: you’re welcome. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • KY, I wonder if I get someone to buy the Nook from US, do I have to do anything to unlock it or can it be used as is? Please help.. Thanks in advance.. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • sya: there’s nothing u need to do if you don’t want to buy books direct from B&N, otherwise you’ll need a US credit card for direct buying.

        • or…like me….i gave my cousin in the US USD 200 and then she will credit into her B&N account and i can buy book from B&N lo…directly from Nook.

          • KY, good to know. Thanks.. (and to Laura too, for the suggestion..) ๐Ÿ˜€

            • Sya: you’re welcome.

            • u’re welcome. glad i can help. well….since USD is really weak now…best to convert some dollars now or you can paypal the money to your friends or relatives in the US, who has a Barnes and NObles account. But meaning, you have to use their login id and password. They have to register using US credit card. otherwise, B&N would not let you register.

  27. tempteddddddddd……and i’m helping with killing less trees too, i have no more space to store books… and i have stacks in my house ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  28. hi. i was thinking of purchasing the sony reader from a US based company that ships to malaysia. would you happen to know if eReaders are taxable? i’m worried that i’ll end up paying a lot more. ๐Ÿ™

    • zm: i didn’t have any problem with the shipment, I think it’s a bit of a hit and miss kinda thing :S

      • i see. in that case maybe i’ll give it a shot. thanks for the your assistance and your quick reply. ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Morning KY,
    i have a HUGE problem. I have my cousin registered an account with B&N with her american credit card. The nook is also in her name, whom is living in the US.
    Now, i have the nook with me, and i logged in with her name and password and all. And i tried to purchase A book…..i have been reading books from my handphone, so i haven seriously start to read from NOOK……and it said due to location of the NOOK, i can’t download the ebook.

    YIKES….apparently it can detect my location (malaysia) and it wont let me download the ebook i have purchased!!! i tried with the desktop version, it is the same. Nook via wifi, same problem.

    1. How did you download your ebooks from B&N?
    2. How did you download other epubs from other sites?

    hee hee…..i have only limited knowledge on the techy stuff. So please help me when you have some free time. no hurry…….i am still reading from my KOBO apps on my x10.

    did you know, KOBO ebooks are actually cheaper than Nook ebooks?

    • Laura: easy, you just need to use a US proxy (google it) to connect your computer to. Alternatively, you can put those other epub books in your “Document” folder in Nook. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • you mean things like VPN is it?
        so i have to open the VPN website first and the B&N website, is it?

        • Laura: yeap, you got that right, vpn or proxy.

        • How does that work? Just bought nook online. Now, have to figure out how to use nook here with B&N account. Would it be too much trouble if you provide steps? Super duper new to this.

  30. so how many books did you say the internal memory can hold?

  31. so the whole package inclusive of wat items? Is it RM800 for everything and deliver to your doorstep?

  32. hi KY,
    how’s is your nook? did you see the new color nook?
    grrrrrrrr…..but why would i wan a color one anyway. my paperbacks have always been in black and white. hahaha….

    btw, can nook read pdf files?
    i found some free ebooks from 4shared. hhahahahah……you can try there if you haven already. where else did you can your ebooks from?

  33. Guys,

    Im selling off my nook, still very new condition in the box. not used eversince i bought them.


  34. Anyone interested just email me at


    • why are you selling? how much? courier service included?

      • Hi Laura,

        Reason im selling it because im not using it :). Thought buying it i use it for reading while travelling but turns out after i bought it its already less travelling for me beside more paperworks piling up and have no time for reading. Im selling it for RM1k. I’ve already deduct all the shipping cost and custom clearance in when it reached Malaysia. Kept all the bills as a proof.
        Courier service it depends, if in KL area i rather hand it over just worry about the courier services. If east Malaysia that will be no choice, have to courier it out.


        • ok i will ask around to see if there are anyone as bookworm as me….. :mrgreen:

          • Appreciate it Laura. Thank you very much. By the way forget to add it in i bought them february 2010.

            Many Thank

  35. dear ky,

    just want to thank you for introducing nook. i followed your instructions and bought myself a nook with the leather jacket in ip mart and also a us unlocked card and hidden vpn. now i can buy and download books from barnes and noble. thanks!

    nook color came out just after i received my nook but after reading your comments that it is not in e ink, am not so disappointed.

    i should have bought a reading light. would you know where i can buy one in kuala lumpur? thanks again.

    • Weni: you’re welcome, I don’t know where to get a reading light tho, mine’s from ikea hehe

    • Or you can check in eBay. A lot from there you can choose including skins fro your nook too.

      • Danny: I think reading light might be something too small/cheap to get from ebay, perhaps local MPH/Borders bookstores might carry them.

      • and Danny, i repost your offer on nook on my facebook again this morning. hopefully i can get some response.

        • Thanks so much Laura. Lets hope somebody will interested in buying my nook. I just re-check everything in the box again to make sure all the accessories are in the box. Besides, its start collecting dust as well.

          Thanks again Laura.

          Best Regards,

    • mph definite has reading light. i saw them on the counter.

      and i recently found that a lot of books i wanted in B&N are available free. i know is bad to download these free ebooks since the authors aren’t dead yet…and they should earn their share of earnings from writing these books. but books and ebooks are just too expansive. i wont mind these prices if i earn singapore dollars or aussie dollars. but we are earning missly MYR. so i have no guilt in downloading these ebooks. There are popular titles in eiher epub or pdf which nook can take both format.

      well ….i compensate my guilt by buying this nook so i can save more trees!!!

  36. i just bought the reading light from mph. thanks laura! definitely cheaper than ebay. just hope it works.

    what are the good websites for downloading free ebooks? if you feel guilty for passing such info, is ok not to tell. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • weni: to be honest, it was the gf who downloaded the books for me. i have no idea where from. lol.

    • hi weni,
      how much did you buy from mph? i haven bought mine yet? hahaha…waiting for member day sale!

      I am definitely not guilty to share the site for free ebooks with you. :mrgreen: I am always happy to “infect” more friends with the “bookworm virus”. I always believe that if ppl read more, there are less violence in this world ๐Ÿ™„ i downloaded a lot of epubs and pdf file ebooks from 4shared.

      nook can read both. download those books and saved into your pc. then use the usb cable to transfer into your nook’s my document file.

      i am having a bit of problem with the displayed titles of the books. i have changed it so it can arranged according to author’s name….but in nook it displayed according to its digital birthname……i have no idea how to change it in nook.

      oh well….if there is any books you wan…i can email them to you if i come across.

      • Laura: one of the ways to display titles and cover flow properly would be by upgrading to Nookdev’s OS, a bit of work but nothing too difficult, erad up

        • laura,

          the reading light costs RM 29. so far so good. just hope it lasts.

          thanks for the info on websites. i have no books in mind right now. just ‘greedy’ for free stuff.


          if i upgrade to Nookdev’s OS in my Nook, do i have to download all my ebooks again? i don’t like that part.

          • yeah yeah..if i upgrade to nookdev’s OS does it mean i lost my warranty? and do i have to download all the ebooks again?

            i am into fantasy books now. like fairies, vampires and werewolf stuff. good to read when you just want to lost in another world.

            another type of books i like is adventure thriller. Like clive cussler, james rollins, michael chricton, steve berry, matthew reilly are all good for an adventure.

            i used to download a lot of ebooks from mobile9. but those are jar file, which android can’t read. and i was stuck for a while with 2 phones. 1 android smart phone and 1 stupid java phones (W705). because the android market mostly support “legal” ebooks….which usually the authors were DEAD. I think something to do with the legal rights thingy.

            so if you still have a java phone, you can go to mobile9 to search for ebooks. but nook won support jar file either.

            • Laura: I think it might void your warranty but if anything happens you can always revert back to the original OS.

        • only takes me to barnes and noble leh!

          • Laura: ops it’s

            • sounds DANGEROUS for someone like me…who is not that techie oriented. So better just stick with funny and gibberish titles for now. Maybe when i am more familiar with nook and have more confident to “stick” it to NOOK then i will do the operation!!! ahahhaha

              • Laura: hahah it’s not that difficult actually, just need to be a bit brave :X

  37. KY….am not brave at all…….i am very conservative person. Conservative, slow and steady goes a long long long long way!!! :mrgreen:

    • Laura: hahaha yah, and it’s not like we really use the cover flow that often anyway, only once you finish a book. ๐Ÿ˜€

  38. Hi KY – thanks for the review! Could I ask which websites do you normally use to purchase books since we can’t buy them directly from B&N? I’m thinking of getting a ebookreader for my dad and was just wondering which ones offer good support and an easy way to download/buy books ? Thankss!

    • Yanti: I copied books from friends usually, but you can buy from B&N too if you use a credit card with US billing address, you can get that service from

      • thank you much for the advice! I think I might be tempted – just wondering have you considered the sony prs-550? Also, any specific reasons why you’ve chosen the nook over the Kindle for example? Thanks !

        • Also, what does the basic package contain? Did you get anything else apart from the leather cover – not too sure if I need anything from the ‘Essentials’ – memory csd, battery charger, USB cable, etc? I thought those things should be included in the basic pack? Thanks again, really sorry for bombarding you with so many questions!

        • Yanti: package contains charger, USB cable, I think you can buy memory card from anywhere. Not so sure about the PRS550, I got the nook cos it has the touch screen + e-ink combo plus it runs Android ๐Ÿ˜€

          • thanks again KY – apologies for the late response! I finally got the Nook for dad but am slowly setting it up! I saw an exchange between you and Laura about the initial set-up. I suppose I don’t have to register if I’m not planning to buy anything from B&N? Would I have to register once I get usunlocked and the hidden vpn?

      • So, once I have the credit card with US billing address, I can buy books from B&N? Easy as that? I can’t remember where I’ve read it but do I need to get a VPN to fool B&N you’re in US.

        • Yuhbs: you might need to, I’m not entirely sure though.

        • Yunbs,
          yes once you have a credit card with US billing address, then you need to open an account with B&N with that billing address.

          after all that is settle, registered an account with VPN. Then you willl need to buy min of 5GB airtime (or download content capacity) from VPN. is very cheap. you can use Malaysia credit card to buy that one. I think is SGD 5 for 5GB. That’s more than the internal memory of the nook. hahahahha

          then once you are good to go with VPN (write down your login name and password- less you forget like me), open the VPN before you sign into B&N website account. This is to hide you IP address.

          Then login to B&N account and then do a test. Download a free ebook from B&N. Before i had VPN, i can’t even download free ebooks. So do a test download.

          Don bother with download via wifi on your nook. is toooooooooooooooooooooo slow with Malaysia internet speed.

          Wat i did is download to my PC, then transfer the file to my nook using the USB cable . it is easier and less stress!!! ahahhahah

          hmmmmmmm…..watelse…just leave a message with my email if you wanna know other stuff.

  39. KY, kawan, are you any good with programming?
    i just found a link to convert pdf to epub.
    errrr…….i downloaded it but don know how to use it.
    you have any idea?
    i was thinking to convert my pdf files to epub..then nook will probably “read” the files better, rather then a lot of “unknown” listing in my nook. LOL….i know i know….i can root it but i am afraid to rosak the nook if i did anything to it. hahahah….hmmmm i have rosak quite a few electrical stuff already. :mrgreen:

    • Laura: not too sure on how to use that, I do my conversions using calibre, a very nifty ebook program on desktop that you’ll find much more useful I believe. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • yes i read about calibre and went into the website on calibre……it just flew right over my otak!! no idea how to use either.

        alas……..i will just have to stick to a lot of “unknown” list in my nook lah…..hahahahah…….i can survive.

        have you try to test how long can your nook on standby?

  40. Hey fren,
    time to update your nook. i just did!!!
    woo hoo!!
    pages are turning faster now!!!
    i can now flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ๐Ÿ˜†

  41. Hi people. So interesting to read all about the Nook and ebook applications here. So informative. But, one question, though, are you all currently really really downloading ebooks that aged no less than 10 years old?

    • Dino: not a whole lot of books under 10 yr old, but plenty enough to keep me busy. You can get really recent books too by pay per download too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ Juz got the Nook new version 1.5 3G+wi fi from US.
    Shocking that it does not work here…. Is this true and if it is, how can this be rectified so that I can shop/order ebooks? ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  43. Err.. what’s a VPN and where can I get it? Can I still shop from Thanks

    • Jan: just search for US VPN in google will give u plenty of relevant results. basically it masks your IP address and let BN thinks that you’re residing in US. ๐Ÿ˜€

  44. ๐Ÿ˜€

    so is not a scam site

    i’m planning to buy stuff there

    thanks KY!

  45. Did you register your nook? If yes, how? Can’t register because we’re in Malaysia right?

  46. Its RM500. Thats the best i can offer. Thanks

  47. ky,

    would you know whether i can register two nooks under one account? if i have two nooks and only one account, can i have all the books i purchased in these two nooks?


  48. Can Nook read HTML files?

  49. is danny’s nook sold yet?

  50. Hi KY,
    bought a Nook Color after reading your blog and others.Though still waiting for shipment from U.S via vPost.
    Question: do you have to buy a converter to use the U.S charger? Charging it via a computer’s USB port would take ages I suppose.

    • Jade: yep, can use USB or any blackberry charger, but the standard charger works too, just different pins.

      • what do u mean? i will get mine in 10 days. on the route from US. so, i need to buy some other charger to charge this nook? or else..

        • eira: you can always charge via USB, using computer or any handphone charger that has micro USB connectors will work too.

          • like jade said, charge via USB takes forever. i will buy AC/DC converter if the situation warrant it. urm.. *straight face*

  51. matttaki

    got mine yesterday. have software version 1.5.0 and serial number of 10051….. Hard to root =.=”
    Just wondering how to register.

    • matttaki: I don’t register mine, not too sure, i think u need a US VPN to register if I’m not mistaken.

  52. Hi KY,

    Which one is a better ebook reader? the latest amazon kindle or the current nook that you own?

    cause i would like to buy one for my own use

    • eric: I think both are good, I chose Nook cos it reads epub, amazon’s reader reads amazon’s format and pdf if I remember correctly.

      • Thanks for your reply. Let’s say if my nook crashed, do i have to sent the nook all the way back to the States for repair? cause i’m just worried especially for the battery. i hope you can help me out before i decide to buy an ebook reader=)

        • Well the warranty will be in US. So that is always an issue, but it is not stopping me

  53. Hi KY,

    I’m seriously considering the Nook but b4 I ‘swipe’ my credit card I need to know the following, if you may share:
    1. Any significant problem with the device in terms of usablility
    2. Is firmware/software updates be done easily
    3. Is there any manual tweaks/unlocking that we need to do to get it work in Malaysia

    Thanks bro!

    • eezi: there isn’t any unlocking that needs to be done as far as I’m concerned, if you want to buy books straight from B&N to your nook then you need a VPN, but if it’s mainly for downloaded epub books then there’s no problem at all ๐Ÿ˜€

  54. hi..i’m trying to get a kindle 3…is usunlocked reliable?

  55. how u get the rm800 price.. i’ve checked the current price is rm988 + lowest postage of rm124.. ๐Ÿ™

    • maxer: you must have been looking at the wrong model, mine’s the original nook with wifi – now only RM 576.69 excluding shipping ๐Ÿ˜€

      • my bad.. i thought you’re talking about the nook color.. ๐Ÿ˜› .. anyway, do u know what’s the current price of nook color here in Malaysia?..

        • maxer: they don’t sell it in Malaysia

          • i might buy a Nook Color (from ebay) very soon.. and i need your expertise to help me set the device.. so keep in touch k.. ๐Ÿ˜›

  56. Lady M

    Hey! Read somewhere that B&N might be launching a new e-reader on May 24th. I’m waiting to see whether the new e-reader is better than the Sony PRS650.

    • Lady M: not so sure about that, guess we’ll just have to wait and see ๐Ÿ˜€

  57. How do u purchase nook ebooks, am thinking of using the nook app on my laptop n buying the ereader at a later date… but my sister tried it n it said the purchase of an ebook she wanted couldnt go through because she was not a US resident. She used her malaysian address for the credit card purchase.

    • ig33ku: to purchase ebooks directly from Barnes & Noble I think you need to subscribe to VPN services. As for credit card, check out the services from

  58. the first edition ebook only 450… do u think tat would b an ok buy? sooooo tempted to get one

  59. or what bout the kobo reader? its only 300 plus… hmmm

    • veenna: e-ink display right? so long as it reads the file formats you need then ok already ๐Ÿ˜€

  60. How much does the Barnes & Noble ebook reader cost with shipping? What is is minimum cost of a e-book. I looked on some website, it says about $170 and after I convert it using the currency converter, it will cost like RM 400. And some other website says it cost about RM 800. Which one is right, RM 400 or RM 800?

  61. i am sooooo eyeing this nook. hardcore reader and had plentiful of titles. from the comments above, i will definitely buying this one next month. hehehe.. will be a proud owner then.

    1) do i need warranty extension?

  62. Dear KY

    Recently looking into buying Nook and came across your site. If I buy via Vshub, how do I register with B&N for future purchase of e-books? I have asked them but they said that they do not provide this service. So does that means that I can purchase the nook without registration. What about e-books? Can I purchase them from other sites rather then from B&N? Please advise.

    • Peter: you can register to B&N in Malaysia only if you use a VPN service, otherwise you can still buy ebook from any sources other than B&N or Amazon as long as they are in PDF/EPUB format.

      • Thanks KY. So if I buy the Nook and have it delivered, it will not be registered with B&N, but I can purchase e-books from other sources that are in PDF/EPUB format to download it to the Nook. If I have this right, than I will go ahead to purchase it. Again thanks for your help.

        • Peter Lau: you’re welcome.

          • Peter Lau


            Sorry to bother you again. Went on the web to order the Nook, however, came upon the accessories titled essentials. Should I order the extra rechargeable battery and the Adaptor & USB cable kit? Does the Nook come with its own battery and cable kit or do I need to order one? Thanks.

          • Peter Lau


            Again, I am looking at the Nook 1st Edition which is about US$89. The other Nook is about US$139. As a first timer to ereader, I would like to watch my budget in case I do not like it. Which do you suggest?

            • Peter: cheapest option will do just fine.

            • Laura Chiew O B

              Peter Lau,
              Have you got your nook yet?
              I might have a 2nd hand Nook 1st edition for sell. Which area are you?
              I have to ask her how much she wants to sell lah. One year only i think.

  63. Hi, i hv a Kindle with wifi to let go.Comes with a dark pink leather cover with light.2 months old only.
    Features of Kindles:
    1. New, High-Contrast E Ink Screen with Pearl Technology
    2.Books in 60 Seconds
    4.Read in Bright Sunlight,anti glare screen
    5.Free, Out-of-Copyright Books
    6.Lighter Than a Paperback
    7.Holds 3,500 Books
    8.2 months battery
    9.Free Book Samples
    10.Read-to-me function
    Super slim n lightweight 190 mm x 123 mm x 8.5 mm ,241 gram, 6″inch
    Offering for RM499 only.Interested please ctc : thanks..

  64. I’ve been thinking about buying the Nook Simple Touch, and I’ve been wondering, is it compulsory to register the Nook to the B&N website?
    It seems a bit cumbersome to register because of the need to connect through VPN, and there are other e-bookstore than B&N (e.g. Amazon or Kobo).

    • jgray: there are plenty of other ebook stores, so you don’t really need to register with B&N if you don’t want to

  65. hey there,
    i got mine. hahahaha.. happy like a clam. huhu~ but i need help here. everythings look confusing for me. how to send my book from my pc to nook?

    • eira: you can just hook it up with USB and transfer like transffering files to thumb drive only, very simple.

      • u r right KY. and i always using calibre so its really easy coz calibre detect my nook and i can send it automatically. my nook is my new bestfriend. hehe..

  66. Laura Chiew O B

    Have you got your hand on Nook 2 yet?
    Found a guy selling nook 2 at RM 550. Found him on low yat forum.
    Cheaper than buying from ipmart,

  67. hi,
    wondering if nook can be used as daily organizer too?
    like taking notes etc.

    thanks for your help

  68. Thanks KY for the tips. I’ve been wanting to buy a tablet for so long but not until I found a way to buy ebooks. Your idea seemed most promising. Definitely will try it for the new Nook tablet…how long is the shipping time to Malaysia from the purchase date?


  69. This is a great site. Lots of helpful information. I live and work in the U.S. and I’m in Malaysia every November visiting family in KL. If anyone is interested in purchashing a nook/kindle, feel free to contact me –

  70. Hello there – I noticed this post was made a year ago. Does B&N now ship the tablet to Malaysia? I am so tempted to buy the Nook Tablet for $249. Please let me know.

  71. Hi KY,
    I’ve been reading and thinking of buying a Kindle all the while UNTIL i somehow bumped into your blog, and boy, do i thank you for your short yet rather useful entry. I also went to check out the ipmart website as suggested but cant seem to find Nook Ebook being sold there. Im really keen in getting one especially after having read your personal user experience on Nook.
    Care to help?

  72. hi. i have a couple of question. how does the nook performs on pdf files? can you zoom it/ put annotations? and also i heard that the nook cannot organize your files in folders. is it true? would definitely get 1 if it got those feature.

    • pokpih: yeap it reads PDF, not sure how good is the zoom function but I think you can’t put annotations. The original nook you can’t organize in folders but it’s arranged by title/author etc. I didn’t find that a problem. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  73. Hi KY. Its me again. I just got my brand new Nook Color a few days ago. Ordered it through a forwarder in USA. UNFORTUNATELY….my excitement only lasted for few hours.

    Here’s my problem:

    I only managed to charge it ONCE, before it failed me on the same day. Upon opening the sealed box and then pressing the ON button for the first time, I immediately saw this message – “You need to fully charge your Nook tablet before using it the first time”. So I charged and left it in the house for 4 hours. When I came back, it showed 100% charged. My kids and I were happily playing with it until around 11pm when I charged it again overnight (the power indicator showed 29% battery life left then). Next morning, I woke up only to find that it somehow was not charging and that a message with a red battery icon appears on and off every 30 seconds and just won’t go away no matter what I do to it. I have tried charging it on a different power socket in the house, yet nothing improves. I did so thinking that that power socket may have a problem, yet when i plugged in my Macbook or My Blackberry, they were charging just fine. So far i have tried 5 power sockets in the house yet i keep on getting the message.

    I also notice that the “n” symbol on my power cord blinks slowly and continuously changing color from amber light to green and back to amber again and so on when Im charging it; unlike all the time amber when i first fully charged it.

    Disappointed and puzzled, i went to B&N website and saw in the forums how to reset or hard-reset my Nook Color. But….it seems that I can’t do both since the tablet is too low on power, it won’t power on even for a few seconds, so I can’t even do a reset step. The reset steps require us to turn it on for a few secs/awhile before tapping the power on button again to power off and then do all the other reset steps.

    So now, in short….i don’t know what’s causing it, don’t know how to fix it, i cant re-charge my Nook, i cant reset or hard-reset, and I don’t know where to take it to to fix it.

    For the last three days i was sooo down and all the while thinking that i should have gone for an IPad instead. So much for my trying to be different. Tonite i remember your website. And you sound like a Nook Guru. After all, it was your forum which actually got me so excited to get a Nook in the first place. PLEASE HELP ME NOOK GURU. The least you can do is tell me where to take it for fixing here in Malaysia.

    Mr. Frustrated.

    • izzie: that’s tricky. I’ve never own or play with a Nook color before so to be honest I’m not familiar with the problem you are facing. I did a quick check online and it seems like there might be a problem with the USB cable, try using any smartphone microusb cable or buy a replacement cable (any PC/handphone shop) and try that? I don’t think a hard reset is necessary in this case.

      Good luck and let us know if it works. ๐Ÿ˜€

  74. If you are interested to get yourself a nook or kindle device, try to visit to my site here at

    We are selling not only ebook device such as nook touch or kindle. We do offer to our consumer kindle fire and nook tablet as well.

  75. Hi.. im student in malaysia,
    i really interested in buying one of this, actually i was googling trying to find a shop in malaysia which i can find nook ebook reader, so , u guess i better buy online from US or wut?
    wut u recommend me ?

  76. Hi ..i am a student in malaysia.. i am thinking of buying a it possible to use the nook without registering it with B&N? cn i still read books without registering ?

    • BELL: I think you’ll have to register, at least with the new nook simple touch, but sure enough you can read it even registered with a non US address/card.

      • Thanks KY ! ^_^

      • Hai,
        I just upgrade my 1st Nook to Simple Touch, when I saw the guide that I need to register, I’m panic ๐Ÿ˜ฏ
        How do you register it? Can share step by step. Thank you!

  77. Sluggunner

    Hi, I am thinking of getting a nook simple touch e reader through a salesperson which I found the contact on line. Is it advisable to do so?

  78. Sluggunner

    Hi, can I use other power adapter or USB cable to charge my Nook? Will it damage it? Thanks

    • Sluggunner: i didnโ€™t have any problem, any micro usb charger/usb should work just as well, just slightly slower charge rate only

  79. Sluggunner

    Thanks for your invaluable advice!

  80. Hi KY,

    Just wondering whether Nook ordered via ipmart needs me to handle any import customs/tax clearance upon arrival in Msia…

    And also, what sort of shipping do you recommend me to use…

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience and info!

  81. Sluggunner

    Hi, is it a good idea for me to ask someone who is studying in US to get the Nook Simple Touch? Or from a trader on line in Malaysia? Thanks very much.

  82. Sluggunner

    Hi, I got my Nook today. I bought it from a local trader. He is very helpful. I love my Nook Simple Touch!

  83. Good news, soon Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight will be available in Malaysia selling at our shop. For more details,

  84. Hi, is anyone here heard or tried Kobo Touch??

    • Nicole: yeap heard of it, but a bit more expensive tho, no?

      • hmm, saw usd 99.99 in walmart…but Kobo is the only store that can purchase e-books internationally rite? it do not need US address and US credit card to purchase like kindle and nook…correct me if i am wrong…

        • Nicole: ah, cool. that’s a pretty good price. I’m not sure if Kobo’s the only one you can purchase book from outside US though. So long as the reader can read e-pub you can basically purchase books from anywhere.

  85. Hi, this is so tempting, thanks for sharing!
    My question is can we still buy the ebook online as in directly download them from their official website? (I got a credit card)
    I’ve seen the above comment saying that we need a foreign country IP address? is that true?
    I’m currently studying in UK and will be back to Malaysia on next year June

    • Zhi Soung: Ya, I think you do still need to have VPN of US (or maybe UK also?) address to purchase books directly from B&N, you can however, buy ebooks from other sources and transfer manually too

  86. I have few ready stocks of NOOK Color and NOOK Tablet for New Year. Not really sure though. But will be right back to let you guys (all-bookworms ;p).

    • I have few ready stocks of NOOK Color and NOOK Tablet for New Year 2013(around Jan or Feb). Not really sure though. But will be right back to let you guys know. :D. Thanks KY.

  87. Hi KY,

    I would like to know which model of Nook are you using? Is it the Nook Color?
    Does the Nook Color has e-ink like the Nook Simple Touch with Glow Light? or is it an LCD reader?


    • Johnny: right now I’m using the Nook Simple Touch, I used to have the older first generation e-ink version.

  88. Hi KY,

    I’m still deciding whether to buy and e-reader or not. So, I’m gathering info. I love your review….but what is the difference between Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight and Nook Simple Touch? I’ve visit the ipmart site and notice only the price difference.

    And I’ve been downloading ebooks from and read them on my phone and laptop (*using calibre*). Can I still transfer them and read them on Nook, as long as its in Epub format, even if its downloaded for free?


    • Kimberly: the difference between the two is that one of them has a built in reading light (which can be very useful). I’m using the Simple Touch (without light) right now. You can transfer any e-books to the Nook as long as it’s either PDF or ePub format.

  89. Hi.

    I’m thinking of buying a ebook reader and seek your advise.
    Is it easy to buy books from Amazon using Nook? Do I have to register the reader with Maxis or with any other service provider?
    I tried to look up Nook in the ipmart but just could not find it. Could you give me the exact link?


    • Dear Rafina,

      I am not very sure with Kindle, I think you might need to have a US Ip address or something. For Nook on ipmart, you’ll need the instead of site. Direct link for Nook Simple Touch with glow (latest version) is here –

  90. As you can tell, still so unsure. Question now regards registration.
    Do I register a US address for Nook ereader and Barnes & Noble? Factitious address can? I have no contact there.

  91. Hi. I’ve recently decided to purchase an e-reader and am almost certain that I’ll get myself the nook glow light. Your post has been very helpful since I was pretty worried I wouldn’t be able to purchase any books from B&N seeing that we live out of the US. I do have one question though. One of the things I love about B&N is the list of free e-books it offers on its site, they’re pretty decent and some are quite recent releases. Anyway, my question is, did you have any problems downloading the free e-books offered on B&N on your Nook device? The US Unlocked site made it pretty clear that you won’t be able to download the free books even with VPN service. Any tips on this?

  92. Sluggunner

    Hi KY,

    I am rather worried about my Nook battery. Have a feeling that it is dying. Do you know where I can get the battery changed, if it is possible?


    • Sluggunner: unfortunately I’m not sure where you can get replacement battery other than in US :/

  93. sluggunner

    Hi KY,

    I am thinking of getting a nook with glow light soon from US. Can you advise? Shall I register it in US and get to download free ebooks? Thanks very much:)

  94. Bought a Nook. Hardly used it. Now reading ebooks from my smartphone.
    Anyone interested to buy? Contact me at

  95. Hi Sluggunner
    I am a Malaysian – still not clear on registration
    Can elaborate if there is a difference in registering in US vs registering
    in Malaysia using a US address and credit card
    Is there any benefit?

  96. My nook tablet touch screen is not responding. I’ve tried rebooting…but nothing worked.

    • Aj: try to see if there’s anything obstructing the sensors (between screen and the bezel), in my experience sometimes there may be cat/dog fur getting stuck there which render the touch screen useless.

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