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Just got back from Redang island for Project AWARE + diving trip. 2010 is now officially a diving year for me since this has turned out to be the 5th diving trip of the year after Sipadan/Mabul, 2 trips to Tenggol, and a previous trip to Redang in June.

Project AWARE at Redang
Haze, Joel, Wan Czin, Yuki, Horng, Ian, Irene, Vinn, Zess, Gabriel, Terence, KY

Project AWARE is also known by the less glamourous name of International Cleanup Day whereby beach enthusiasts all over the world come together and basically spend a morning clearing up a section of beach from things that shouldn’t be there.

Our group managed to picked up some 500+ cigarette buds from just one small stretch of beach in front of a resort, and there were 5 other teams that picked up similar amount of ciggy buds and other junks too. One other interesting thing we picked up, among ropes/bottle caps/slippers/etc was a piece of soiled underwear :S

Diving at Redang Island

Project AWARE is usually partly sponsored by the resort, and hence we also scored 3 dives at a reduced rate. However, the visibility weren’t great, and our instructor too were reluctant to take us to some of the more interesting/challenging sites due to the larger amount of divers on each trip. This was actually my 2nd participation of Project AWARE, with the previous one all the way back in 2004 at Redang, my 2nd dive trip.

After this trip, I now logged 45 dives in total, with 31 of them from this year and 14 from 2004.

3 Layer Tea and lor mai kai at Redang Beach resort

Since this is a space is sorta known as a food blog, I shall also introduce the best 3 layer tea from this side of Malaysia – the little kopitiam at Redang Beach Resort manned by an uncle. The blend of evaporated milk, tea, and palm sugar’s perfect! The lor mai kai (steamed glutinous chicken rice) is pretty awesome too!

As for accommodation, we stayed at Pelangi resort, which in my opinion is a bit better than Redang Beach resort. There’s attached toilet on each room instead of communal hostel style arrangement, for example. Food wise they’re both similarly sad though.

There’ll be a bit more on this trip in the coming post(s), but in the mean time, please help complete the survey on Shark’s fin on the side bar on your right. I need the information for an upcoming post, thanks!

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  1. dives were SHITSSSSSS. scuba amigo is a no in the future.

  2. Michelle Chin

    The three layer tea is really nice!

  3. yeah agreed with horng!:mrgreen:

  4. Yeah love the 3 layer tea too. It’s disputed but the origin seems to be from 7th mile in Kuching.

  5. Hmm, there’s one in Ipoh also very nice, the 3 Layer Tea. Only that one, and no other for me. 🙂
    Though of course, can’t compare with the original one at Sarawak, as I have never been there.

    • J2Kfm: haha nobody really know if Sarawak is definitely the original ones, and there’re cases where ori isn’t as good as the later adopted ones too. 😀

      • hmmph. you come over here and try lah.

        i’m not a big fan of three layer tea so i can’t be the judge of that haha.

        • Irene: going over to Sarawak just for 3 layer tea would be a bit pushing it isn’t it? lol.

          • there’s also kolomee, oh chor mee, kuching laksa, belacan beehoon, umai, kikid, midin belacan, kuching-style oh chien, roasted wild boar (among other “exotic meats”, tomato mee, tomato kiaw, [insert other local food names i can’t remember names of].

            shit. i’m making myself at 3 something in the morning. i go sleep first lol.

  6. i tot it’s gotta be hell sweet but it’s not,

  7. its personal taste but do agree so long as the palm sugar is superb, the proportion of evaporated milk + tea must also be consistent. . .best if tasted like cendoi . . . .right? penang kia?

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