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Ah Loy Curry Mee is the second restaurant I frequent in the exploration of the popular food district that is OUG. This followed by the good experience I had at Hong Cha pork noodle, just a couple doors down the road on the same row of shop houses.

Ah Loy Curry mee, Penang Laksa
a huge bowl of Peanng laksa at Ah Loy

Being a huge fan of asam laksa, Haze didn’t make any surprising order. The Penang style laksa looked pretty good, came with chunks of fish, banana flower, onion, cucumber, mint leaves, and of course – har gow (蝦羔, prawn paste. RM 4.5).

Unlike the true blue Penang style, this serving’s rather huge. As for taste, well, I’d say it’s acceptable though I did not really like the texture of their laksa noodle, a bit too soggy for my liking, but over all an OK bowl of laksa nonetheless.

It’s not as good as the Jalan Pasar mini laksa (moved, anyone know where it is?), and a notch lower than the Kedah laksa at Alisan, SS4 too.

seafood curry mee at Ah Loy, OUG
seafood curry mee with plenty of cockles, squid, prawns, and more

Then there’s my curry mee (some RM 7-8) that came with lotsa cockles, lala, squid, prawns, crab stick, tofu pok, and even some mushroom. The soup base was pretty thick and rather delicious too, I had mine with noodle and mee hun but you can ask for kueh teow or other noodles too.

While lacking huge prawns, mussels, or oysters, there’s plenty of other ingredients to make up for it, and certainly offers great value for the price you pay.

KY and Haze at Ah Loy curry mee
KY & Haze at Ah Loy curry mee

This place opens for lunch and dinner till pretty late (11pm). Parking can be a bit of a problem but that’s generally a fact in places with good hawker foods such as OUG. There’s also quite a lot of other selections of food at Ah Loy, including the curry pork ribs that I want to try next time!

map to Ah Loy Curry Mee at OUG

Restaurant Ah Loy
No 11, 13 Jalan Hujan Rahmat 3
Taman Overseas Union
Off Jalan Kelang Lama , Kuala Lumpur

GPS:  3.073699, 101.672105
Tel: 03-7782 5001 / 013-302 3422

Discuss : Ah Loy Curry Mee & Laksa at OUG

  1. Hungry la…reading your post during lunch time! 😐

    That’s one huge bowl of curry laksa. So much liu… *slurps*

  2. TummyRumble

    i didn’t like their seafood curry mee.. haha.. you should try the usual curry noodles, and with additional pork ribs on a side plate..

  3. Michelle Chin

    The laksa does look really hearty!

  4. I love asam laksa too! I don’t like the santan or milky stuff that goes into the other types of laksa. 🙂

  5. hi bro, finally another review from you!

    To me, this place kinda not really nice already. My family used to stay there when I was young but now no longer stay there. So, I can tell you the standard abit jatuh already. Not as nice as it is but still manageble. Glad you tried that. To me, my all time fav is just the curry laksa and some ribs as shared by your friend. The rest are just so so.

    Cross the road, you can have cold Tau foo far on the minivan. It used to park in front of ah loy but dunno why it moved out.

    Happy posting 🙂

    • clement,
      then again it is also a recurring theme for most of us to say that things are not as good as before. :/

  6. KY, how come you never come to Kuching? 😛 Try the food here oso mah!

  7. I think I’ll prefer the assam laksa too..

  8. is it viable to drive all the way from PJ to Old Klang Road for the bowl of curry mee???

    • Leo: oh well depending on which part of PJ u’re at and what time of the day, might take only 5-10 mins.

  9. Every once in a while, will drive all the way there from Cheras to have a good bowl of Curry Laksa. It’s still one of my favourite place for a nice good bowl of curry laksa.

  10. Haha this shop has been in OUG for i think over 30 years, it was run by the mom at the corner lot which was an open air stall. Moved into this shop quite some years ago and later inherited by the son and the daughter in law.

    You should see the mom yelling at all the workers last time, she had the best curry and asam in business last time…i think it’s still ok nowadays though i seldom visit anymore

  11. This is my favourite curry mee and laksa. Has been ages i did not visit them. 10years?!?! and they have already equip with aircond…

  12. hahah ky yea, the mom earned the name ‘laksa po’ from OUG residents

  13. Where can find close-to-Penang-taste Assam Laksa here in KL? =D

  14. Thumbs up for seafood curry noodles.

  15. GO n try Ah Por Curry Mee (grandma’s curry mee) at Rock Cafe at Kota Damansara /Dataran Sunway.. ( open air food court) it’s really very good ,the ah por deserves a good review:P think they only open at nite

  16. […] one of the better ones especially in Klang Valley. I’d choose this version over the likes of Ahloy at OUG and especially over the now pork-free Lorong Seratus Tahun at […]

  17. looks yummy!! must try this out one day!

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