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The photo below depicts two girls screaming on top of their lungs, the background you see behind those tiny windows is not an illusion, the earth was not parallel with the pint size airborne vehicle we were in.

cheesie & Haze screaming their lungs out
cheesie & Haze screaming their lungs out

The little plane was a Cessna 172, the girls Haze and Cheesie, Reuben was our tour guide by air, and I was riding shot gun.

The following video condensed the 45 mins or so flight trip into an easy to digest clip less than 2 minutes. The screaming girls in action, watch it.

Departing from Sg. Besi airport gave us the opportunity to fly closer to the city than any other airport. Though the check-in procedure to get to Royal Selangor Flying Club was a bit of a drag (it’s a military base after all), it was worth it.

Reuben the pilot
Reuben the pilot

Reuben took us around Mid Valley, banked over the iconic Batu Caves, and over quite a bit of KL landscapes I don’t actually recognize. There was no air conditioning on the aircraft, but it was breezy, and the temperature drops a few degrees due to the altitude.

some 1500 feet below, we have midvalley
some 1500 feet below, we have Sim City MidValley

It was comfortable, we had headphones on, allowing chatters without being overwhelmed by the noise from the single engined Cessna.

And then there’s the stunts, of course. Reuben will perform several acrobatic maneuvers (or just 1-2 if you have overly loud screaming ladies) over the “training area” where you feel the effect of 2G, and 0G too. It was quite a lot more fun than roller coaster rides. Cos you know, there’s no track and it’s a 1500 feet down to solid earth below.

i get to be a fake co-pilot
i get to be a fake co-pilot

Before it all ends, I even got to be a fake co-pilot for a bit, getting a feel on how the steering turns (while not actually turning it at all).

The experience in available at KL by Air for RM 600 per hour with up to 3 passengers. Reuben is a certified pilot and a soon-to-be flight instructor.

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  1. lol @ “and some dam”

  2. come over to Perth instead! It’s a great view of perth city and the coast. =)

  3. wah this is so cool. You guys are so lucky!

  4. what’s with all the screaming LOL..

  5. Ahhh!!! just shouting for the sake of FUN 🙂
    not really interested in flying but considering hot air balloon-ing

  6. this is cool…..
    Love to read your post

  7. RealGunners

    is this the small brother of the 182 that James May pilot-ed to race against Jeremy Clarkson’s Veyron?

  8. So that’s the plane that have been flying around whenever I passed by the TUDM base. But RM600 is quite worth the money, I think I want to sign up too!

  9. did you go deaf after that? 🙂

  10. wow it really scary by just looking at it, do they provide parachute?

  11. Looks exciting!
    However, I wouldnt want to be on of these decade old and abused planes.
    They crash often enough.
    One similar place crashed near Gunung Pulai Johor today.

    • PPKia: the reason they are more crashes of Cessna is that it is THE MOST popular plane ever built. More planes = more # crashes, but the safety record in general (percentage of failure over flying time) is pretty solid.

      The Johor incident happened to a 2 seater tho, a smaller plane I believe.

  12. xiao mei mei

    i was wondering wat software u used 2 make tis great video?

  13. as a passenger wut is it so exciting to scream of?
    I would rather try jumping out the plane, rather than being in there…and of course with parachute!

    • Nux V: well sometimes having your life at the disposal of others can be more exciting. I share your sentiment on it not being terribly scary, but that’s just us, hehe.

  14. Fun post with a great video.

    The Cessna 172 is not rated for aerobatics, so the simple manuevers performed were about the limits for that aircraft.

    Now if the pilot has a Cessna 400, thats aircraft has a utility airframe rating and some barrel rolls would have been possible, that and the 400 can climb to 25,000 feet!

    Fun watching the girls scream, they must fun on a roller-coaster.

  15. Hi KY,

    I’m a new fan of your blog 🙂 The plane ride is awesome and do look forward to taking it one day.
    By the way, what’s the app that u use for the video?

  16. arggg! I want to try the plane tooo! woohoo sure damn shiok

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