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Grilled lamb isn’t usually one of the dishes I associate with road side hawker centre, but right here at Kuchai Lama, you find Cao Cao Grilled Lamb, a stall that specialized solely on grilled lamb (well they do have tofu bakar).

Tagline on the stall – In olden days, Cao Cao command soldiers and generals; Today, Cao Cao only knows how to grill lamb

Hawker Centre at Jalan Sawi, off Jalan Kuchai Lama
Jalan Sawi Hawker Centre, off Jalan Kuchai Lama

The hawker centre at Jalan Sawi isn’t tough to find, turn into Jalan Kuchai Lama from Jalan Klang Lama, and you’ll find a row of old school hawker stalls along the road side within 100 meters or so.

We ordered grilled lamb to share, while each also ordered an individual dish for dinner.

Cao Cao grilled lamb
Cao Cao Grilled Lamb – cheap and satisfying

The portion of grilled lamb we ordered did take a while to serve, mostly due to the fact that it was grilled on demand. The meat comes with mint sauce as well as chili sauce on the side, but I actually didn’t need any condiment that night.

The lamb was succulent, and carries a tint of taste that’s unmistakably only available from grilling. It was good, and excellent value at RM 8. This reminds me of the equally good grilled lamb at Hing Ket Grilled House at Kg. Jawa, Klang.

duck egg char kueh teow, pork intestine porridge
duck egg char kueh teow, pork intestine porridge

My “main dish” was a plate of duck egg Char Kueh Teow. While the duck egg did provide a unique old school taste and the prawns were of pretty good size, I wouldn’t give another try. The CKT was still rather average, and a little too wet for my liking. (RM 5 or so).

Haze had much better luck with her pork intestine porridge (猪什粥RM 4-5). The bowl of goodness came complete with coagulated blood, crispy intestine, pork tripe and more. It was as good as the on at Jalan Sayur, Pudu, I wish I had ordered it instead.

Haze and KY
Haze and KY

With a couple bowls of tong sui as drinks, dinner ultimately came to about RM 20 for the two of us. The hawker centre at Jalan Sawi is definitely a place worth revisiting just to have the grilled lamb again.

map to Jalan Sawi Hawker Centre

Cao Cao Grilled Lamb
Jalan Sawi,
Kuchai Lama, Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.091033, 101.67601
Tel: 012-320 6681

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  1. Tan Yee Hou

    Ya i tried this stim lamb a couple of months ago.

    Didn’t think it was really good value for money though 🙁

  2. look great the grilled lamb

  3. Michelle Chin

    The name of this place reminds me of Melbourne’s Cho Gao…

  4. 2 minutes away from my house…^^nice place i love to visit…Should try out the wanton too..because they mixed 左口鱼干with minch pork and make it taste better and unique compare with normal wanton.

  5. lotsofcravings

    the grilled lamb is indeed awesome, had it just b4 i left the country for supper!

  6. the lamb there is awesome. I think they pour 7-up into the marinade or something, I can’t remember.

    • Enoch: ooo 7up? interesting, for the sugar i guess. I’ve seen coke & pork before but not 7up and lamb tho

      • yeah they pour 7up or Sprite into the marinade, can’t remember which one. Will have to observe them again (and get to taste it again too!) 😀

  7. haha i can’t believe that there are streets named after vegetables! Jalan Kobis got?

  8. HAHAHA I like the tagline. 🙂

    Good porridge eh? Worth a try.

    But the lamb is better at only RM 8!

  9. I can’t cook … i wanna find a food blogger bf 😆

  10. Can’t believe ppl said this is good. It is the most horrible experience I ever had. The lamb is tasteless. I can make a better one.

    • LX: I guess you simple have a very different taste bud than the rest of us, that or it was a bad day

  11. apparently the boss only uses New Zealand lamb.. that explains the tender and succulent texture of the meat 🙂
    Jenn loves the lamb hereand swore by it.. but me?? not really a fan of lamb coz I can’t stand the smell of lamb!

  12. Wow, the grilled lamb look really delicious. Hmm..Kuchai Lama, not very far from my place, maybe should head over for dinner…

  13. not value for money….too much bones, too lil meat

  14. aww… we love this place. totally awesome lamb-chops. only complain is that of late, got more bone than meat in the chop LOL.. taste wise, killer delish! die-ded.

  15. This was good. One of the first few places I went to when I first started blogging. But too dark lah, my Nokia could not cope.

  16. I been there a few time the grill lamb actually is quite ok, nothing spectacular la but can try.

    • kwpang: as far as roadside foods go, I think this one’s pretty unique and plenty good enough for me. 😀

  17. i find the lamb portion had shrunk but luckily still tasted good

  18. Hey KY yesterday night i went over to Kuchai lama looking for this femes grilled lamb but couldnt find it. 🙁 The Gps coordinates that i keyed in led to a row of shops which didnt look anything close to the pictures.
    Just to clarify are these stalls located on the roadside where there’s a pasar malam or is it in a shop itself?
    Or are they just closed on wednesdays?

  19. ah….!! I know this place! Been there once and i love the grilled lamb very much! Must visit there again…

  20. Is this stall located at the road side? do u know the operating hours?

  21. The lamb is so juicy that I want to revisit them in no time!!!

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