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For the few of you who have been following this blog for a while, it is not something new that I’ve been a fan of Guinness. For those who are also a fan, there’s good news, the annual Arthur’s Day is coming again! installment number 251!

Guinness and friends
what’s better than enjoying a pint with your best buddies?

The world’s most popular black beer probably doesn’t need much introduction. A perfectly poured Guinness with it’s inch thick creamy foam on top of that pure black beauty is a sight that turns any bad day good, and good day even better!

Over the years, the black beer has also found a place in the kitchen. From the classic Guinness pork ribs from your typical Chinese restaurants, Guinness lamb shank, and to international celebrity chefs like Chef in Black’s creations, what other beer is more versatile?

Guinness Arthur's Day 250 with black eye pea
Arthur’s Day 2009, Black Eyed Peas

Last year’s Arthur’s Day was a blast, Black Eyed Peas was brought in for the 250th anniversary of the famed black beer. We had an awesome time at Sunway Lagoon partying, the photo collage above is worth about 8,000 word’s description, so do exercise your imagination.

There’s no slowing down for Guinness, this year’s Arthur’s Day, we have the following line up of international and local artists performing at Surf Beach @ Sunway Lagoon on the 24th of September 2010:

  • Timbaland
  • DJ Fuzz
  • Mizz Nina
  • Pop Shuvit
  • Thaitanium
  • Sean Kingston
  • Melissa Indot

Arthur's Day 2010 artist line up
Arthur’s Day 2010 artist line up

Tickets go for White, Black, and Gold zones (mosh pit) go for RM 98, RM 198, and RM 350 at or But of course, there’s always a chance to get in for free, by joining The Man of Action contest:

  • Be creative, create a video involving your favorite song/artist. It can be an MTV, spoof, slideshow, anything
  • Upload it on youtube and post the link on with name and email
  • Every qualified and relevant entry wins passes to Arthur’s Day event (white zone tickets, consolation prize)
  • 4 x Runner up – a pair of mosh pit tickets (gold zone)

Simple isn’t it? On top of that, there’s a grand prize winner that’ll be announced on Arthur’s Day itself, and the lucky fella will walk away with a trip to Dublin to visit the St James Gate Brewery & Guinness Storehouse!! What are you waiting for? Lets do this!

Here’s my submission, a collaboration effort with the fehmes Cheesie, what do you think? (don’t laugh :/)

Oh, for those who are slightly less creative, there’s also The Man of  Vision Contest where you decipher how many Guinness elements can be found in a given image. Go to to get illustration, and follow @GuinnessMY on Twitter to get more clues!

Grand Prize is another Dublin Trip + mosh pit tickets, and there’s weekly mosh pit tickets to be won too.

See you guys on Arthur’s Day!

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  1. wah uncle rapping all so damn yeng wor HAHAHAHA


  3. kimberlycun


  4. Heh! Good one! =D

  5. OMG!! Macam boleh saja ! Haha that OMG is because of the shirt .. hahaha ! 😆

  6. Christine Diansuri

    KY, do more music video kays!!


  8. GAM will pay Sean Kingston for sure, unlike the damned kiamsiap Singapore government that caused him to no-show for the Youth Olympics!

  9. DUDE!! OMG!!! OMG!! HAHAHHAAAA!! At first I was having trouble to comprehend what the heck were you doing!! The way you air-rubbing-disc was EPIC, dude!! HAHAHA!! And I really thought you were playing MAHJONG!!!! FML!!

  10. That said, Salute you for the effort and the bravery, dude!! RESPECT!!
    (Though I reckon credits should goes to cheesie more 😛 )

    Keep your day job. No, seriously. Keep it. Between this and payin’ RM350, I’ll choose the latter anytime! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!

  11. Funniest mtv ever! The rapping part look so….like the rest said, mahjong! Good one!

  12. KY, u macam main mahjong lol!

  13. WTF. i link u u never link me. I emo u max. 🙁

  14. 95 marks! Five marks deducted because you couldn’t help grinning! 😀

  15. so happening one. I also wanna go leh..

  16. Really can’t help laughing out loud, that’s what prompt me to comment after so long following your blog! HEHEHE, cheers dude.

  17. carolbunny

    omg……sorry sorry….but i cant stop laughing……waaakakkakkakaka…..
    but A for effort….waakakkakakakka….

  18. apasal u laugh non stop…. 😛
    spoil la

  19. Damn Epic MTV ! XD 😆 😆 😆 non stop now! Hope u can make more video like this XD

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