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Last Friday I was invited to a buka puasa dinner at KL Convention Centre. Interestingly, even though this is my 6th Ramadan spent working at the towers, I’ve never had a buka puasa event there.

In fact, I didn’t even know that there’s an in house caterer at KL convention centre with full kitchen staff, chefs and all that jazz. Well now I do!

Buka Puasa at KLCC convention centre
so this is supposed to be an exhibition hall, now a dining area!

The buka puasa event is located at Hall 5 (think PC Fair) of the convention centre, a massive hall that was transformed into a giant restaurant with plenty of tables, 5 buffet stations, a dozen food stalls, and even plants and other decorations. It was quite impressive to say the least.

sup campur, roast lamb kuzi
sup campur, roast lamb kuzi

The one thing I always remember about every buka puasa dinner I went to was the queue. When you have everyone expected to eat at the same time, there’s always a long queue and LRT-type traffic going on. This isn’t so at this place, since the convention hall is massive and the buffet area spared to 17 different stations, human traffic is much more manageable.

buffet spread for buka puasa
goreng gorengan, ulam, jeruk, nasi ayam, sup asam pedas and more

Since the information is available (on every table), let me list down the dishes available

  • stall 1 – gulai kawah traditional
  • stall 2 – ayam dara percik gula kabung, madras chicken tikka with naan
  • stall 3 – wanton mee, Penang char kueh teow
  • stall 4 – whole roasted lamb kuzi, chicken briyani and condiments
  • stall 5 – goreng-gorengan
  • stall 6 – roti-bom, roti jala & murtabak served with curry and dhal
  • stall 7 – hainanese chicken rice
  • stall 8 – ABC with ice cream, crepe and waffle
  • stall 9 – chicken and beef satay
  • stall 10 – seafood asam pedas
  • stall 11 – sup campur utara
  • stall 12 – turkish chicken shawarma, italian pasta corner

soup, roast lamb, murtabak, desserts and more!
soup, roast lamb, murtabak, desserts and more!

On top of these you still have 5 buffet stations serving all sorts of lauk from daging dendeng to udang goreng kunyit, ulam to bubur, ketupat, lemang, and serunding too. It is impossible to sample everything even if I go there half a dozen times.

To be honest, I didn’t really expect too much from “catered food” but this buffet spread proved me wrong. Except for the slightly lack luster lemang (I love Lemang from Kijal) and ordinary pasta, everything we’ve tasted were actually very good.

Haze and KY at KLCC Convention Centre buka puasa dinner
now why can’t I pose as well as Haze -__-

My favorite of the night was the lamb, that whole roast lamb was so tender I think I’ve never tasted lamb quite as good as this. It was literally aΒ revelation. Several others on the same table went on for second serving of the same thing too. The tiny desserts we sampled were delicious too!

KL Convention Centre

Buffet is priced at RM 90++ per person and runs till end of Ramadan, not a bad deal at all if you ask me.

Selamat berbuka puasa!

Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre,
Kuala Lumpur City Centre,
50088 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

GPS: 3.154443,101.712649
Tel: 03-2333-2888

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  1. Tan Yee Hou

    Ya ahaha you look like ahpak like that.

    Back to the topic, I’ve been quite unlucky because any of the buka puasa buffets I’ve been to have been offering disguised shit to me.

  2. Michelle Chin


  3. Dude! The roast lamb looked so succulent and tasty! Mmmm.. Will check it out this week. BTW, it’s Ramadan or Ramadhan.. never Ramahdan… FYL! LOL!

    “stall 7 – hainanese chicken rice” –> Horny will shout “Blasphemy!!” LOL! πŸ˜€

    • gnoey,
      yeah the roast lamb.. and my spelling :S
      btw the chicken rice was manned by a Chinese guy if I’m not mistaken

  4. The buffet looks good. A lot of food. Some of these restaurants where you dined in are expensive (this one and previous Japanese). Do you pay full price for the meals? Are you ever concern with putting on weight?

    • Meng,
      unless it’s in the “by invitation” category, I paid full price for the meals. putting on weight is everyone’s worry but I do try to eat in moderation and exercise weekly. πŸ˜€

  5. cutemummy

    argh…. roasted lamb… always be the mouth catching dish 😯

  6. The huge lamb looks pretty good right about now. =D

  7. next time bring me there πŸ™‚

  8. the drive downtown is already a nightmare… and the thought of cramping with the muslims during buka puasa make it harder to bear!!!

  9. Buka puasa buffet there looks really yummy. 1 question though, does it have to be book by a company or we can just walk in?

  10. hahahaha ky! i love the contrast between you two’s poses hahahaha

  11. are you sure it ain’t crowded? last i went – it was super crowded. this time around we’re going elsewhere

    but if you have the chance to attend any workshops or seminars at kl convex – esp on TenOnCall floor – food yummy πŸ™‚

  12. I have a Thai friend who is really a very talented self taught chef.. he just started on his blog.. hope you give him the support πŸ™‚

  13. FML, wrong time to visit! lol

  14. you look damn stone okay?!! LOL

    what a feast.. i wanna go!

  15. is there even such a word called goreng gorengan?!! Hey I spotted that BMW efficient dynamics tshirt!

  16. jualkeretasaya

    I am hungry~! 😯 😯 😯

  17. oi

    should ajak me as well lah for buka puasa!
    hampehs ky!

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