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Hyotan was discovered accidentally during a fateful night. It was drizzling, and I had Japanese food in mind. I wanted to go to either Rakuzen or Jyu Raku at SS15.

As usual, there were no parking spot along S15/5A where those two restaurants are located. We were steered further and further away from where we wanted to be, and came up to an empty parking space right outside Hyotan that happens to be on the same road, another Japanese restaurant at SS15 that I somehow failed to notice all these while.

Hyotan at Subang SS15
Hyotan Japanese Restaurant

Since we were already facing Hyotan and that the exterior looks pretty good, I thought we should just give it a try, judging book by the cover might not work, but judging restaurant by the exterior usually has a slightly higher hit rate.

My confidence level went up a notch when an old Japanese chef greeted us on the way in, always a good sign.

Chirashi Sushi
chirashi sushi, always one of my favorites

I ordered Chirashi sushi (RM28), basically a collection of seafood items sitting on top of a bed of sushi rice in a friendly bowl. Hyotan’s version includes butter fish, sake (salmon), unagi (eel), maguro (tuna), hamachi (yellow tail), tamago (sweet egg), and ebi (shrimp), and crab sticks. There’s also a bowl of miso soup despite this not being a set.

It was good, the fish was fresh and I particularly like the unagi here. That said, I still think rakuzen’s chirashi sushi with it’s excellent ika Β (squid ) edges out this one slightly.

yakitori and bento set at Hyotan
yakitori and bento set at Hyotan

Haze ordered some set of which name I couldn’t remember. It came with sake, unagi, salad, tempura, chawanmushi, saba, bamboo shoots, and some other smaller dishes to go with rice. It was a pretty big set and judging by the look on her face while she was noming in, she was definitely happy with it.

Haze and KY at Hyotan
Haze and KY at Hyotan

On top of that, we ordered 10 sticks of assorted yakitori to share (RM 48), while this isn’t Sumi Ka, the yakitori were still plenty awesome!

We had chicken liver, genko nuts, okra, quail’s eggs, chicken skin, chicken, mushroom, gizzard, some spring onion look alike thingy, and a hot dog thingy. Most items were at least on par with some of the bests I had, and for RM 48 it was a very good value too.

map to Hyotan japanese restaurant

Hyotan is definitely a place worth revisiting. The ambiance is nice, the dishes I tried were good, and well, it’s easier to find parking compared to the other 2 outlets mentioned too. Just about the only complain I have for Hyotan was the fact that yakitori took a bit longer to served compared to the other dishes. Perhaps that’s just a one time thing.

One more places for Japanese food at SS15 for you!

63 Jalan SS15/5A,
47500 Subang Jaya,

GPS: 3.081059, 101.592636
Tel: 03-5636 0326

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  1. Maybe they just skewered the sticks upon order..

    • Suertes,
      that I’m quite sure they do, but perhaps they should serve the other dishes slower. lol.

  2. Michelle Chin

    The yakitori looks decent. πŸ™‚

  3. which reminds me.. i need little pieces on meat, bbq-ed on little sticks soon! LOL

  4. Lyrical Lemongrass

    Wow Subang is really Japanese food paradise nowadays. What happiness!

  5. Argh!! If my wife read this, she’d drag me here for the awesome sushi πŸ™‚
    somehow Japanese restaurants in Subang Jaya never cross my mind everytime I wanted some Japanese food

  6. It looks very promising! I usually order unagi coz I love eel but failing that the chirashi is good too! It’s like the taste of everything. πŸ™‚

    • Huai Bin: yeah, chirashi is best when you can’t decide and just wanna taste everything

  7. ooh you should try ‘yamada’, next to rakuzen. it’s really good, and the owner is a chef who used to head munakata in kl. hehe. it’s brand new, and the service is kinda slow on weekend nights, but lunchtime and weekday nights are fine!

  8. Nice Japanese food on the photos. Ooo…craving for some now. πŸ˜€

  9. Yummy Japanese food. The Hoytan’s boss used to be ex-owner of SHUN ( another Japanese restaurant opposite SJMC same row with Windmild). My opinion is their food OK but a little pricy compare to Rakuzen. Now i go more often to Rakuzen and Yamada.

    • TE,
      Looks like I need to try out Yamada too, thanks πŸ˜‰

      • Michelle

        Raku Zen’s portion is quite smaller than Hyotan’s although there is a bit price difference. Also at Hyotan, can try some foods which are not so common. I love it…

  10. what a nice discovery. I don’t even know about this place

  11. Nice discovery. More the reason to go to Subang SS15 now.

  12. nice~!! but i seldom go subang there dy…
    u n haze 袊ζ₯θΆŠζœ‰ β€œε€«ε¦»η›Έβ€ dy~!! πŸ˜€

  13. Michelle

    Hyotan’s yakitori, ishi yaki goya and ocea roll are the best ever and u cant taste from other japanese restaurants =)

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