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Even while staring at the huge signboard that spelled out WONDERMILK in large and friendly white font, I didn’t have an idea what they offer inside.

In retrospect, however, I should have guessed that it must have something to do with cupcakes or coffee, since I was meeting Mellissa who’s obsessed with them.

Wondermilk at PJ Uptown
WONDERMILK – proper coffee served here

I like the concept of WONDERMILK, with its mismatching chairs+tables, quirky interior, and not-so-serious art works displayed on the wall. This place reminds me of Melbourne than Malaysia, probably quite a cool place to bring your first date. Great ambiance.

wondermilk, cupcakes, coffees, and more
lotsa cupcakes and cute little cookies & marshmallows

If I’m not mistaken, WONDERMILK is started from a blog at Now at Uptown, they serve freshly baked cupcakes (4 for RM5 mini, 4 for RM 17 maxi) that comes in all sorts of flavors and colors, coffee, tea, milk, cookies, mush mellows marshmallows, and more.

Ryan & Mellissa, KY & Haze, coffee & cupcakes
Ryan and Mellissa, KY & Haze, coffee & cupcakes

We ordered half a dozen cupcakes and I had a latte (RM7) while Haze got a butterscotch milk. The milk was good and I too was very happy with the latte that rivals what was served at Cafe Le Passione (Hartamas Shopping Centre.) Haze also bought some cookies & mush mellows back home, and they were very good too.

Give it a try if you love coffee, or cupcakes, or both!

map to Wondermilk at PJ Uptown

41 Jalan SS 21/1A,
Damansara Uptown,
47400 Petaling Jaya

GPS: 3.135653, 101.621121
Tel: 03-7725 8930

Discuss : WONDERMILK at Uptown, great coffee!

  1. look nice..

  2. Marshmallows is it?

  3. oooo… i love wondermilk!! first introduced by my fren when she ordered cupcakes themed of boobies, vagina for her bf’s birthday. lol… nonetheless, it was delicious!

  4. drink wonder milk to get big boobs:P

  5. Lols “mush mellows” lols lols lols!!!

  6. michellezyenn

    MMM which reminds me, I still have a box of wondermilk cupcakes waiting for me at home. <3 their cupcakes!

  7. I love the interior and its ambience 🙂 would come here everytime I send my car to nearby audio shop to have something fixed! but I think that their cupcakes are too sweet to my liking!

  8. undergraduate

    I love Wondermilk’s cupcakes. They definitely entails a combination of design and pastry arts.

  9. Kopi as good as Departure Lounge or not aa?

  10. sorry to ask, who is your current girl fren? melissa or haze…make me confuse..heheheheh 🙂 🙂

  11. I misread as Mother’s Milk..

  12. you either lucky or bad at coffee tasting, this place has the worst coffee i’ve ever tasted…i tried it few time..same result bad!!!. just stick to their sandwiches and cupcakes.

  13. Lyrical Lemongrass

    Such a pretty place. Parking sucks in this area, though. Must do samseng driving like you. 😀

  14. i’ve always have reservations about a place that just serves cupcakes because im not much of a fan.
    But since u said the coffee is good, i’ll give it a shot hehe.

  15. I love this place. I used to go there during work though there is ALWAYS no parking! I love the set lunches, but i’m not too sure if it’s stil on offer. It’s really worth the money for the set lunch.

  16. wah…nice….me and yve must come here and try the coffee…long time din visit here….busy busy with my work….looking at ur food…cool me down…hahaha

  17. Jobless Girl

    Coffee + Cupcake… Looks great.

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