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I’ve been wanting to blog about this place for the longest time. First I went there without a camera, pictures taken with BB wasn’t good enough in that low light condition. On second trial, we were robbed before I transfer the photos from Haze‘s camera. So I guess 3rd time is the charm.

beef noodle at Lot 10 food court
Lot 10 Hutong Food Court

After the recent renovation, Lot 10 Hutong became some sort of a minority in the food court business. The people from YTL (who owns Lot 10, Starhill, and others) managed to convince some of the best hawker foods around KL to operate at the once iconic mall’s basemen and keep to their original and traditional way.

This means that while there’s a definite upgrade in hygiene and ambiance, the foods’ still prepared with original recipe, down to using charcoal fire, if it was originally cooked with charcoal.

And oh, a lot of the food stalls are non-halal.

beef noodle set for RM 8.90
Soong Kee beef noodle set for RM 8.90

I was recommended over twitter (follow me @kyspeaks) to try the Soong Kee beef noodle the first time I stepped into the newly renovated food court. I’ve never been to the original shop at Pudu, but after having this several times, I’m convinced it is on par with one of my other favorites – Ngau Kei at Tengkat Tong Shin.

A set of beef noodle + mixed beef soup + oily vegetable + chinese tea goes for only RM 8.90. For KL pricing that’s practically a steal, and this is in a fully air conditioned and comfortable dining location. Bravo to Lot 10 for pulling this off. Of course, you can also order ala carte for cheaper, but I almost always go for the set.

KY & Haze enjoying beef noodle
KY & Haze enjoying some beef noodle for early dinner

The bowl comes with beef balls, meat, and tripes all soaked in savory broth. However, the best part has got to be the generous amount of minced meat on top of the noodle and oily vegetable. They are actually minced pork! yums!

While Soong Kee serves decent chili sauce to go with the beef noodle, I still favor the version at Ngau Kei simply because it packs more kick and has actual chili texture. The Soong Kee’s version is just a bit like bottled chili sauce.

map to Lot 10, KL

At the end, both places has their pros & cons. Soong Kee at Hutong Lot 10 wins inΒ cleanliness, comfort, and offer great value with their set; Ngau Kei has better chili sauce and serves beef tendon, and opens pretty much around the clock. Take your pick.

Soong Kee at Hutong food court
Lower Ground Floor
Lot 10 Shopping Mall
Jalan Bukit Bintang

GPS: 3.146462, 101.711758

Discuss : Soong Kee Beef Noodle at Lot 10 Hutong food court

  1. Soong Kee has one of the best tasting beef ball noodles. I prefer dining at its shop in Jalan Silang.

  2. Lapar gila babi! Salah U!! ahahahaha

  3. Michelle Chin

    My mom loves Ngau kei too. Used to eat there when she was working and when I hadn’t exist yet.

  4. I like Hutong Soong Kee better because no random cockroaches / rats walking around. Haha…. πŸ™‚

  5. lotsofcravings

    the original is better and in any case WAY better than ngau kee (too salty la)..
    if u order their beef slices, i realised its pre-cook here, well i suppose to quicken up the process

    • lotsofcravings,
      haven’t been to the original one, can’t say much about it. I do like ngau kei’s beef tendon tho πŸ˜€

  6. i love this foodcourt! every time i go there i spend 10 mins trying to decide what to eat wtf

  7. But Soong Kee’s original outlet also clean lah, considerably.
    Though I personally prefer Shin Kee near to Petaling St entrance.

  8. KY, you should try Seremban Beef Noodle. It beats ngau kee and also the 1 in hutong.

    • Sum,
      oOo where is this!?

      • There are 3 branches in Seremban. The original one is in the wet market in Seremban. Here’s the link.

        The other 2 is in Kemayan Square and in the town respectively.

        You must try the dry one as they are famous for the dry one. But if you prefer soup ones, like the one in Malacca and Tangkat, you might not like this one cause most of my Johorean friends dont seem to like this one. But to me, it beats all the other beef noodles in Malaysia.

        • and yea, just saw your kong pow tin kai porridge post. if you are in seremban, make sure you go to kemayan square for kong poh tin kai porridge. order the porridge and tinkai separately and it must be extra spicy for the tinkai. the gravy for the tinkai is really nice and it really goes well with the porridge. the kong poh tinkai they serve is a lil bit different from the rest and its the best i’ve tasted so far.

  9. wah, kena robbed at lot 10?

  10. The presentation certainly looks better in the Hutong court. πŸ™‚

  11. i tried soong kee at hutong.. can’t beat the shop at jalan silang.. chili sauce and all… and to me, it beats ngau kee and tangkak beef noodle at jalan imbi too… i was at seremban wet market last week with 2 other friends.. gee jatuh standard d… last time used to be good… but prob it was their ‘off’ day … we all agreed that the soup was very salty and the meat was tough…overall, i also love the one at seapark coffee shop.. their soup is extraordinary delish and generous with the meat and tendon… thumbs up for the chili sauce too!!

  12. fraulein

    Ops sorry, accidently post comment at wrong place in your Ngau Kei post.

    KY, wearing so smart to pat toh there? :mrgreen:
    Wonder if it’s as good as Shin Kee. Going to try out this foodcourt ASAP

  13. Went there last weekend and the beef ball is seriously good!

  14. nice! can eat at ease with aircon!

  15. university student

    The price is cheap and the food is nice. Of course will try it out!

  16. I’ll def choose Soong Kee Hutong Over Ngau kei as one factor wins all (Cleanliness) i had terrible experience with rats running up and down at Ngau Kei *holds stomach and do gagging face*

  17. Are you sure that the chili packs more punch from ngau kee? the last time i was there (bout 2 months ago), their standard drops so dramatically that i reckon soong kee is the only one i’ll visit if i have a lump for beef noodles. The chili was that bad at ngau kee that it reminded me of some wash down chicken rice chilli sauce.
    Go give em a try but that was the last time for me at ngau kee. oh yeah, read bout u being mugged and hope that you’re in better shape now. be safe.

    • jamie,
      well the last time I went to Ngau Kei (several months ago) the chilli was good. Ya was being mugged but we’re okay now, thanks. πŸ™‚

  18. i dont know why so many people eat this soong kee beef noddle..its the worst beef noddle i ever tasted…but there is one stall around there tht has the best fried hokkein mee..cant remember the stall name..non stop customer

  19. Plan to go and dine there over this weekend. :mrgreen:

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