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I first heard about this Geylang Lor 9 frog porridge from the biggest frog nemesis of all – Kim. Ever since then we’ve been talking about going there to give it a try but somehow failed in actually doing it.

The craving eventually got the best of me last night, so Haze and I went there for dinner without waiting for the frog queen. Sorry Kim.

Geylang Lor9 clay pot frog porridge
Geylang Lor9 clay pot frog porridge

From the friends who had the luxury working in Singapore, I’ve always told that if there’s one food the republic got it better than here, it is the clay pot frogs, and when it comes to clay pot frogs, Geylang Lor 9 is the most famous of them all. So I guess we’re lucky that the first specialty frog centric restaurant in PJ is this original branch from Singapore.

clay pot kung pao frog
clay pot kung pao frog

The restaurant is located at the other end of the same row that houses McDonald’s at SS2. Smallish in size, but air conditioned with a visible kitchen behind see through glasses, so you know what you’re being served isn’t prepared in some back alley (some restaurants at SS2 actually do that.)

The menu is pretty simple. There’s frog porridge, kung pao frog, and frog with ginger and onion, all served in clay pot and priced at RM 12 per fresh frog. They’re a few other chicken dishes and vegetables but who really cares right?

frog porridge and kung pao frog
frog porridge and kung pao frog

We ordered a portion of frog porridge, a serving of kung pao frog, and a dish of oily vegetable to provide a bit of balance to the dinner.

The frog porridge came piping hot, the frog’s quite big and definitely fresh. Adding a bit of sesame oil, soya sauce, and pepper complete the dish. It was good!

Kung pao frog was hot, fragrant, and definitely had some kicks to it. While we also ordered steamed rice for it, I found myself mixing some kung pao frog and it’s sauce with the porridge very addictive.

Haze and KY
Haze and KY

While I haven’t tried it at the original Geylang Lor 9 branch in Singapore and thus can’t provide any direct comparison, I certainly think that this place is worth a visit if you’re a frog lover. Lets go there Kim!

map to Singapore Geylan Lor9 at SS2

Shi Sheng PJ Claypot Frog Geylang
No. 10, Jalan SS2/61
47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS: 3.117076, 101.621904
Tel: 03-7874 1233

Discuss : Geylang Lor9 frog porridge at PJ SS2

  1. i wanna see this kung pow frog issit as nice as the bukit bintang one… will try this one day soon.. I WILL WAIT FOR KIM! 😀

  2. It looks good – had this in Singapore when I was there! Made a special trip just to eat it. Is this one as good? It looks similar.

    Looking forward to trying it again!

  3. kimberlycun

    i want!!!!!!!

  4. Michelle Chin

    The frog’s leg looks nice and smooth.:)

  5. I usually have the frog porridge at Jalan Alor and that is already fantastic, can’t wait to try this out soon.

  6. Poor little froggies… So delish.

  7. university student

    The kung pao frog’s leg looks so juicy. I want a bite of it!!!

  8. I can easily down the whole porridge with the kung pao sauce alone 😛 but of course it’d be heaven with the frogs!!!

  9. Cindy Tong

    yummy….but now I crave for Mcd..perhaps Mcd for dinner then the porridge for supper!!

  10. hrmmm….. the 1 that i ate at lorong 9, the frog porridge is just white porridge with the kung pow chicken…. it didn’t have frogs in the porridge itself…..

  11. OMG I’ll love this place! Frogs… yummy

  12. haze! nice bo.. i mean, booridge.. i mean PORRIDGE! ROFLMAO !!!

  13. I think they opened until quite late. I passed by a few weeks ago after supper in SS2. Another good spot for my lunch during graveyard shift.

  14. TummyRumble

    wooo, another new place to try 🙂

  15. Haven’t had a good frog porridge for a long time. Didn’t notice this place when in SS2. Gotta check it out. Thks

  16. expensive ah?

  17. Had the worst Mother’s day dinner ever!

    As for my mum condition, she only can take porridge so I decided to bring her here for Mother’s day dinner.

    Reached and sat down and waited for 15 mins for the waitress to clean the table and leave us with menu. Saw a woman who had dinner there walked to the kitchen- glass counter and shout at them – rice and vege dishes on table more than 20 mins and other food not out yet.

    Ordered 1 plate of tofu, 1 plate of mix chicken chop, 1 plate of kailan and 1 pot of frog porridge for 1 pax from an unfriendly waitress, waited for 15 mins the frog porridge arrived following by other dishes after every 5 – 10 mins. All the dishes are on table and waited 20 mins for 2 plate of rice! Even they served us the wrong chiecken chop which is to be mix chicken chop- 2 flavor lemon and thai chilly instead of lemon flavour only! DOnt bother much on this issue.

    Informed waitress and they served 2 plate of rice with their sour face. Mum dont eat much(hardly eat) thus, we asked the balance (more than half pot with plenty of pieces of frog) of the frog porridge to be pack to take away.

    Asked for bill after 10 mins and ask where is the pack food..being informed by the kitchen boy already thrown away and only a word of “sorry” by the waitress without any optional choice given to us. We are not being calculative of the remaining of the food but at least give an optional choice like pack half of the frog porridge to customer as customer no need to pay extra buying another food for someone to have it at home later.

    Due to its a Mother’s day we dont want to argue much and just walked off but I will surely wont come here again.

    • Tom: if that’s really the case then this place is not worth going anymore. I’ve been lucky enough the 3-4 times I went there food was good and service wasn’t terrible. Sorry to hear about your experience.

  18. I found this place hugely overrated with small portions. The porridge was cooked correctly with the correct balance, the frog meat was tender and fresh but portions very small. The trouble was that the sauce accompanying the frog legs lacked oomph and gumption and tasted bland. Tasty Porridge’s version in Taipan is superior in terms of taste and also portion

    • Piyu: ah, portion, yeap, it’s a bit small, but I guess I’m the few who doesn’t like dishes in huge portion. 😀

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