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This is the last food post from the Redang trip last month. After stopping by for keropok lekor, our last item on schedule before heading back to KL was naturally, lunch.

Ed again served as the guide and this time he brought us to Restaurant Golden Dragon in Chinatown

restaurant golden dragon at kuala terengganu
a very straight to the point “non halal” sign

I knew that it had to be at least a pretty decent place soon as we arrived. The restaurant was absolutely packed even on a Monday, and we had to wait for a table. There was a big group of middle aged ladies with “I love Redang” t-shirts, which doesn’t bear any significance to anything but I just felt like mentioning.

brinjal, long bean, salted fish, roast pork and bbq pork
long beans, eggplant, salted fish, roast pork and BBQ pork

Ed ordered a large portion of roast pork and BBQ pork, and I made orders of several other pre-prepared dishes to go with steamed rice. We had long beans, eggplant, omelet, bitter gourd, and some soup too.

Though the BBQ pork (char siu) was ordinary, the roast pork (siu yoke) was actually rather good. We actually ordered a second serving of roast pork to make up for going 3 days porkless on the island.

bitter gourd, omelet, soup, rice
bitter gourd, omelet, soup, rice

While the other dishes were commendable, my favorite had to go to the salted fish fillets. The aroma and taste was just so “right” I used it to replace soya sauce. Omelet  with salted fish, roast pork with salted fish, bitter gourd with salted fish, egg plant with salted fish, they were all awesome!

the group from Redang trip
Terence, Kim, FA, Ed, Horng, KY & Joe, Kerol & Haze

Including drinks, we only had to pay RM 8 per person for the meal. It was really cheap considering the amount of items we ordered. I’ve read that they serve pretty good “tai chau” during dinner time too.

map of Kuala Terengganu Chinatown

198 Jalan Kampung Cina
Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu

GPS: 5.333684, 103.132921
Tel: 09-622 3034

Discuss : Restaurant Golden Dragon at Kuala Terengganu

  1. Hey, I ate the food over there! Is so delicious~~ You should try the steamed fish over there!! Yummy!!

  2. just RM8? that’s cheap!!

  3. Nicole,
    ooo, afternoon no steamed fish I guess.


  4. myhorng

    super cheap. wanna eat there again next trip.

  5. food looks great.. er, is that girl sucking her thumb? LOL, sure looks like it in the shot!

  6. Thristhan

    Hahaha, cool way of saying “Halal”.

  7. myhorng,
    yeah why not!

    hahaha yah!

    LOL yah

  8. LOL! Definitely not for islam and definite not for me, imma anti-pork XD

  9. There is a good restaurant near the sea in KT.. actually it’s a full view of the South China Sea from the restaurant! But forgot the name already lu

  10. Vicky,
    why! pork is so good! :X

    aiyoh, that’s not very helpful! lol

  11. they give u one big piece of salted fish to makan … must be very salty …

  12. vialantino,
    it’s very nice! you should try their salted fish! 😀

  13. Every dish looks delicious. Salted fish is big. What did they sprinkle on the omelet? Looks like meat floss. Wish I could go there.

  14. Meng,
    yah, the salted fish was the best! omelet didn’t have anything sprinkled on them, just slightly burnt, the way I like it 😀

  15. university student

    Yes. Will give them a try after my Redang trip.

  16. HAhaha!!! “Makanan untuk orang-orang bukan Islam”?? I didnt know orang-orang (scarecrow) needs food… LOL!!!

  17. that salted fish looks like crap…. harden crap

  18. i saw u that day;;keke

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