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There used to be two options to watch World Cup (or indeed any football matches)

  1. Watch it at home on your TV with Astro (or better still, Astro B.yond)
  2. Go to a local mamak or food court with big projector

Now there’s a 3rd option – watch it online on Astro B.player at!

Astro B.player
Astro B.player webpage, showing current and upcoming games

To access Astro B.player, simply go to and register. General public gets to stream 38 World Cup games, and if you’re a Maxis user or an Astro Sports package subscriber can watch all 64 matches online live plus match highlights and replays.

The registration process only takes a few minutes. FAQ can be found here.

Japan vs Paraguay on Astro B.player
Japan vs Paraguay on Astro B.player

Though I am a subscriber of Astro B.yond service (with a new 40″ FHD LCD TV that I recently bought), I decided to try the service for the Japan vs Paraguay in the round of 16 matches.

While not exactly full HD quality like you’d get on the TV, the streaming is surprisingly smooth and the audio pretty much indistinguishable from regular feeds.

highlights and replay on Astro B.player
Highlights and instant replay on Save/Misses

What I also like about Astro B.player is the extra feature they added on the site. You can view highlights, goals, saves/misses, and even check on which players are on cards. This is a feature that you can’t get on the TV as yet. Pretty nifty.

All the more miserable for me as Japan painfully exit the tournament by losing 5-4 to Paraguay in the penalties. Poor Komano missed the only penalty, but the Japs did put up a good fight. All Asian teams are out now, 4 more years I guess.

B.player contest

There’s also a contest in conjunction with the launch of Astro B.player. The mechanic is simple:

  • register with Astro B.player at
  • watch live games on B.player and click on Share button
  • share the URL on twitter (register yourself and follow me if you haven’t!)
  • remember to include #astrobplayer hashtag
  • Astro will track the tweets, and if it’s awesome you’ll stand a chance to win!

The full mechanics are here, and the prizes include 4 laptops, one 42″ LCD TV, and plenty of movie tickets! Check it out on

Discuss : Watch the World Cup Online!

  1. go go brazil!!!

  2. axiao,
    I wanna say go USA but they are out already grr

  3. undergraduate

    Great! I can now watch the World Cup online.

  4. undergraduate,
    Yah, can watch it at school even

  5. Dude, Japan lost 5-3 on penalties not 5-4! Got kicked in the face till you’ve memory loss issit? LOL!

  6. gnoey,
    ops yah 5-3 cos Japan never needed to take the last penalty 😛

  7. Nice..really!..Don’t miss my latest..very useful Check Here

  8. suhaisweet,
    Ok ok 🙂

  9. foodcrazee

    take care bro. . .too many comments on ur mugged thingy. . . .

  10. foodcrazee,
    Thanks bro 🙂

  11. Ford_GT

    Bro, did you installed Astro Beyond thru iPhone apps ?

  12. Ford_GT,
    i don’t have an iPhone tho…

  13. foodcrazee

    Ford_GT, he swears by BB

  14. foodcrazee,
    hahahah, i use whatever’s most useful 😛

  15. Wat? i beg to defer on “whatever’s most useful”

  16. Aza,
    Er.. I agree

  17. biopolymath

    europe is back in this world cup! wonder which team will end up in final though

  18. biopolymath,
    yahh, but URUGUAY will win :X

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