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I got mugged

July 2, 2010 137 Comments

Last Wednesday night, Haze and I slept too early and woke up in the middle of the night feeling hungry. So we did what we usually do, walked to Ming Tien for supper.

She had a bowl of tomyam, while I had some porridge from the soy duck stall. By the time we are done feeding ourselves, it was already almost 3 in the morning. We started walking back.

mugged map

We turned the corner to behind the LRT station, and all of a sudden 2 motorbikes with 3 guys who was waiting at the small lane stopped right next to us, and two of them got off the bike. One came up to me while the other targeted Haze.

The smart thing to do then was to run back to where we came from, towards the mamak restaurant where there was a lot of people, but at the corner of my eye when I saw the other guy trying to lay hands on Haze, I started throwing punches to the guy facing me, an Indian guy who was probably around 5’10”.

The ensuing action was a bit of a blur, but I was pushed/fell down to the drain next to the road. The drain was about 4 feet deep, which gave the robber a clear advantage, he gave me a world cup free kick that landed straight on my face.

At the same time Haze threw her bag to the other guy and started running, a resident from the house closest to the incident started yelling. When I saw that I got off the drain and ran towards Haze, and at the time I think the robbers made a move and got off with their bikes instead of  continuing to pursuit us.

We got back home, took the car, and drove around the neighbourhood trying to see if we can find the robbers again before heading to the police station to file report. If I had meet the same 2 bikes when driving, I would have knocked them down there and then.

I got mugged

Haze lost her bag with some money, an iPhone, a camera, and a Macbook power brick that totalled up to quite a bit of money. The robbers didn’t get anything from me, but I was left with several injuries on my body and I finally know how a boxer feel like after a major fight with a swollen eye.

After the police report we went to Hospital UM and I was treated by a very friendly Burmese doctor. The superficial wounds should heal within a few days, and who knows I might end up with double eye lids.

At least we are both safe, I guess there won’t be any walking to Ming Tien in wee hours. Need to act better when face with situations like this next time.

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  1. dont do crazy stuff like this man… walking in alleys 3 in the morning.

    get well soon. now u look so macho! abit like brad pitt with the scar near the eye.

  2. saikua,
    macho? lol more like a boxer who had just lost a fight

  3. Unlucky.
    Hope you have speedy recovery.

  4. imantulen

    you went down fighting….
    thanks the stars that you are still alive…
    it could have been worse…

  5. Kclee2002

    One of my friends got mugged and slashed with a parang nearby the place you described as well. To hell with these people -_-

    Hope you have a speedy recovery!

  6. Ahdave,
    thanks. 🙂

    true, true.

    yah luckily they didn’t use any weapons.

  7. glad u two are ok

  8. yuetmui

    OMG. What the hell is wrong with Malaysia nowadays?!
    I was robbed on Tuesday while waiting at the traffic light. In broad daylight! 2 motorists came next to me and smashed my window. Thank God that I was alert and with my safety film, I managed to grabbed my handbag. They fled with my gym bag though.
    And yesterday my neighbour’s house was broken in.

    Glad to know that both of you are safe. I wonder if it is safe to live here anymore…

  9. suanie,
    thanks 🙂

    yeah it’s ridiculous

  10. Christine Diansuri

    Thanks god u and haze r fine.

  11. Oh no. I hope u n Haze recover soon. Both mentally n physically… I know I was walking around feeling so distressed (sad+angry+scared) for quite a while after I was robbed (long ago got my bag snatched in broad daylight!)….

  12. hope u get well soon…take care..
    God bless!!

  13. Ek Koon

    Get well soon, KY.

  14. Jon Tan

    Man, that sucks. I used to love walking late nights to mamak too. Things have changed so much in a few years.

    But thank God you guys are fine. Get well soon man.

  15. Christine,
    yah thank goodness. 🙂

    J the chocoholic,
    yeah, very tragic.

    nick chang,
    thanks 🙂

    Ek Koon,

    Jon Tan,
    yah it sucks big time.

  16. get well soon KY and haze too. I hope those robbers fell into the monsoon drains and get wash off to the sea and be eaten by sharks or just rot away!

  17. Lotsofcravings

    Ouch! At least u handed them some punches too!

  18. Yeah that sucks mate. Glad to hear everyone is (basically) alright despite the loss of possessions.

  19. Lyrical Lemongrass

    Thank God you guys are safe.

  20. Sue Me,
    That’s a good way to describe my feeling!

    Oh well kena injured myself hehe

    Huai Bin,
    Yah luckily nothing major

    Lyrical Lemongrass,
    Ya 🙂

  21. Wow glad you both are safe! Couldve turned out much differently

  22. bah. I got robbed around the same place last year. But in broad daylight at about 6.30pm. It really sucks.

  23. Hey so sorry to hear that 🙁 hope you heal well yea, and hope Haze isn’t too traumatized over the matter. take care man..

  24. OMG !! You get well soon, so macho Hero saved beauty.. Next time remember be safe (eat maggie) than to be sorry!!!

    Never trust/believe and have confidence with our Malaysian police and safety. 2 years ago after I was being snatched thief in front of a crowded coffee shop,never I feel OK to walk alone especially at night for this past 2 years. I am so scared even just to cross the road >.<

  25. notgood

    Try to avoid that place/same pattern of movement.
    Your attempts to fight back probably have angered and they might want revenge.

    Indian robbers are brutal.

    Invest in pepper spray of stun gun torchlight.

  26. luckily never use knife or something. consider bad luck lo kena targeted. but it’s good only minor injuries.

  27. Tim2,
    Ya agreed

    Ya that sucks

    Ya we’re ok thanks 🙂

    Haha yah. No hero la

    You’re right

    Ya luckily

  28. kimberlycun

    come i kick the other eye make both eyes double eyelid lol

    glad you guys and the BB are safe. time for haze to switch to the berry

  29. Most importantly is the two of you is safe.
    Life is more important that things that you can always buy again.

    Now is ever the more reason to get an iPhone 4 lor now that hte old iphone sudah kena ambik. kan? Look on the bright side. 😀

  30. kimberlycun,
    How about a no? Haha

    Mike Yip,
    Lol yah, dunno when tho

  31. Omg T_____T glad you two are okay. Why walk to ming tien so dangerous!!

  32. michellezyenn

    Yer uncle your place is not that near to ming tien le. Get well soon sigh.

  33. Thank god both of you are Okay.Take care ya!

  34. omfg

    just glad you two are fine

    haze last time school runner right? luckily wtf

  35. luckily you got no major injury just having some cuts and a swollen eyes….Must be careful now…because Malaysia wasn’t safe now…

  36. JESAZ. *hugs to the both of u. Poor Haze. *speechless!

  37. fresh,
    Thought it’s good exercise ma

    Will do, thanks 🙂


    Ya should have ran the opposite direction

    Yaaa, thanks 🙂

    Tey Cindy,
    Thanks thanks 😉

  38. Schmugger

    You sure those are muggers and not hired thugs? 😉

    Have you pissed anyone off recently ?

  39. Woah, hope you and Haze are better now and not too traumatized. Hope that the police do something about the increase number of thefts around the PJ area.

  40. Schmugger,
    Hired thugs would probably be more brutal

    Yah, they have patrol cars around the area but it’s just too big an area I guess

  41. Gosh this is terrible but glad both of you are safe with just minor injuries.

  42. babe_kl,
    Yaa, lucky in unlucky situation

  43. Suertes

    WTF man! Well, glad that you 2 are alright. There’s a bunch of Indian guys roaming around my neighbourhood on bikes and hanging around at the playground near my place in the wee hours. Maybe you might like to drive by and see if you recognise..

  44. Redmummy

    waaa your eyes

    kesian luh, luckily i have divorced u to haze, muka dah tak hensem muahahahah

    ok ok man
    u fought back, at least
    money – we can get it back, same wt my issue too

    but injuries haiyooo, if they kill u then what happen?

    take care, dapat big earnings, can buy haze for what she had lost ok…

    haze if u are reading this, KY so macho aa, fight back? muahahahahah

    love u guys!

  45. Just glad no-one was seriously hurt and there was no weapons involved. Fighting back is risky business.

  46. Such rotten luck! Good thing you were not seriously hurt. Poor Haze. Hope you’re both feeling better. 🙁

    These days, I usually carry minimal cash and my HP with no handbag when I’m out late at night. Better safe than sorry.

  47. Myhorng

    this place is kinda dangerous. didnt know enoch kena 630pm.

  48. so sorry for that. Just one thing… is Hospital UKM near there?

  49. university student

    It was dangerous to walk at 3 in the morning. Anyways, hope you both get well soon yaa~~

  50. The area is so not safe anymore 🙁 I got the circular for my area (SS4) recently and guess what. robberies, snatch theft, dodgy people loitering. Even with security guards employed.

    FTLs actually. The security guards who called the cops on some robbers got whacked up when the robbers came back.

    Sadly not much the police or whoever can do, since the place is so big and full of entries and exits.

    Take care, and next time pick up the phone for supper la…

  51. ky,

    if you meet this fucker again, sent them straight to hell. take care bro…

  52. fuck i didn’t know! thank goodness you and haze are ok 🙁 and i hope you get some pretty eyes when you recover haahaha

  53. Sorry to hear what happened to you and Haze. In KL, its never safe to walk, regardless of anytime of the day, what more 3am.

    To think that it was announced that crime rate has dropped in the papers the other day. Pppffftt…

    Speedy recovery for your injuries as well.

  54. KY, sorry to hear your unfortunate. That looks pretty bad to me.

    Take care.


  55. Get well soon dude!

  56. i just sent u and SMS!! my goodness, then i saw this. Glad u guys ok.. but damn cheesed off it happened.. poor u

  57. Dude, Glad that both of you escaped without much hurt and losses. While most comments praised your act of bravery, I beg to differ. As ST had said, fighting back is risky business. In fact, I think it’s plain stupid. You could have ended up in a black plastic beg. Easily. I guess your girl is the smarter one by giving them what they were after, diverted their attention and make a run for it. You can say that your girl saved your ass as well.

  58. Malaysia’s road is officially not safe to walk after 9PM. hahaha. But hey, glad you’re ok!

  59. Suertes,
    could have been the same group!

    yah guess I’ll have to be more careful next time. 🙂

    yah it was risky but I had to do it at the time.

    good move. 🙂

    yah, crazy

    actually it’s UM, salah tulis. 🙂

    yah, gotta be more careful.

    yah too many entry/exit points.

    I would!

    hahaha my eyes will never be as pretty as yours

    I don’t know how they calculate crime rates :/

    thanks dude.


    Yah, oh well..

    I agreed, it wasn’t a smart move at all. Gotta be careful next time, but at that instant I felt that it was the only thing I could do to protect both of us

    yeah.. thanks. 🙂

  60. God KY, I’m so upset about what those bloody thieves has done to you & Haze!

    They will get their revenge one day, I’m sure of that.. what goes around comes around.

    Hope you get well soon, and be careful wherever you go.. take care KY!!

  61. JolynGoh

    Gosh.. Sorry to see this happen to you both.. thank god they didn’t attack you with knife etc.. I don’t dare to imagine if use that… =.=
    Anyway.. get well soon..

  62. JolynGoh,
    Ya luckily all ok 🙂

  63. Dragonbleu6860

    msia govt suck!!!
    the police normally asked u not to make any rpt if the loss is minimal so it will help to reduce the crime rate record…

  64. Dragonbleu6860,
    Well actually in this case the police were quite helpful and contacted patrol cars at the area immediately too 🙂

  65. You know you can track down the iphone on gps? and perhaps the location of these scums?

  66. Emily,
    Unfortunately there wasn’t any remote tracking software installed on the iPhone

  67. Praise the Lord that both of you are okay.. 🙂

  68. my goodness gracious ky! living life on the edge over there aren’t we?!

    anyway, i’m glad that you got away relatively unscathed ….sort of haha

    get well soon matie

  69. It’s getting dangerous nowadays, but at least no one is seriously hurt. Take care mate!

  70. eeeekksss…..i dun wanna go there anymore…no wonder my friend never wants to go ming tien late at nite…

  71. Oh shits!

    While it can be said your action to attack one of them was “stupid” (no offense), but I think that’s still the right thing to do. Something threatening you and Haze and you reacted. I commend you. Just sucks that they got away with it.

    At LEAST they just ran off after they got what they want. There’s a lot of other worse people out there, after get your stuff will do more harm to you.

    FYI I also kena rob recently. I was sleeping, then I think they drugged me in my car. Wake up feeling drunk (didn’t drink that night), pocket kena potong. Cash RM400 gone, iPhone gone, camera gone. New jeans also gone cibai kena potong.

    And my Crocsband Nation England gone (don’t laugh I know you hate Crocs).

    At least didn’t take my car and cabut. Or take my fucking kidneys.

  72. dustbin

    your gf so ugly… i’m sure those crooks wont touch her… lala

  73. I just came from Melaka to work in KL and I’m really scared now…i guess, the lesson is, don’t go out late at night…but then again, even broad day light is NOT safe anymore..

  74. “We got back home, took the car, and drove around the neighbourhood trying to see if we can find the robbers again before heading to the police station to file report. If I had meet the same 2 bikes when driving, I would have knocked them down there and then.”

    Don’t talk so big.

    This is known as SHORT MAN’S SYNDROME. Dah lah kena tumbuk bantai masuk longkang by 1 fella.

    You wanna come back and think you can win with that car which is way less mobile than bikes?

    If you DID found those robbers you would probably be dead even if you take 1 out. The others have more than enough time to corner you and really stab you to death.

    You’ve shown not only you’re dumb ONCE, for fighting, then 2nd time dumb again for trying to get ‘revenge’ when you couldn’t even beat 1 guy.


    You’re as dumb as a fuck and you deserve that bruise on your face.

  75. May Zhee

    Fuck man curse those two mother fuckers to eternal hell. At least Haze and you are not hurt! Hope she’s not too traumatized. It’s sad that so many people I know personally have experienced being mugged before.

  76. ahlost,
    thanks. 🙂

    thanks becki 😀

    yah it is, a bit ridiculous isn’t it?

    yeah have to drive there lo

    wow yours’ a bit freaky, luckily not injured. I was reacting to the situation I guess. 🙂

    I’d like to see how your gf looks like. 🙂

    yeah, make sure you’re protected. 🙂

    I reacted the best I could at the situation, what would you have done if the person you love most is in danger? Run away?
    Just in case you don’t realise, a car can knock down bikes, no?
    I may have short man’s syndrome but how about your anonymous commenter’s syndrome?

    May Zhee,
    thanks, we’re fine. 🙂

  77. May Zhee

    Whoa whoa whoa what’s with all these insults on KY’s comments?

    The man got mugged and injured do you have to say such things to him now?

    dustbin, no I disagree I happen to think Haze is gorgeous 🙂

    lawl, dude you’re not in his position, you wouldn’t know how he truly felt at that time. Seeing your fiancee being attacked like that, I say KY is a man for what he did. He was angry and injured, I don’t know any male friend of mine that wouldn’t have done what he did (fight back, and then try to find those motherfuckers). Well those who are real men anyway…

  78. So sorry to hear about that KY. Lucky you and Haze is alright and no big injuries. I hope those muggers will be crucified!!!

  79. A car can knock down bikes but a bike is more maneuverable and all he has to do is smash your windscreen and you’re done. The others can then take their time to throw rocks or whack you through the windows. And then mark down your car plate number, then target you for a hit the next day, at their pleasure. You wouldn’t be able to make much use of their fake bike plates either.

    Besides, even if you did knock them down, so fucking what? You still have to face the law after that. Think you can get away with premeditated murder?

    That’s why I said you have no brains. You have a serious case of SHORT MAN’S SYNDROME.

    Must’ve been awfully smashing to the ego for a short guy to be kicked in the face by someone much taller eh? Can’t even fight man to man without being hurled into the drain *lol*.

    You don’t even have the height of most average women.

    A short stubby man like you and your tiny fiancee is a perfect target for muggers and it’s classic for short couples to go out in the dead hours of night/morning. What a Darwin award nominee.

    Walking case of ‘Come rob me I am a short person who can’t throw a punch at you if you hold my head with your arm’

    Next time use brain lah. You made all the mistakes a street wise person wouldn’t and you’re lucky to get away alive.

    None-the-wiser after getting whacked into the drain.

    I seriously hope you’ve managed to find one of them robbers and knock them down with your car.

    It would be wonderful to see how the rest would’ve marked your car plate and put a personal hit on you next time.

    It would be fun to watch how your face would look like the next time.

    You ain’t too smart shorty. Multiple mistakes one after another and count your blessings you’re still alive.

  80. MayZhee you blur fuck. This isn’t about the 1st fight attempt.

    It’s about when he come back 2nd time to look for the robbers for ‘revenge’.

    You’re blur as fuck. If he did found them, it would’ve been a fantastic showdown to see how his life is royally fucked up beyond rescue. *lol*

    Which part of this you do not understand?

    “We got back home, took the car, and drove around the neighbourhood trying to see if we can find the robbers again before heading to the police station to file report. If I had meet the same 2 bikes when driving, I would have knocked them down there and then.”

  81. May Zhee,
    Thanks for the support 😉

    Thanks 🙂

    Arm chair analyst with 20/20 hindsight huh? I’d like to see u face with the same situation. Lose ur anonymity and I might give u a bit of respect

  82. I don’t need your respect shortie. You have short man’s syndrome.

    Furthermore you took your fiancee with you on your revenge hunt.

    You blur as fuck no brain loser. You could’ve caused her to be killed along with you.

    Darwin Award nominee of the month, KYSpeaks!

  83. lawl,
    Thank you and your anonymous commentor’s syndrome.

  84. You’re truly an unrepentant incorrigible fuckwit.

    If you’ve found the robbers.

    1. You kill them. you get in trouble with the law, because it’s premeditated murder.

    2. You don’t kill them, they messed with you and rape your fiancee, or marked you for a hit next time.

    Either way, if you’ve found them, it’s a lose-lose situation for you.

    The only reason you brought your fiancee along to hunt the robbers down is nothing more than SHORT MAN’S SYNDROME and the need to ‘impress’ her that you could actually do more to make up for being beaten to a pulp and thrown into the drain with a foot print on your face.

    Hahahahaa… It’s a LOSE LOSE situation if you’ve found them.

    Truly a Darwin Award nominee.

    Betcha none of your friends would tell you this in order not to hurt your feelings, shortie!

  85. lawl,
    Keep repeating what u’ve just said doesn’t make it any more true. If u’re such a witty and I assume, tall and intelligent person, I can’t understand the need to hide in anonymity

  86. “#

    By gnoey on Jul 2, 2010 | Reply

    Dude, Glad that both of you escaped without much hurt and losses. While most comments praised your act of bravery, I beg to differ. As ST had said, fighting back is risky business. In fact, I think it’s plain stupid. You could have ended up in a black plastic beg. Easily. I guess your girl is the smarter one by giving them what they were after, diverted their attention and make a run for it. You can say that your girl saved your ass as well.

    Gnoey nailed this down!

    This seems like exactly the case here… his fiancee saved HIS sorry arse while he was drop kicked into the drain. *LOL*

    And he needs to re-assert and prove that HE is the one who can actually protect her, not the other way round, and the only way to prove that is to hunt down the robbers. *LAWL*

    We could forgive him for the 1st fight count, but to come back and hunt them TOGETHER with the fiancee, is pure stupidity and Darwin nominee numero uno.

    When real men go to war, they leave their loved ones behind in safe havens.

    Watch 300 please. That is how real men do it.

    Not pussies who bring along their fiancee to impress them without regards to their safety.

    Should’ve brought along other real men as backup to help, NOT fiancee.


    You’re not cut out for street fights dude. Go back to raping your server codes instead.

    You can neither protect your fiancee nor do you possess competent level of intelligence to make up for your lack of brawns.

    You have neither the brawns, nor the brains.

    What the fuck does she see in a loser like you? Cannot even protect her physically or use your intelligence as alternative, compounded by the lack of height and looks.

    Sweet words cannot last forever dude. Girls will start to see through what a weak person you are and you probably won’t even admit it. *LOL*

  87. lawl,
    I like how u were able to know what myself and Haze were thinking at that exact moment. Must be a real genius, why waste your time on this blog penned by someone stupid?

  88. Hehe… all that attention Nuffnang gave must’ve created some false pride and sense of superiority in some blogger eh?

    How does it feel to be smacked down with reality?

    Nuffnang femes blogger not so tough after all eh?

    Haih… Being a femes nuffnang blogger is like getting high on drugs feeling invincible. But if you jump off a building you’ll still go splat. -snigger-

  89. fp,
    Hahaha, nay, being the owner of a slightly more recognisable blog doesn’t make me feel any different in real life. Was just acting the best I could at the situation.

  90. Haze Long

    thanks for me much angst in your anonymous reply. Yeh I think I need a new man. You would do very well thanks to your enthusiasm towards my well being.

    I need a drink and maybe a fuck or two cuz you know, being the bimbotic barbie that I am (lacking of looks too!) I dragged KY out to supper at 2.30 am. So yeh, I caused the whole thing and was paralysed with fear for myself and started running away on my own only to be chased by one of them. I of course, in my vanity, thought that I was about to be raped and threw them my bag in pure delicious fear. So I could definitely settle for less of a man now.

    but you know, everybody go thru life sloppily and only when shit happens, the judgement comes with the, ‘Why the hell are you so fucking stupid?’. Something like how you are dissing our stupidity right now and it got someone so furious that he decided to deface your website, email accounts with an easter egg in your screensaver. Then I think I will get to say something like ‘You have a pussy up your ass’

    Perhaps I rather stick to my loser instead of a great man like you eh?

  91. clement


    Wow i got terribly shocked when i saw your posting. was logging in your page and yet nothing and suddenly you say you kena mugged. damn its horrible. Malaysia these days are not like those days. crime rate has been increasing tremendously but yet they say crime rate down. WTF.

    hope you and haze recover soon. no more nite supper! drive okie?

    Take care and get well soon!

  92. Myhorng

    fp, lawl, this KY is stupid or not basically has nothing to do with you (whoever you are). As friend, we will tell him what we should and also none of your business. you have the gut to talk so much but don’t have the gut to drop the anonymity? just shuddup will ya.

  93. kimberlycun

    there’s this person i know who reminds me of lawl. he’s working at a job he hates in some god forsaken place in JB, has no house, drives a lousyass car, has no friends aside from imaginary friendships with bloggers he stalks online since he was in college, never gets laid, plain looking and unfortunately not all that tall either. whats that saying again? oh yeah, empty barrel makes the loudest noise.

  94. clement,
    yah will surely take the care next time, thanks. 🙂

    yah, freaking hate anonymous cowards

    I think we all know who that is.

  95. Ford_GT

    Get yourself a baseball bat or tasergun. Thank god, you and Haze are safe. Can you report this matter to Adun as well ?

  96. KY I think the incident is tragic, but what is more tragic now is the haters that can’t spare any sympathy but rather be anonymous assholes.

    I hope they have a taste of what they deserve someday.

    And yeah, mine a bit freaky but I’m just glad no bodily injuries. They could’ve easily slit my throat, seeing as how they cut open my pockets.

  97. I am sorry to hear that you guys were robbed. Glad to hear you are OK with some superficial injuries. I am shock to read some hatred comments targeted towards you. Doesn’t make any sense.

    I have been robbed a few times while delivering pizzas in Texas. These was during my college days. They set me up by providing an address of a vacant house or a fake address. I would walk in to their trap. These thugs had guns. Luckily, I was never shot at but became very fearful whenever I could not locate an address. I would run to my car and drive off immediately.

  98. Ford_GT,
    yah, pepper spray might be useful too. I think ADUN is already well aware of the security at this area.

    I think I figured out who the “hater” is already, this is the same guy that does the same thing to almost everyone, a conspiracy theorist too, I pity him to be honest.

    Wah that’s quite scary, and thanks for the well wishes. 🙂

  99. I am harsh as fuck, yes I am.

    But one day you’ll think back and realize all my words are true no matter how offensive it seems to you.

    After all that ‘Oh I am so sorry you kena’ by your goody goody friends, someone has to lash it out in your face about reality.

    Of course, you can put up a massive ego defense again and dismiss me as a hater. Much older guys who read this blog and my comments agree that you should be taking them as a hard hitting lesson but they doubt you would because you have a huge ego problem.

    Those who can read the essence of my post know very well I am right.

    I am not your friend that is why I do not hold back what I feel and think.

    How you interpret this is up to you.

    You have no freaking idea how lucky you were.
    But that doesn’t change the fact you’re dumb as fuck and deserve lashing even if your friends won’t do it.

  100. Phew! That was close, I’m glad that the both of you are (pretty) okay. Get a TASER.

  101. the other day i read in national newspaper that crime had drop 30%!

  102. Tan Yee Hou

    *pat pat* KY and itsablushberry.

    You are both fine seeing that you have a map already!

  103. Take care and hope you will recover soon. 🙂

  104. Z0E,
    yea, will have to protect ourselves

    hahaha ya right, stats doesn’t matter when it happens to us

    Tan Yee Hou,
    Thanks. 😀

    Thanks. 🙂

  105. omg i’m so glad that both haze and you are alright. my mum suffered from 8 stitches on her head cause she was attacked with wood bat. n she din even fight back T____T

  106. Dude, i feel angry just reading your post man.
    It is moments like these when you truly question ‘Malaysia’ for being what is is….security wise.
    There isn’t much you can do….but pass on the message, which you are doing now.
    Take care…and we know some one out there in the streets of malaysia is getting mugged right now…and we can’t doing anything about it.
    Chilling thought

  107. kampungboycitygal,
    yah, sometimes not fighting back doesn’t mean you’ll get off unscathed.

    yah, and they’re claiming our crime rates’ dropping. -__-

  108. I got to be one of the slowest person who read this blog post. T_T

    Sorry KY for being ignorant. I do agree that investing on pepper spray or stun guy is wise especially when outdoor at wee hours.

    do take care of yourself mate.

  109. Robb,
    thanks dude, we be good. 😀

  110. To the ' lawl ' guy

    I am jus a casual reader & I do not know KY at all but I simply could not stop myself from commenting on how ridiculous this idiot who called himself “lawl’ is. Anyone who is put thru that similar situation would be totally disoriented & would not be able to think straight including U ‘lawl’ who talks like you are some old wise man who has seen it all. On the contrary, based on the way you made your comments, I conclude that it is really pointless to argue or to hope for a productive discussion with an immature prick like you.

  111. To the ‘ lawl ‘ guy,
    thanks 😀

  112. Oi bugger, luckily you’re all right la, otherwise I’ve on less Chung Ling kia friend in KL.

    Next time don’t be so gung-ho la, if ever so hungry, call 999, get police to escort you to Ming Tian, ok?

  113. It’s ‘ppl’ like lawl, dustbin, fp that do not deserve a place in society. Wow what great persons u guys are huh picking on a victim of a crime. Pure CLASS. IMO u ppl, especially ‘lawl’ should have your heads chopped off and fed to piranhas because that’s what u guys deserve. Pure RUBBISH / SCUM of society along with those Indian robbers.

    KY hope you and your gal get well soon don’t worry about those jealous cunts who flame you.

  114. SK,
    hahaha yah, will take the car instead 😛

    thanks thanks, but lets not be so harsh on those dudes, let them drown in their own weird sense of logic. 🙂

  115. JoshuaCYH

    Hey, KY, so sorry to hear about your incident. should drivelah, though i know its a pain and more fun to walk. but at night best to drive. your incident at 3 am, i kena robbed at 8.30 pm…
    and to which ever haters that say shouldn’t fight back, here’s my perspective:
    if you’re alone, and ppl try to rob you, dont carelah, just give the moneylah. money earned honestly will come easily, while stolen money will dry up very fast.

    however, if you’re not alone and there is someone or two around which u need to protect, FIGHT. thats what i did. i would willingly lose my life to save others.
    5 litre pot versus 2 parangs wei. and i won. haha.
    when you fight for something you believe in, someone you love, you’ve got much more at stake than the robbers.

  116. rafa dude

    carry a macbook to supper at 3am? sorry i dont mean to be rude but wth?

  117. JoshuaCYH,
    Agreed, when you are in that situation I guess we all have to react the same way, you damn gungho too ya! haha

    rafa dude,
    the MacBook power brick only, not the macbook itself 🙂

  118. this is syok..impossible you didn’t know bout the notorious happenings around Ming Tien area..walking is teh stimz..

    anyway, glad everything is ok..hope you still can be the GK on Thursday 😛

  119. Yatz,
    hahaha oh well, will do!

  120. che'burn

    Fuhhh, gila lah!!! neva imagine what it could be like if im in ur position..Luckily the ‘Cheebye Ind**ns’ just left after they took the, some neighbour yelling to them..Otherwise, it could be somewhat ‘more tragic accident’..rape/murder..Plus, i oso would look for the cheebyes after they left..tak puas hati punya pasal..haha..

    nonetheless, its gonna be traumatic for Haze..pity her..anyway, be graceful as u still live today and be more careful bro..

  121. i have been mugged several times before and the worst happened last year, on the day of my exam. i was waiting for the lift near my unit and got hit in the head with a brick (the attacker came from the back- emergency exit) and subsequently got robbed. fainted, hospitalised for a week. missed my exam and had to repeat another academic year.

    things like this do happen and we can only all do what we are capable of given a situation like that. hindsight always seemed the clearest so i do believe that you acted instinctively with all your might to protect you and your fiancee. i’ll give you an A for effort but i also agree that you should not have fought back cos that is very very dangerous!

    okay time for another grandmother story but long story short, my cellphone was nicked off from my pocket in a super crowded ktm where nobody can even move. my earphones were on so it was pretty obvious where my phone was at. when the music stopped, i thought a phonecall came in so i went ahead to reach for my phone, only to find that it wasn’t there. instinctively (though stupidly), i alighted the train and grabbed an indonesian guy by the arm and demanded him to return my phone. well, he stole it but kept denying throughout the confrontation. i grabbed the other arm only to find him clenching onto my phone. i snatched it back and he left dengan penuh gaya, mutu dan keunggulan -_-

    he walked away swiftly and no one stopped him. it was 5 something in the evening, rush hour and yet no one came to apprehend that numbskull (or to my rescue! :(). it then dawned upon me hours later that i would have died if he had a knife or something so i got lucky that time around. that said, when it comes to robbery, luck is a scarce resource wtf.

    hence, don’t fight back unless they attack you first. even if you happen to kill them at least there is a justification of self- defence at law but legally if your act of retaliation is disproportionate to the act of the attacker, you may get into trouble so running down anybody will not do any good for you either. and i have come to known that PJ roads are notoriously badly lit. it scares the bejesus out of me whenever i go round section 17 especially. crime rates are also extremely high in areas like PJ and subang so unless you are armed with machetes or hand grenades wtf, settle for maggi mee when you get the muchies at that hour as much as unworthy it is for a food connoisseur like you hahaha.

    good luck with your recovery and glad to know both of your are safe now. no point dwelling in the what- ifs or what could have been cos hindsight is something we did not have when shit hits the fan and then BAM, in your face. and what are the odds a piece of shit is flung into the air and let it hit the fan right wtf but you never know cos the consequences is known so it is possible that that will actually happen :DDD if you have to drive? despite the short distance, do so. In my opinion, it’s only prudent to manage risk effectively and keep that blind courage locked up in a cookie jar. sorry for the karangan longer than your post already wtf.

  122. oh ya, why bring a bag along with camera and all T______T bad risk management lor sorry. walking summore! aduh, like what su ann said, luckily she was a school runner!but it’s okay *pats* here’s to new shiny gadgets! who can resist shiny gadgets anyway 🙂

  123. cant resist to comment…..

    i think it was right to…
    1.retaliate in your situation away

    i think it was not very wise/nice to….
    1. go looking for them afterwards
    2. be so crude in the comments (this one to lawl)

  124. che’burn,
    will certainly be more careful, thanks. 🙂

    wah your experiences are a lot more traumatic. I understand the whole don’t fight back etc but at the spur of the moment instinct takes over, and luckily the decision at the time turned out to be correct (tho not exactly wise). 🙂

    can’t fault your comment, but the crude to “lawl” guy thing, well, you gotta know who that person is to appreciate that I was already very mild to him. that guy’s a classic internet troll, I know exactly who he is.

  125. nandeska

    So much for our national KPI to reduce street crime… these days going out for late supper in town is not safe for many people..

    Then again walking at wee hrs ain’t a safe thing to do either…

    Speedy recovery to you KY..

  126. nandeska,
    thanks! 😀

  127. oops….what i meant is….it wasnt very nice for lawl to be so crude in his comments.
    “this one to lawl”= directed to lawl.

    another example how easy one is to misinterpret another’s opinion.

  128. ront,
    hahahah ok ok misread 😛

  129. friend you hv forgotten all the karate technique ? Luckily both of u r OK

  130. JC,
    hahaha karate didn’t teach me how to fight from 3 feet lower, inside the drain 😛

  131. Sorry to hear that mate. Get well soon and be more careful next time when walking along dark lanes especially at night. I have lost faith in this country when it comes to civilian safety on the street.

  132. U may consider taking wing chun lessons and whack those bastards.

    • hahahaha, I have a bit of karate background but wasn’t taught how to fight from the drain. plus out of practise, it was a long time ago 😛

  133. […] those late night candle burning sessions. After all, going out to eat late at night can prove to be pretty disastrous these […]

  134. […] pictures taken with BB wasn’t good enough in that low light condition. On second trial, we were robbed before I transfer the photos from Haze‘s camera. So I guess 3rd time is the […]

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