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A trip to the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia is never complete without having keropok lekor, and when it comes to this particular wholesome snack, Terengganu is usually regarded as the best place to have them.

Keropok Lekor Zahela Embong
Keropok Lekor Zahela Embong, as recommended by Ed

Traditional keropok lekor is made of fish meat, sago, and a bit of salt, there are some that uses flour in addition or instead of sago too. The concoction is then made into unsightly phallic shape that is then boiled and optionally fried.

The keropok is usually served with chili sauce. Here in Klang Valley, you usually get some mass produced chili sauce like Kimball, but in Terengganu, it’s often some home made goodness instead.

keropok lekor with sauce
Keropok Lekor with chili sauce, yum max!

The keropok lekor stall of Zaleha Embong is conveniently located in between the town of Kuala Terengganu and Merang, the jetty for departing to Redang Island.

Our dive guide Ed, who’s been to Redang more often than just about anyone I know, swears on this stall, and I do agree that the keropok lekor here was really awesome. It was delicious, slightly salty and tasted like an offspring of fish cake and prawn fritters. Don’t miss this one if you find ourself heading to Merang Jetty.

Terence, FA, Horng, Kim, Kerol, Haze, KY
Terence, FA, Horng, Kim, Kerol, Haze, and KY

The same stall sells other local products like dried cuttle fish with sugar, salted fish (wet and dried version), and various other prepacked keropok too. I spent RM20 on those other nonsense in making my colleagues in KL happy, they loved it too!

Kerepok Lekor at Kuala  Terengganu map

Keropok Lekor Zaleha Embong
near Kg. Merabang Likar
21020 Kuala Terengganu

GPS: 5.457598,103.034248
Tel: 09-669 4762

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  1. I luv keropok lekor – never failed to get this whenever I go to the East Coast! Those always taste much better than what we get in pasar malams here.

  2. Pureglutton,
    yeah, I don’t know why we can’t get any good ones here *sad*

  3. Hmmm… not the crispy type of keropok?

  4. Haze’s pictures get featured a lot lately on your posts. Something going on ah?

  5. J,
    this is like, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside.

    yah she is my fiancée 😀

  6. Normally I dont like fish cracker because of their fishy smell, but can’t resist good keropok lekor. There’s not much nice ones here in KL anyways and the East Coast are usually the best!

  7. JD,
    yea, agreed, can’t find any good ones here sigh

  8. very cute ur south china sea

  9. quaintly,
    hehe thank you all! 😛

  10. foodcrazee

    if most ppl who eats LEKOR sees how they made them, I swear they will stop eating. . .lolz. For us foodies. who cares!

  11. foodcrazee,
    hahaha yah, who gives a crap, ppl eat and still alive, it’s all good. 😛

  12. wow, Haze’s you fiancee! congratz!!!

    you’re both lucky to have each other!

  13. lb,
    heheh thanks thanks. 😀

  14. so many keropok lekor’s stalls along the road in Marang that I didn’t know which or where to buy those stuff. Normally I would try to see which stall is packed with people, then I’d stop to join in the crowd 😛

  15. Leo,
    hahaha that’s usually the safest way isn’t it?

  16. i LOVE keropok lekor! we’ve some here, don’t know if it’s considered awesome by your lofty standards or not, but still pretty yum!

    won’t say it’s “wholesome” though. high fat high carb eh!

  17. Lyrical Lemongrass

    Love keropok lekor. It’s so addictive! Yum.

  18. Congrats to you and Haze. When did you guys get engage? How come you didn’t blog the event?

  19. typo mate.
    iz srsly thinks its zaleha.
    iz cn sees it on the signboard

  20. Irene,
    Will have tot ry to know.

    Lyrical Lemongrass,
    yaaa 😀

    Thanks thanks, maybe one of these days. hehe

    Yah you’re right, I made the changes already, thanks! 😀

  21. i love it! my sinful indulgence during tea time at work. Now cannot liao!!

  22. Wait, the pre-packed lekor is cooked or have to be fried first?
    I asked my friend to buy me some, and he said none that is already ready for consumption. Hmm …

  23. eiling,
    hahha too bad!

    yeah pre packed original u still have to boil

  24. undergraduate

    I love keropok lekor~~ Will try it out when go there.

  25. undergraduate,
    make it happen 😀

  26. Myhorng

    yeah very different from what we have here in KL.

  27. Myrhong,
    yeah, here tak boleh guna

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  29. oh man! i miss malaysia. wish i can come back now and taste again that delicious keropok lekor dipped in the perfect sauce.

  30. u can get it in Putrajaya
    call 018 3678 999 😆

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  32. This is a very good suburban snack and not boring

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