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Thursday night futsal is a regular fixture for the past few years now, other than being immensely fun, it also gives me a somewhat valid answer to the question “why aren’t you fat already?”.

Answering “I play futsal” is so much easier than convincing people I don’t eat huge portion, and blessed with this really vain gene that does accept myself to put on unnecessary weight.

Update: Unfortunately Ming Tien food court is now closed permanently

ming tien food court at taman megah
ming tien at taman megah must be one of the largest food courts

Since futsal falls on 10pm, I usually have very early dinner on Thursdays, which makes good excuse to have supper! That was exactly what I did last night.

The venue of choice is usually somewhere nearby, Haze and I went to Ming Tien since there’s a pretty good selection of hawkers foods, they operate pretty much around the clock (23 hrs a day I believe), and I can walk there from home. 😀

cuttlefish with kangkung, waffle, haze and KY
waffle and cuttlefish with kangkung

I ordered cuttlefish with kangkung (RM 8, small), a pretty famous “luxurious hawker dish” from Penang that I never really got to eat as a kid since it was always a tad too expensive. The rojak sauce that came with plenty of peanuts was thick and flavorful, cuttlefish had a good firm texture, and for those who like it spicy, you can ask for more sambal too.

The same stall sells boiled cockles too. Kim and I shared a plate a few days ago and it too was pretty good. They made it just enough to leave the cockles pretty bloody. Tastes good, but not for the faint hearted.

The cheese and lemon sauce waffles (RM 4) Haze got turned out to be quite nice too. I prefer it over the A&W version.

Ming Tien used to be a place I only go when I absolutely had to. The quality of food was so bad back then I sometimes rather have indomie goreng at mamak stalls instead. However, things took a change for the better over the years, I guess the bad ones were weeded out by natural selection.

Ming Tien Hawker Center
Jalan SS24/8, Taman Megah,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.114334, 101.611658

Discuss : Cuttlefish with Kangkung and Waffle at Ming Tien [Closed]

  1. kimberlycun

    seahum ftw! i love the luichar and steamed pork rice there too

  2. kimberlycun,
    ooo I haven’t tried theluichar here though

  3. Yeah, Ming Tien is pretty good, some of the stalls. I like most of the stuff except the grumpy chap fan lady. Haha!

  4. Huai Bin,
    hahah I haven’t had the chap fan there before.

  5. foodcrazee

    good stuff

  6. Bloody cockles is seriously good. Have to give it a miss…at least until I sort out my disease.

  7. foodcrazee,
    yah better than I had expected

    ok ok get well soon dude.

  8. so convenient.. just walk to Ming Tien after the futsal game!

  9. Leo,
    haha yah!

  10. biopolymath

    super duper gastronomical pornography! I wanna teleport now to M’sia for the good food.

    Australia is now having a great show called MasterChef. Guarantee you drool over food by participants!

  11. Interesting that you say MT has improved… I still avoid the place entirely because of serious underwhelming in the past.

  12. mimid3vils

    Haze play futsal too?

  13. I go to Ming Tien 2 am when I work night shift but most nice stall already close T_T

  14. urghhh….thanks for finding me a place to hang out in the midnight….there got big screen anot…if got can watch football there…

  15. I love your title.. Cuttlefish with Kangkung and Waffle at Ming Tien!! so rojak but so yum! 😛

  16. lotsofcravings

    anything for supper. oh how i wish i can have supper without putting any more inches on the waist!

  17. biopolymath,
    hahah do it! Ya i’ve watched masterchef before!

    well try it again sometimes!

    hahah no

    Simon Seow,
    too bad 😛

    no worries, yah they do have big projector

    hahaha yes!

    exercise more ok 😛

  18. how can u walk to taman megah T____T its so far from ur place T_____T

  19. quaintly,
    how about your’e just too lazy to walk! I thought you stay in New York all should be accustomed to walking long distance

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