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Many many years ago, in a time when the tallest twin buildings in the world was still the World Trade Center, I used to ride the bicycle to high school. It was a journey of some 10 kilometers, under heavy rain, uphill both ways.

One day, when I was on my way back home from another hard day of getting properly schooled (which might or might not involved getting caned), I came up towards a red light with heavy traffic. As usual, I navigate my way, zig zagging past stationary cars like MotoGP riders would to chicanes.

Then came *POWWWW*

I hit a dark brown Proton Saga’s side view mirror (it was the most popular color then). Immediately I peddled faster without looking back at the driver of that car. I slightly petrified but did my best to get out of the situation.

I was safely home, so I thought.

Few hours later at dinner, while trying to chew on a piece of stubborn broccoli, my father asked. “So.. son, why did you cycled away so fast after hitting my car’s side mirror?”

I choked.

And while we sold off the original grey Proton Saga years ago, my mom actually bought the latest version of Proton Saga (a nice tint of blue) last year for her daily commute and even drove down to KL over Chinese New Year.


And if I had that moment recorded in photo, I wager that there’s a good chance I can win the Saga Snap & Win contest that is currently running.

The contest is actually very simple. Snap a photo any model of Proton Saga, from the original 1985 model to Iswara to the latest model (my mom drives one too), put a creative caption, and submit online via Saga Snap & Win microsite. Alternatively, you can send the photo via snail mail too.

Contest runs until 18th June, 2010 and the winners will be announced before the Proton 25th Anniversary Gala Dinner.

Now lets check out the prizes:

  • Grand Prize : 2 x RM 25,000
  • 1st Runner Up : 2 x RM 8,000
  • 2nd Runner Up : 2 x RM 5,000
  • Consolation Prize : 10 x RM 1,000

You can submit up to 5 entries, but each participant is only entitled to win once.

The pictures you submit should not be super imposed or digitally manipulated. Be creative, and when you win that RM 25,000 please buy me a dinner ok! To find out more, go to now! Examples at the bottom:

proton saga contest

My captions for the three photos will be:

  1. Squeeze the Saga!
  2. HerculeanΒ effort
  3. Look ma, I can balance the Saga on my head!

What will be yours? Remember to head to Saga Snap & Win!

Discuss : Improbable coincidence and Saga Snap & Win!

  1. very nice!! so farnee the middle one.. Hercules KY!!

  2. ciki,
    hahahha I powderful ok :X

  3. HAHAHA!
    Yeah, I heard that story before, funny. πŸ™‚

  4. Huai Bin,
    hahaha yah it was tragic!


  6. aud,
    yah goddarnnnn so ngam :S

  7. RealGunners

    uphill both ways? what u mean? :S

  8. RealGunners,
    Hahha yes! both ways!

  9. yea, you told us this story back at the mamak…

  10. hahaha i like ur story! truly a FYL moment

  11. yay my sister got a saga! and i can take part heheh

  12. Dude,

    That is a damn classical bar joke. I guess it has been around way before u traveled up that tube and scored that fertile egg. And to claim it to have happened in your life is a real tragic. BTW, you must have come from a rich family to have broccoli for dinner. Back then, broccoli is veli veli de expensive!!oneoeneone

  13. Ken Teo,
    Haha yah

    very FML max!

    haha do it!

    dude, it might also be a bar joke but it really did happen to me. I’d love you to ask my dad but you’d have to talk to him via a medium. The whole broccoli part was a classical application of creative license. πŸ˜‰

  14. lol! let me think of some creative idea to join this! =)

  15. gahahahahahaha FYL! you jahat but i am proud to call you my long-lost relative πŸ˜€

  16. Baboon Tan,
    Hahah do it!

    hahaha oh yes long-lost relative!

  17. waa waa… omg omg.. i wanna play!!! can i join?? teach meeeeee howwww……

  18. kimberlycun

    n0000b hahaha!!!

  19. sotong,
    do it!

    shuttup πŸ˜›

  20. Teh Tarik Drinker

    many thanks to you for posting this. I wouldnt have known about the competition without it. Thanks again! πŸ˜€

  21. Teh Tarik Drinker,
    you’re welcome πŸ˜€

  22. Abdullah Bin Kasim

    Kenapa PUBLIC VOTE itu di guna untuk mencari gambar terbaik ?
    Kilang saya diKulim, ada seorang name Kim Chong Keat tiap tiap hari buat email palsu menerusi I/C & alamat rakan rakan dan senarai nama H.R department.
    Seorang budak melayu perempuan dalam tahap Top 3 ITU JUGA PALSU kerana gambar Kim Chong Keat juga.
    VOTE tak sepatutnya diguna kan untuk mencari gambar terbaik kerana macam kes dalam kilang kami….oleh kerana E.Kim berpangkat tinggi, semua nama senarai peribadi pekerja disapu untuk buat vote .

    Saya bukan cemburu, tetapi sebagai seorang Islam dan pangkat rendah dalam kilang yang sama dengan En. Kim…saya patut buka suara !

    Kalau Proton tak percaya, cba sekarang juga buat satu name palsu, dan masuk nama nama dan I/C orang umum…tentu anda dapat VOTE juga.
    Bukti ini adalah benar.

    Tolong jangan guna vote results sebagai bukti gambar itu adalah terbaik dari pilihan umum….disebaliknya gambar vote yang terlalu banyak itu semua nya rekaan sendiri.

    Untuk yang terbaik…guna 3 JUDGE untuk buat pilihan dan selepas pilihan dari judge….computer vote punya orang akan dapat undi sebagai pemenang bahagian vote.

    Harap Proton segar betapah seriousnya kes dalam selimut ini.
    Tolong guna 3 judge 100% bukan vote results langsung…..
    Kalau tidak, En.Kim dan rakan nya telah MONOPOLY 30% dari bahagian VOTE itu.

    Please try simply key in any name and use anyone IC to test register and vote…
    Then you all will know i’m telling the truth !
    Cannot use vote system…must let the invited judge make decission…that’s fair.


  23. Teh Tarik Drinker

    @Abdullah bin Kassim I think that the criteria of the entry itself for the competition will be based 70% on judging and 30% on votes but I do see your point of people creating fake accounts to vote.

    Im in the top 25 for the new category as well and as much as I try to get my friends to vote, can’t seem to break the top 5 of the pictures.

    then again, I do believe the judging has the final say to the competition. hopefully…

  24. Teh Tarik Drinker

    perhaps you could email them straight rather than bring it up here? πŸ˜€

    • all the fitnah through to the air. they can only come to forum and talked nonsen.

  25. yeah, I agree, bring it up to the organizer. πŸ™‚

  26. Yah its true. Sadly. I am also one of the top 25, but its almost impossible to break into the top 5. Hmmm…

    And some of the photo is digitally manipulated. Didn’t the initial round of selectors realized?

    • i think they might need to monitor these things more throughly.

      • Yisen Lim

        The three judges are “professional” photographer. Whatever decision judges had decided is final, simply because they are professional. But what made me laugh on them was they don’t know how to see whether the photo is super imposed or digitally manipulated. If you see the 2nd Runner Up in Old Saga category, it is very obvious that the Saga car image is cut n paste! the size of the car is too big!

  27. Abdullah Kassim

    Jeff, pity you. You sure cannot win simply because you don’t know how to make complaint like I. Fyi, my team sapu all the prize. We didn’t vote but we keep complaint, don’t care true or not, until photo musuh disqualified!

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