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By now, most of you would have seen the very first seven seater Proton MPV on the road, the Exora.

I got to admit that when I first heard about the announcement of this new car, I was a bit skeptical if Proton is able to deliver another quality model following the impressive Satria Neo (which I reviewed) and Persona.

Proton Exora
Proton Exora in the showroom

The Exora turned out to be another quality product. Using the same proven 1.6 liter Campro CPS engine that is found throughout other Proton models, the MPV spots a huge interior and seats 7 comfortably. Comes with dual airbags, DVD player with overhead LCD monitor, good sound insulation, and most everything you ever want in an MPV.

Exora Unbeatable Family

Exora My Unbeatable Family

To showcase the car, there’s a now a prime time TV show – “Exora My Unbeatable Family”

This is the first Malaysian reality TV show that will feature families competing in physical and mental challenging using a Proton Exora. The seven episod Mandarin series is hosted by Steve Yap and Chris Tong. The show should be really entertaining, show casing family value and the appreciation for Proton Exora at the same time.

There’re six teams in the show, each comprises of five family members aged aged between 18-50 year old. For six weeks, they will face challenges and obstacles to overcome, using an Exora.

A team is eliminated every week, the last family that survived to week 6 wins a brand new Proton Exora High-line, 1st and 2nd runner-up  walks away with RM 5,000 and RM 3,000 price money too.

The show is on air 7pm every Sunday on 8 TV.

Catch the show, especially if you understands Mandarin, but if you don’t there’s always the subtitle!

Furthermore, viewers stand a chance to win RM500 cash prize on the weekly online contest! Log on (you can also view the episodes on the site)  for more details.

I think it’s gonna be pretty interesting to see how families ganged up to go against each other for the ultimate prize. After all, a brand new MPV is a  pretty big catch.

Proton Exora

For more information and the full specifications of the car, head to Proton Edar’s website. The MPV is priced from just under RM 60k to RM 75,998 for the highest spec model.

Discuss : Exora My Unbeatable Family

  1. This show is entertaining only if you or your family are in..LOL

  2. lb,
    hahaha not necessarily, there are so many people watching Survivors and Amazing Race without directly being involved, no? 😀

  3. haha yesterday i saw the show.. not too bad lah !

  4. wah sounds like fun!!!

  5. Jess,
    oOOo I need to catch it!

    yah 😀

  6. wah canggih your naked exora picture! i wanna drive a car liddat lol~

  7. Cindy,
    and then when it starts to rain…?

  8. wear lah raincoat !

  9. Jess,
    LOL, or bring umbrellas?

  10. just a personal feedback … I lost confidence in proton cars after 10 yrs of driving, quality really some major focus for Proton if they wanna keep up with the automobile market … hope this new car model can lift to the owner expectation.

  11. via,
    I think the current generation Proton’s improved quite a lot in terms of not only design but reliability though. (like how they fixed the power window problems already)

  12. hmmm… the program was made in such as that it similar to Amazing Race.. I think the theme song also the same 😛
    the main selling point for Proton MPV is the selling price… in terms of quality, still far behind the juggernauts alike of Toyota, Honda and Nissan… let’s not mention Continental brand here shall we??? 😛

  13. Leo,
    well, in terms of value the Exora does stand pretty good on its own though.

  14. oklah to be honest, Proton did beat Perodua’s ass this time (Exora vs Alza).

  15. Yiling,
    that’s very true. 😀

  16. Proton hater

    personally I have bad experience with few proton model, 1. Gens 2 suck big time (currently driving) — Back Roof leaking go claim warranty fixed for 3 time, end up still leak, so I totally give up, gear box also got problem, inside plastic thingy all fall off 2. Exora (which I borrow from my friend just to pick up my relative for my sister wedding)
    For exora just less than 1 yr car and I only drove for less than 3 days it give me so much problem. Engine heat go up to the max because one of the fan is not function well (while driving that time the fan is working, while you stop, fan also stop) 2. Aircon — sometime cold some time hot like hell….

  17. Proton just simply suck

  18. If proton are good, then no need government to protect them… Plz adjust back the important car tax………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. The show is pretty good! 🙂

  20. Proton hater,
    I think haters and fan boys are alike, there’s no reasons u can give them to be objective

    like wise. 😀

    perhaps you should try some of their latest models, and most countries practice the same policies too, eg: korea.

    Huai Bin,

  21. Jelly, quickly go test drive one. Coming out of a junction, the trick is to floor the throttle 1 sec earlier before the traffic is clear. Very advanced technology called free traction control.

  22. kaikon,
    you’ve been spoilt by expensive cars! 😛

  23. tak yah nak kutuk sgt la.. kalau tak de duit, redho je la.. klau byk sgt duit.. ble la keter mahal.. support la kereta keluaran negara sendiri..

    keter murah, apa yg u harapkan..

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