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The restaurant business is sometimes like real estate, the whole “location, location, location” mantra can be as important as food and services itself.

This couldn’t be more evident when it comes to Xhin Fhong bak kut teh at Sungei Way. Though located just a stone’s throw away from Ah Sang bak kut teh, this home converted BKT restaurant is little known. I didn’t know of its existence till I read it on Sue Lynn’s blog.

Xhin Fhong Bak Kut Teh, Sungei Way
Xhin Fhong bak kut teh at Sungei Way

The restaurant consists of some 10 tables arranged at the drive way of an old house, with the “kitchen” neatly tucked at a corner. While they serve all the typical bak kut teh ingredients, unlike a typical kopitiam, you can’t really expect a full fledge drinks menu.

One thing that I really like about Xhin Fhong is their service. The aunty is ever so friendly, additional soup is served without even asking. Same can’t be said about most other bkt places.

glorious bak kut teh, yau char kuai, and inoki mushroom
Yao Char Kuai, Enoki mushroom, clay pot Bak Kut Teh

We ordered a clay pot bak kut teh with everything in it, a bowl of yau char kuai, and a serving of enoki mushroom as side dish to go with oil rice (white rice available too)

The soup was fragrant and rather “kao”, and the meat and innards cooked to perfection. Our bowl of goodness includes ribs, pork belly, meat, pork tripes, intestine, tofu pok, vegetable, and a little bit of mushroom.

The yao char kuai was crispy and makes a good appetizer while waiting for BKT to be served. Enoki mushroom, well, tasted like enoki mushroom, but the serving size here was really impressive.

Kim, Haze, KY, FA, Horng
Kim, Haze, KY, FA, and Horng

We definitely had a good brunch, and the total bill came to around RM 10 per person, which was pretty reasonable considering we also ordered canned drinks (BKT best goes with tea, I know, I know, but the weather was way too hot)

Sungei Way Xhin Fhong Bak Kut Teh map

To get to Xhin Fhong, I recommend parking near the Indian Temple, walk up the inner road to the right side and take the first left turn, you should then be able to see Xhin Fhong just a few houses down from the intersection.

Give this place a try especially if you’ve been to Ah Sang, Xhin Fhong is definitely worth a visit.

Xhin Fhong Bak Kut Teh
557 Jalan SS9A/2
Sungai Way 47300
Petaling Jaya
GPS: 3.088408,101.615671
Tel: 03-78744154

Discuss : Xhin Fhong Bak Kut Teh at Sungei Way, PJ

  1. kimberlycun

    my fav part if the generous serving of enoki mushroom, other bkt places are so stingy with theirs.

  2. kimberlycun,
    yeaa, the enoki mushroom filled the bowl to the brim!

  3. Heinrich

    Hi KY i noe it is irrelevant that i ask this as my comment has nothing to do with your post

    but yea, bro could you pls tell me where is the best place for chinese steamboat (with pork…hell yeah :D) around PJ area?

    preferably area around ss2?
    thanks bro for your kind attention and helps 🙂

  4. mornin hamsum! gr8 plc.. when u taking us:P

  5. RM10 is very reasonable, and I doubt can find any BKT place that cost RM10/pax now.

  6. Heinrich,
    Ah, steamboat? I think you might want to check out the new Xiao Fei Yang branch at Uptown (facing Sprint hwy)

    morning! come! anytime! 😛

    old school places only 😀

  7. I’m craving for some BKT now!!!

  8. eiling,
    go eat bkt now!

  9. Kuching BKT sucks max. I want to have authentic BKT now!!

  10. Omg..can’t stand the smell of Bak Kut Teh..ugh! But the Yao char Kuai looks great!! 😀

  11. jfook,
    hahaha yah BKT in klang valley are usually better

    you can’t stand? what’s wrong with you! hahaha

  12. YUMMY!!!!Long time din eat bak kut teh….
    mis it le… feels hungry dy!!! =p

  13. omg hate chu now you make me want bkt again! i love enoki mushrooms!!!!!!!

  14. hoay,
    eat one today! 😀

    somehow most girls i know love enoki!

  15. Thanks for the mention!

    That’s a huge bowl of mushroom…I usually skip the mushroom and order a big bowl of yau char kwai for myself. 🙂

  16. bangsar-bAbE,
    why skip when you can have both!?

  17. wah…the bkt really looks delicious ler…yum yum

  18. via,
    yesss, ze yum max 😀

  19. XhinFhong’s bak kut teh damn CHUN bro…nice recommendation! thumps up 🙂

  20. foodcrazee

    true BKT lover will never order Clayot BKT. . .

  21. ace,
    thanks 😀

    that’s what every klang fella says, I just eat whatever that’s tasty. 😀

  22. :'( bad idea to read ur blog when on a detox diet….craving for BKT now….

    nemai tahan…tahan..

    btw…have u tried the BKT near Tesco Cheras (formerly Makro)? u should give it a go…

  23. panda,
    heard the pork tripe pepper soup is excellent there!

  24. Caroline

    :'( bad idea to read ur blog when on a detox diet….craving for BKT now….

    nemai tahan…tahan..

    btw…have u tried the BKT near Tesco Cheras (formerly Makro)? u should give it a go…

  25. Caroline,
    hehehe fyl. 😛 I haven’t tried the Tesco Cheras one but will do eventually 😀

  26. Try this Xhin Foong Bah Kut Teh today….felt too expensive!
    The Bah Kut Teh at Kajang Bukit Mewah (opposite MOBIL and DUNLOP) is cheaper and nicer 🙂

    • Comer: err.. Kajang definitely have cheaper food than PJ, taste wise I’ll have to try to know. 🙂

  27. […] usually liked my BKT place to be one of old school settings, like Xhin Fhong of Sungei Way, or Weng Heong at Klang,  but I reserved my judgement till after food […]

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