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So some of you might have heard of Project Alpha by now, but for the rest of you who didn’t realize this blog owner has somehow managed to get on Full HD videos shot by professional camera crews. Though stranger things have happened, this is still pretty amazing, at least when it comes to yours truly.

Here’s the very short version of the story and what has happened last January.

cheesie, shaolintiger, kimberlycun, and KY at project alpha
Jojo, Cheesie, the crews, Kim & Gareth, and Cheesie pretending to be a diva

So our shooting location was chosen to be the Lost World of Tambun at Ipoh. To be honest, I had initially anticipated it to be boring. What’s with this lost world thing? Is it another tiny amusement park that couldn’t make it?

We made our way to Tambun, and to get the day started, we stopped by the very yummylicious dimsum place that is Ming Court at Ipoh. (my all time fav dimsum place)

i had to put on make up :S
and they put make up on me, wtflux :S

But as it turned out, Lost World of Tambun was this huge amusement park that has a huge water park, lots of attractions, hot spring, a petting zoo, free running horses, and even live Siberian tigers!

It was an amazing location to do the shoot and I think the #porkgang should seriously plan a day trip there one of these days.

shooting cheesie and jojo with snake
the snake took some getting used to for cheesie & jojo

We did quite a lot of our shootings at the petting zoo, and even managed to sorta cured the snake phobia of Jojo & Cheesie at the same time though the latter screamed like Shrek on speed on burning charcoal when I first put the lovely albino python on her shoulder. (check out the video below)

Gareth and I were able to take some lovely shots when the girls finally settled down with the poor animal.

i was in the serpentarium!
raccoon’s cute, slithering snake by my shoes, awesome Siberian tiger

I somehow volunteered myself to go into the Serpentarium and almost got myself bitten by a reticulated python, but it was all fun and my Chinese zodiac namesake didn’t do me any harm. We also visited the raccoons, the monkey that bit Cheesie’s blackberry, and the really amazing Siberian tigers. They were so awesomely magnificent.

Guess I shall save writing more cos it’ll take forever, watch these videos instead!

Ep 25 – ST talked about the blogwar with Xiaxue

Ep 26 – Kim teary all talking about her lurveeee that is ShaolinTiger

Ep 27 – Cheesie almost died from snake attack hohohohoo

Ep 28 – We had frozen beer and seafood at Yoon Wah, Ipoh

Ep 29 – ST talked about Kim and how she can go cuckoo 😛

Ep 30 – Musing around with the animals at petting zoo

Ep 31 – I entered the Serpentarium and survived, *phew*

Ep 32 – the magnificent Siberian tigers at Lost World of Tambun

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  1. Dropping by ere. =)

  2. JLean,

  3. haha i went there before! with huai bin and kerol

  4. suanie,
    yaa but did u play with them snakes! 😀

  5. Wah. Those tigers are really cool!
    (Hmmmm….Did ShaolinTiger try to hug his feline brothers?)

  6. J,
    hahah i don’t think he was ready to die yet. 😛

  7. Jolyn Goh

    I Tot Penang punya Tambun ^^”

  8. Jolyn,
    hahaha Ipoh punya!

  9. Wah…Cheesie sure can scream out loud!

  10. JD,
    LOL no kidding!

  11. Nicole Chang

    So song being a Celebrity Blogger!

  12. Put that snake on my neck and I might actually pee in my pants!

  13. haha so funny to see jojo having to look up to talk to ST. He’s too tall!

  14. Nicole Chang,
    hahah what is this celebrity blogger thing you’re talking about?

    hahahah that’ll be a sight to see!

    lol yah dude’s too tall!

  15. racoon damn cute! did he wash his hands b4 eating?

  16. aud,
    hahaha you watched too much movies!

  17. actually it’s me commenting. I used yiling’s acct without realising. lol

  18. eiling,
    ohh. LOL

  19. re ST’s answer abt what he doesnt like abt kimberlycun : AWWWWWWWWWW 😀

    actually the whole convo was quite awwwww

  20. pinkpau,
    oh awwwwwwwwwwwww! lol

  21. Have been following your blog for sometime now. Just like me you have a strong penchant for eating and enjoying it too. We share the same chinese zodiac sign.

  22. ms.kam,
    oOo what a coincidence 😀

  23. Xiaopei

    Jojo looks so cool

  24. Xiaopei,

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