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I can’t really claim that Kepong is one of my favorite places when it comes to food, getting there during rush hour can be quite a PITA, on top of that, I don’t exactly know many good eats around the area other than Kaka bak kut teh (they have pork kidney!), the original KTZ, and several other restaurants I don’t usually frequent unless I happen to be there.

To be honest, if it wasn’t for the fact that the invitation to Sliver Spoon Trattoria was from the owner Jessica, a long time friend, I would have probably skipped this food review session already. As it turned out, I was more than glad we made the session.

Silver Spoon Trattoria
Silver Spoon Trattoria

Located at a pretty unassuming part of Kepong, Silver Spoon is sitting on the first floor of Wisma Manjarala. The decoration an ambiance of the restaurant rivals many 5 star hotel eateries, and yet a look at the menu pricing shows that the place actually live up to it’s name “Trattoria” – casual, affordable, and a hell lot less up tight than those so called haute cuisine establishments.

We were seated at the private room with a bunch of other usual suspects – fatboybakes, nomadgourmand, Gareth, Kim, Terence, Horng, and Haze. Our host was Jessica, someone I’ve actually known for some 8-10 years. According to Terence, she’s grown up rather well.

feta & olive foccacia, mozarella sticks & smoked salmon rice ball, stuffed portobello mushroom
feta & olive foccacia, mozarella sticks & smoked salmon rice ball,
stuffed portobello mushroom

We got started with some feta and olive foccacia, the dough served here is home made and they really tasted subtle but good. I also love the mozarella sticks with it’s really hearty cheese in almost liquid form, the salmon rice ball was alright too, but I couldn’t really taste much salmon in there.

If I had to choose one appetizer, I’d probably go for the stuffed portobello mushroom. Sitting between a bed of salad and minced meat, the mushroom was really really yummy, I had two pieces despite eating on a budget due to the number of dishes to come.

wine, silver spoon special mock tail
wine, silver spoon special mock tail

For those who are familiar with Kepong, you might remember that there was a place called Chef Ken in the 90s. It was a place famous for really cheap but awesome Italian food. Well, Silver Spoon got Chef Ken himself back to run this place.

According to the “old timers” like Fatboybakes who used to frequent Chef Ken, this place retains every bit the originality of his foods, down to the famous tiramisu (about that later)

wild mushroom risotto, prawn & avocado stack, smoked salmon pizza
wild mushroom risotto, prawn & avocado stack, smoked salmon pizza

The other appetizer we had was the prawn and avocado stack. Grilled fresh local prawn served on a bed of avocado with other salad and probably some balsamic vinegar. Though the prawn itself lacked strong flavor, overall combination turned out quite well.

Wild mushroom risotto was prepared to cater a bit towards the local taste (meaning slightly more cooked than the “real” Italian style), I love it! The smoked salmon pizza too was pretty good, but I’d love to have a lot more salmon to go with the crispy crust (from freshly made to order dough). Then again, it’s hard to argue when the pizza is priced at less than RM 30.

duck confit, grilled baby snapper, seafood marinara
duck confit, grilled baby snapper, seafood marinara

The 3rd main dish we tried was the delightful duck confit. Instead of just the drum stick, this one came with the whole 1/4 duck. I loved the taste, and made some sneaky moves to acquire quite a bit of duck skin. *slurps*

Grilled baby snapper was one of those dishes that doesn’t really seem to fit in. I’ve never seen whole fish served in such setting, with potato and beans on one side, and a slice of lemon on another. It did, however, turned out to be quite tasty, just not particularly very “italian” to me.

Lastly, there’s seafood marinara. The pasta came with generous amount of mussels, clams, prawns, squid and fish chunks on a tomato based sauce. I only had a couple bites and found that the taste was quite agreeable indeed.

chocolate pot, creme brulee, tiramisu
chocolate pot, creme brulee, tiramisu

Then there’s the desserts. We had chocolate pot, creme bruelee, and tiramisu. I find the chocolate pot a tad too rich (but goes well with wine though), the creme brulee satisfying, and the tiramisu a must order if you like your dessert to be rather alcoholic, it was niceeee!

Of course, we finished everything.

Rebecca & bf, Kim & Gareth, Terence & Horng, KY & Haze, Jessica, Joe & partner & Cheng Yi
Rebecca & bf, Kim & Gareth, Terence & Horng,
KY & Haze, Jessica, Joe & partner & Cheng Yi

We had loads of fun time at Silver Spoon, the food was great, drinks aplenty (Jessica’s dad even brought out the Royal Salute), and above all, the company was excellent.

I’m definitely going there again. The pricing was definitely very reasonable, lamb shank for RM 38, marinara for RM 29, desserts at around RM 15 or so, soup at RM 12. Great food, reasonable pricing, and awesome ambiance. What more could one ask for? Open a branch next to my house la Jessica!

silver spoon trattoria map

Silver Spoon Trattoria,
1st Floor, Wisma Manjalara,
Bandar Menjalara,
52200, Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.195364, 101.632456
Tel: 03-6277 0445

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  1. No need, open near my house enough ady hahaha.

  2. The desserts are presented nicely!

    A suggestion! Their signature Silver Spoon cocktail should actually have a silver spoon. It looks creamy enough to eat with a spoon. πŸ™‚

  3. yalar it was a great night. i am also glad i made it, despite originally declining.

  4. oooooooo is the place certified halal by any chance? I’m looking for places to bring a whole bunch of friends for good food and ambiance, but has to be a certified halal place :/

  5. ShaolinTiger,
    goddamn, already damn near your house ok!

    Huai Bin,
    Haha true true

    hahah yah, and you still managed to bake after!

    yess it is pork free!

  6. Gah…I wished I made it! I hate missing out on good outings like this. =(

    rif and I used to frequent Chef Ken’s place a few years back, until he sold it off and went to Australia. Good to know he’s back! πŸ™‚

  7. You had me at Risotto!Ok.. it’s a corny line

  8. Wah, it’s so near to my in-law’s place, yay! No need to eat dai chau every Saturday now! Will try to be there the following week or maybe Fathers’ Day celebration!

  9. chef ken is back? so ozzie isn’t a great place to migrate after all =p btw, he left in 2006 so you shouldn’t mention 90s in your post haha. will visit this place soon.

  10. Nicole Chang

    Hey, I been there last night!! Delicious food~~

  11. Bangsar-bAbE,
    yaaa the chef is back!


    make it happen! call for reservation tho

    started in early 90s I guess? I was copying fatboybakes! lol

    Nicole Chang,

  12. Jess Ng

    As always, nicely written. thanks for coming all the way to Silverspoon, i had a great time with everyone~

  13. Jess Ng,
    Thank you for having us! it was great πŸ˜€

  14. hey KY, next time bring me la… it’s so near to my house.. hehee.. πŸ˜›

  15. KY bring me la u so rich πŸ˜›

  16. atrica,
    hahaha, how do i know!

    yaaa right ciki yaa righttt

  17. wow…the food seems nice..must go and have a try^^

  18. Awesome food blog! Great pictures of the food. πŸ˜€

  19. v!vi@n,
    yaa you should!

    Thank you! πŸ˜€

  20. wah the chocolate pot looks good and so is ze gf!!! *wink*

  21. so nice.. i think i need to eat my lunch edy =P

  22. eiling,

    hahah make it happen!

  23. blogwalking here πŸ˜‰

  24. walau eh, ky your poster is all around Green packet/P1 building…. don’t want to know your blog also can not

  25. nina,

    wah really or not!

  26. Hey KY… I am staying Kepong and passby the other day… Are u serious about chef KEN? I am big fan of kens cafe tiramisu and mushroom soup… ahhh… definitely paying a visit ^^ Thanks for sharing!

  27. waisikmiao,
    Yes, it’s really THE CHEF KEN πŸ˜€

  28. ky u also know kepong kaka bkt…you really a good eater…the origin place of ktz provide the best ktz food…anyway thx for sharing

  29. kumfye,
    haha thank you. πŸ˜‰

  30. now u know… πŸ˜›

  31. atrica,
    hahaha wokieeee

  32. biopolymath

    chocolate pot bounty!

  33. biopolymath,
    oh yums!

  34. kl_sadguy

    Hi KY,

    Actually after reading your blog and comment I had some high expectation on this Restaurant.

    Actually me and some of my friends went to Silver Spoon on yesterday night for our dinner.

    Yes,I totally agreed with your comments.The environment and service is nice and great.I actually quite surpise at Kepong Manjalara have such a nice place & environment Rest.

    Hope you don’t mind I give some comments here.

    1 – 5 (1 = Sucks and 5 = Great)

    Environment = 4
    Service = 4
    Food Apperance = 4 1/2
    Taste = 2 (A little better than SUCKS)
    Value For Money = 2 (Expensive base on the foods taste)

    I actually order Lamb Shank,the food appearance as I said is almosts great but the taste almosts sucks.Is tastsless or not soft & tender enough.Ahahha,maybe me and some of my friends lidah got KULAT qua..

    Salmon Spagetti if not mistaken,wow…U better go to opposite that shop in morning and try Restoran Sg Dua (KL) there have 1 western food stalls.I can give that shops 4 but Silver Spoon = 1..

    Order another Duck Confit,my friend told me like kayu and no taste at all..

    Maybe me and my friends lidah really grow some kulat until cannot taste the foods.

    No more 2nd time for me and my friends.

    Hope you don’t mind what I comment here…

  35. kl_sadguy,
    haha of course you’re entitled to give your own opinion. I did find the food good, taste’s subtle but good, perhaps you really need to scrape the tongue πŸ˜›

  36. Christine Lee

    I sit here, totally pissed as a customer. My son turned 20 yesterday (17th July) and I wanted to make dinner a truly memorable event for him. I had walked 15 mins under the hot Saturday afternoon sun to the restaurant, just to make reservations for dinner that night. WHY?? Because I wanted to select a good, cosy spot to celebrate his next phase into his life as he was officially not a teenager anymore (with a 2 in front of his age now).

    I live very near Silver Spoon and had been an on/off customer since Ken Cafe days, then LaCasa Medan Putra, then LaCasa Waterfront Desaparkcity. The ambience was THE factor of my choice as venue, not so much the food, as I already know Chef Ken’s standard.

    Adeline Goh, the Restaurant Manager “entertained” me and as I wanted a corner spot, selected a table of 4 at the far end of the restaurant. I was pleased with her selection and she gave me her business card saying that she will hold the table for 15mins after 8pm and the business card will make it easier for me to make reservations in future. She asked for my mobile number which I gave her and we were both supposed to call each other , if at all there were changes.

    I arrived at 8.10pm with my boys and Woala! my table was taken up. The guests on “my” table were obviously tucking in and by the looks of it, had been there for some time. A “bespectacled” guy came to me and said it was probably a “Misunderstanding” regarding my table and another table had been reserved for me. Right in front of the Exit!The birthday boy did not want to cause a commotion and motioned me , his mom, to sit down. Well, I sat. Very quickly the menus came to our table. I had not even picked up the menu when a waiter asked “May I take your order”?? I snapped at him saying that I had just sat down and the menu was not even on my hands yet! I was totally, totally further pissed then. I told my sons I had lost my appetite and because it was my son’s birthday and because I am MALAYSIAN, I just walked out, seething with anger. Just before I walked out, another guest with his family had just walked in and I heard the waiter asking “Did you make a reservation?” Boy, I was really mad then. I wanted to tell that guest that it was pointless making a reservation there and they asked that just to get themselves out of tricky situations, just in case they had messed up again!

    Whatever nostalgia I had about Chef Ken’s cuisine, totally left in an instant and went down the drain!!

    Malaysians have come a long way in fine dining and savouring different cuisines. We no longer live on coconut trees and be fooled by second best services. Chef Ken totally wasted his 3 years in Melbourne upgrading his culinary skills. He should have spent another 3 years training his commandos first. HOSPITALITY still remains a big part in the Culinary Industry and Malaysia is NO EXCEPTION.

    My boys and I walked to nearby “Express Soup” and enjoyed a simple, delicious, dinner all for a steal at RM51++. The garlic bread, salad, spaghetti and soup were excellent. The American brew coffee cost only RM4.50 and it was delicious. The ambience, although did not have the romantic setting, etc like Silver Spoon, but the wind on our faces when we dined, made it truly memorable.

    Silver Spoon, YOU HAVE JUST LOST YOUR SHINE!!! And one more thing. Waiters WAIT on tables, not just take orders.

    • Hey, Silver Spoon! KY! No reply to this latest criticsm means consent. I think I know what Christine Lee means now….truly, even after complaints, you guys seem to just keep quiet and pretend nothing happened. geez….

    • Christine,
      I think while Silver Spoon might have very good ambiance and pretty good food, you can’t really expect 5 star service with the price. Having said that, I do think you deserved better than what you were treated. Will give a head up to Jess who runs the place (tho not full time)

  37. jessica ng

    Dear christine,
    I’m sorry to hear about your unfortunate incident in Silverspoon, On behalf of the restaurant, I’d like to apologize on our mix-ups on that day. I have brought forward your concern to the staff and we will definitely make improvement from here. We hope you will give Silverspoon another try soon and if you need any assistance, please call me directly 0123858336

    -jessica ng
    Management of Silver spoon trattoria

    • christine lee

      Dear Jessica,
      Thank you for your kind concern and finally addressing the issue, both with me and your staff. Everyone deserves a second chance and Silver Spoon is no exception. I look forward to dining there one day, simply because of nostalgia from the days of Ken Cafe.

      Dear KY
      I do not blame your shallow definition of service in the F&B industry, as, it’s quite clear that you are purely just a Food Blogger….most of the time, being invited to do so with a free meal thrown in, I’m sure……as such, I truly do not blame you if you are ignorant of the fact that service will be service, in its authenticity in the hospitality industry, especially in F&B and there is no guarantee of 5-star service, even in 5-star venues, nor can we brush aside eateries with “no star” as totally void of good service at all. Don’t you know that there is no price tag for service?

      • christine,
        I do like to think that I know a bit of the service industry, especially having been working in restaurants both here and the states, in small and 5-star establishments too, but anyway this is about silver spoon’s and jess’s service. I do hope your concern is taken care of.

  38. Johansson M

    I stumbled upon your blog looking for places to dine for a customer’s visit to Kuala Lumpur and having read this, I had to comment (which is what a blog is meant for):

    Silver Spoon Management,
    Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it; it is what the client or customer gets out of it. Customers don’t expect you to be perfect but they do expect you to fix things when they go wrong.
    And if I were your irate customer above, your apologetic note would not have sufficed. But then I understand that Msians are known for their inability to make their voices heard due to cultural politeness, hence you are fortunate to continue running your business in Msia without much criticism. My grocery delivery man returned €5,00 charge to me simply for being 10min late and my local Italian removed the cost of my daughter’s pasta from the bill for it was served cold. But I continue to patron both as they demonstrated their apology for their mistakes to assure me that they were serious about securing long term business from myself.

    KY, if you’ve been in the the hospitality industry and run this blog, you will know this customer service phrase: “The Customer is King” – always – no matter if they are right or wrong. Always.

    I will always enjoy Msia and its food and people! Feel sorry for the perceived poor hospitality from this one.

    • Johansson,
      haha yah customer is always right, been at both sides, and know full well too that you shouldn’t piss off the waiter till your food is already served. lol

      that said, we still have a long way to go for this to kick off, but it’s getting better i’d say

  39. Dear Su,

    I don’t think its very fair to assume that Silverspoon doesn’t take its responsibility in addressing this matter on Ky’s blog. Mainly because it’s really impossible to keep track of all the comments needed to be attend to (over a blog post). So don’t just conclude that all dissatisfaction should and will be attend to and when they’re not, doesn’t mean that Silverspoon is being ignorant. If there’s any constructive feedbacks, it should be directly reflected to the restaurant management, not through a blog.
    P/s: No harsh feelings in any way.

  40. Tan Hee Kuen

    Hi, I’ve been reading with interest on Christine’s grouses & the subsequent comments. I do agree with Christine that the service in Malaysia needs to be improved tremendously.
    I agree with everyone’s comments except the blogger’s who seem to think that 5 star service comes with 5 star prices.
    It is such tidak apa attitude tha
    t is strangling the improvement of our service level when such mediocre service level is defended with such casualness.
    I do not blame KY for his opinion as its a “supposedly” free country (don’t get me started) but really, KY, please start a campaign for good service on your blog & I’m sure many people will support you.
    As is evident with Jessica’s reply to Christine, if you put it out there & enough people notice, things will happen.

  41. johnchang

    Get a life people. If you have serious problems with the establishment in question then bring it up to the management directly there and then instead of whining and moaning about it in a blog and expect things to be ironed out immediately. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to politely insist on your rights to the restaurant. Believe me it works.

    Huffing your way out “totally pissed” and making snide references to “bespectacled guy” without giving the restaurant a chance to make amends just comes across as churlish and boorish.

    And don’t get me started about “service” from Westerners.

    • johnchang: haha you do have a point, but don’t we all want excellent everything at cheapest price too?

    • Christine Lee


      My advice to you is, if you are not the “bespectacled” guy in question, to please keep your opinions about who’s whining and moaning to yourself. This is a Blog. Still don’t understand what a Blog is? Get a life.

      Have a good day.

      • Christine

        I happen to be bespectacled and do have a life thank you very much.

        And if you can’t take your own kind of medicine then I suggest you keep out of the kitchen so to speak. After all a blog is where we voice our opinions whether you like it or not. Maybe it’s you who should learn what a blog is.

  42. πŸ’‘ ➑ ➑ πŸ™„ πŸ’‘ hi…………..there there is up coming place at jalan ipoh…ideal for cafe…any one interested email me at very busy n good location……

  43. I find this whole thread a little amusing.

    KY speaks of the reality in the world of hospitality – Quality and price often come hand in hand (often not always).

    Then Tan Hee Kuen says he doesnt agree and that this is a “Tidak apa attitude”. Which makes sense as well.

    Then there’s a kwai Lo comes and talk about if “monetary compensation such as the 5 Euros and the free pasta”.

    If hospitality is really about commitment and quality, why is it so acceptable to take monetary compensation? No one is perfect. We all make mistakes. It is not the compensation that matters. But the realisation that an error has been made and the need to change that matters. Westerners like to talk about their ability to voice out and how they get compensated. But what good does it do to your service industry if everyone just accept free cold pasta? Isn’t the aim to make the restaurant management know that cold free pasta is not acceptable?

    Malaysian hospitality and service industry is far from perfect. But give credit to people like Jessica, who answers to the blog and even gave her mobile number to see what she can do to mitigate the damage. I myself would love free food or discount for substandard service, but people like Jessica is what we need – to give a start to change in Malaysia. Not just to give you five bucks discount, but to realise that the five bucks won’t always do the trick.

    We all have our wish list and we may not get what we wish for all the time. Sad but this is reality. I am not asking to accept reality, but to give our support to people like Jessica who is willing to make a change.


  44. Ahhh, this is a nice place to dine with friends. I normally shop at Tesco which is just opposite this restaurant.

  45. Silver Spoon Trattoria @ Wisma Manjalara

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  46. halo..izzit suit place for bday celebration wif frens?

  47. sorry..juz try to find a suit place for bday celebation actually..
    juz known kepong got many delicious food n place.any suggestion??

  48. prospect customer

    So have the management of Silver Spoon Trattoria buck-up and fixed the issue brought up by Christine Lee above?…i am a prospect customer planning to celebrate my wife’s birthday….so of course i will make a booking for a nice table..if the booking is still equal to as No Booking (with booked table taken up by others) with not so good service by the waiter/waitress..then i will just move on to another restaurant as they are still plenty of restaurant available in the area…u have so many competitors…so better buck up…Christine, what’s your comment?…should i give it a try?..i cannot afford to get angry like you on my wife’s birthday…

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