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Many eons ago when I was slightly younger and poor enough not be able to afford decent hair cut, I studied at the States. The photos on the following collage were taken with an actual film camera and scanned on a computer slower than the handphone I’m using now.

St. Cloud State University student life
don’t laugh at my hair style, it was cool back then

During those days, many of us used to take up part time jobs while studying full time, and though I never had to work at food services, many of my friends did, and one of my classmates happened to work at Pizza Hut located at the cafeteria in our university.

That was the period of time when I had a lot of pizza hut meals. Wholesome pan pizzas and chicken wings were my staple diet, and when my buddy’s on shift, we sometimes get a dozen wings for the price of six. It was an awesome time.

Pizza Hut at Kota Damansara
Pizza Hut is awesome!

I wouldn’t have thought about that period of time if not for this session of food review at Pizza Hut last week. Together with a bunch of other bloggers, I was invited to one of Pizza Hut’s outlets at Kota Damansara for the introduction of Fish King Pizza.

Many of us somehow associate Pizza Hut with fast food, but nothing can be further from the truth. The restaurant is nicely decorated, comfortable, and the recently expanded menu includes quite a large number of dishes and drinks to choose from too.

Pizza Hut Fish King pizza
Fish King Pizza, comes with regular and cheesy lava crust

After everyone got there and a bit of exchange of pleasantry, the star of the night was served. The Fish King Pizza comes with 8 Alaskan Pollock fish fingers on a bed of Β Mozzarella cheese, roasted bell pepper, onion, crab stick, pineapple, and a couple slices of fresh lemon in the middle.

It was good! The pollock tasted fresh and yummy, I particularly like the sweetness of pineapple in the mix too. A bit of a Hawaiian feel to it, goes well with the seafood. I had a slice of regular and another with cheesy lava crust. *slurps*

chicken wings, prawns, onion rings
BBQ wings, tempura king prawns, calamari ring, smoked deli wings

Our hosts then brought more food out of the kitchen, we had sweet chili wings, honey bbq wings, smoked deli wings, tempura king prawns, and calamari rings from the appetizer menu. They make very good finger foods, my favorite would be the smoked deli wings, reminds me of old times when I had them back in the States.

pasta, asam boi drinks
carbonara, asam boi drinks, seafood lasagna

And as if that wasn’t enough food, we were served creamy carbonara and seafood lasagna. I didn’t actually try them (way too full), but those who did gave good comments. Pizza Hut serves more than just pizzas these days, there are pastas, salad, rice, and even kebab on the menu to ensure there’s always something for everyone.

And by the way, you gotta the asam boi drinks when you’re at Pizza Hut!

audrey, citygal, vivy, KY
Audrey, CityGal, Vivy, KY

Together with Audrey, CityGal, Vivy, Huai Bin, Iza, and others, we had an awesome dinner at Pizza Hut. Check out their accounts of the occasion too.

If you’re a blogger, there’s also a contest from Pizza Hut that gives out RM 2,000 for 5 most creative blog posts. All you have to do is by writing a post titled “Big Fish Moment with Pizza Hut” and share the experience at one of the outlets or delivery. For more information check out the post at Nuffnang’s blog.

Good luck folks! and eat more!

Discuss : Pizza Hut Fish King!

  1. i like ze cheese effect!

  2. mesti your idea ask the grls to do funny pose with the rings lol

  3. kampungboycitygal,
    yaaa pwetty!

    Tey Cindy,
    hehehe shhh πŸ˜›

  4. Ish…you just made me hungry. >.<

  5. Bangsar-bAbE,
    aren’t you always hungry? lol

  6. Eh why for bloggers they make the pizza look so good? On average doesn’t have that much cheese on it πŸ˜›

  7. I not notice the difference between the college haircut and the one that you have now. Not to worry you can call it the “retro” look

  8. Mark,
    hahaha don’t be a cynic la actually we went to KLCC a few days later for the same thing but not an event, still looked n tasted pretty much the same. πŸ˜€

    hahahaha, retro, yes!

  9. foodcrazee

    is tht eric yong in the poster??? lolz. does look like him. poor? cant afford a haircut, studies in US and no need to work . . . .contradict lar.

  10. i wish to try but i left 2 bucks for the rest of the month… πŸ™

  11. hmm.. u like fishsticks?

    what are you, gay fish? XD

    *stolen from southpark*

  12. your hairstyle hasn’t changed that much also hahahahahahahaha

    eh your photos make the pizza look more cheesy than i remembered lah.

  13. foodcrazee,
    who? that person doesn’t exist in my dictionary anymore. lol

    waa so poor thing

    hahaha you’re terrible!

    got la i just cut hair ok!

  14. kimberlycun

    ky’s hair is awesome!!! wow the pizzas look so gooooooood!!!

  15. I thought the link was broken when I saw the slightly faded photo collage. It has nothing to do with Pizza Hut nor fish! And I closed the browser window lol. The hair’s awesome, btw.

    I never thought pizza hut’s pizzas can look so delicious!

  16. The photos of the Pizza definitely look delicious. It’s still the pioneer Pizza franchise here in Malaysia and still offer some kind of nostalgic feeling.

  17. kimberlycun,
    hahahaha thanks!

    is that why you became my gf then? it’s the hair!

    that’s very true πŸ˜€

  18. if only my wife loves Pizza

  19. Shame I don’t really like fish on pizza..

  20. jeng…must go and try it liow…

  21. sorry i can’t help it. I am still laughing at the first photo!

  22. Leo,
    don’t bring her πŸ˜›

    plenty others

    make it happen πŸ˜€

    shut up! hahahah

  23. Yeah I agree, that hairstyle WAS cool back then. Used to have the same. πŸ™‚

    Very awesome pizza, this one.

  24. Huai Bin,
    hahah yah aaron kwok era FOL

  25. Nice entry you have here! Good luck ya! I think your hair look nice lah..hehe..

    Thank you very much for visiting my blog! I can’t believe my eyes when I saw your comment! *terharu*


  27. Nia,
    hahaha thank you! πŸ˜›


  28. Suertes

    ..hmm, wonder what KY’s job was back in the day??

  29. I was the resident’s advisor! πŸ˜€

  30. clement

    bro, good for you for having so many pizzasssss.

    I tried the new one and to be honest, its not my cup of tea. I prefer the classic ones.
    Like your posts and is making me Hungreee at this rainy time in office πŸ™

    Have a great day!

  31. clement,
    thanks thanks, not for everyone I guess. πŸ˜‰

  32. Jacyline

    haha… of so many pictures, why post KH’s pic..

  33. Everything looks so much more delish, and well-presented, UNlike when we actually dine in Pizza Hut outlets.

    But of course … πŸ™‚

  34. Suertes

    RA! Wow, I’m impressed… for whatever reason?!

  35. littlered

    waa.. so many good picture posted. really mouthwatering lor and I going to Pizzahut this evening. lol

  36. Jacyline,
    hahaha why not? πŸ˜›


    RA cos I am cheap πŸ˜›

    hahaha do it

  37. HAHAHAHA at your reply to foodcrazee πŸ˜›

    u spend so little time taking pics but all ur food pics so nais wan!!

  38. aud,
    only speaking the truth. hehehe

  39. the fish king pizza is really nice..ur picture looks great XD

    anyway, i joined the contest. Do come have a look XD

  40. theeggyolks,
    thanks thanks. πŸ˜€

  41. Hey KY,

    I just graduated from SCSU July last year. From the collage picture, it looks exactly the same when I left last year from when you were there (the pizza hut, the never changing dorm room designs, stearns & holes hall, not too sure if you still remember the names haha). Kinda miss the frequent dullness of that place at times eh? And of course, not to forget the terrifying brrrrrrrrrr (f*ck dam cold!) we shout to ourselves there lol.
    Great to meet you fellow alumni!

  42. […] story much like the previous story penned on the article about Pizza Hut Fish King. My memory however, failed in this instance, and instead I have the following photo to show you, […]

  43. I stumbled upon this site when searching for SCSU photos… I go to SCSU for my Bachelor’s degree and am now completing my Master’s at the same campus. I am guessing the dorm that photo was taken (on top) was Sherburne Hall?

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