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Since I blogged about a cheap Western food restaurant in Kitchen Creatures on the previous post, I shall provide equal opportunity to another decent cheap eatery, this time a Japanese outfit – Restaurant Yakiniku at Pandan Indah, Cheras.

Restaurant Yakiniku at Cheras
Restaurant Yakiniku 烧烤馆

To be honest, I seldom venture into Cheras for food. This has nothing to do with the food quality or prices there, but everything to do with the traffic situation in that part of KL during rush hour. An exception was made in this case because it was an invitation from Cheesie (her review here), and they serve pork.

Yakiniku is this smallish restaurant with simple wooden chairs and chimney like concoction not unlike many Korean restaurants. You get to grill your own food with charcoal in little stoves, no complicated gas or electric stoves though.

bacon, shishamo, mussels
bacon, shishamo, mussels

As I mentioned earlier, this place is cheap, and by cheap I mean Cheras pricing. In fact, they haven’t increased their price in 6 years of their operation.

The plate of bacon is RM 5.90, a serving of five shishamo, err. I forgot, and the New Zealand mussels at RM 12.90 only.

enoki mushroom, shitake mushroom, tofu, cuttle fish
enoki mushroom, shitake mushroom, tofu, cuttle fish

Cuttle fish at RM 6.90, and generally every other dishes we had were priced really cheap. I should have jotted down the menu but I guess I was too busy eating.

We basically put everything on the grill, the bacon was of course the favorite, and I really liked the chicken gizzards (RM 3.90).  Enoki and Shitake mushroom were great with some butter and grilled over the tin foil.

chicken gizzard, grilled meat
chicken gizzard, grilled meat

I remember we had some beef slices too but that was only alright, and the tofu pok wasn’t exactly my favorite either. That said, the grilled food did turn out pretty good, and you seriously can’t beat the price.

chicken katsudon, kimchi fried rice
chicken katsudon, kimchi fried rice

Other than yakiniku (Japanese for grilled meat), this little eatery also serves other dishes such as the chicken katsudon, kimchi soup and kimchi fried rice that we tried.

These dishes priced at below RM 10 and though I wouldn’t want to compare them to some of the more “atas” places, they are decent, and definitely provide value for money. (kimchi fried rice & miso soup at RM 7.90)

ze #porkgang, mostly 😀

We had a great time over the session, everyone got to eat quite a lot except for Haze who stayed the closest but managed to get the the latest. Oh, by the way Yakiniku Restaurant is dog friendly too.

Ah, before I forget, if you go there and mention kyspeaks you’ll get an additonal 10% discount on the already cheap bill. (if that doesn’t work, mention cheeserland instead cos I don’t know if the owner still remembers me. hahaha)

Happy eating!

restaurant yakiniku map

Restaurant Yakiniku
20G, Jalan Pandan Indah 4/8,
Pandan Indah, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.131116,101.753392
Tel: 03-4295 4833

Discuss : Yakiniku Restaurant at Cheras 烧烤馆

  1. PANDAN INDAH!!!!!!!!1111

  2. Can I join the pork gang with my wife? Can my son be the group’s mascot?

  3. Wow, really, mentioned both yours or cheesie name got additional 10% discount? That’s great! And it’s (quite) near to my house.

  4. Hey, that’s really reasonable prices! Unfortunate that it’s in Cheras, coz I always get lost there…but have no fear! GPS is here. Haha!

    Food looks good too.

  5. Ooo…so near my house but I never try before…must visit 1 day 🙂

  6. eyer!
    i suddenly want the asam drink

  7. yay dinner within budget!!!

  8. eee… i don’t know how to go.. 🙁

  9. This shop is nearby my house but i never try it. Will try it after read ur blog. 😉 Thanks for sharing!

  10. haven’t been to Pandan Indah for ages… like u said, traffic isn’t it’s far from where I live.

  11. quaintly,
    yes near your previous place!

    hahaha how does ur son look like? 😛

    haha ya try it!

    Huai Bin,
    yes GPS ftw!

    make it happen 😀

    it’s nice!

    LOL your RM 10 budget? 😛


    agnes sim,
    you’re welcome!

    well, weekends!

  12. mimid3vils

    Food are really reasonable but Cheras is too far for me, & I will lost if I go there =.=”

  13. I certainly won’t mind paying that extra 10% (hehe) for they serve really, really cheap food. If you go for lunch, it’s even out of this world! A set of pork bacon for only RM7 or so. (Last I had …)

  14. YAh damn cheap man and nice.

  15. mimid3vil,
    Hahah use GPS!

    yeah, ridiculously cheap


  16. Nick Chhan

    Thanks for the discovery KY. I’ll check it out and I’ll make sure the owner remembers kyspeaks.

  17. oh yes…i love to hunt and eat in this kind restaurant…good recommendation…like the food from ur pics….will try it one day…too long list of food to try for me now…

    just had the fried dry laksa…damn kao jeng!

  18. My son very cute one wor.

    Here is a pic of him.

  19. wah yum and cheap… hard to get- but so far 🙁

  20. Nick Chhan,
    haha thanks!

    you’re welcome! fried laksa sounds interesting. 😀

    aww really cute! congrats!

    GPS! 😛

  21. PocketAnne

    You forgot to invite me. This is like just 2 mins walk fro
    my house. I’m really sad now. No mood eat lunch

  22. I have respect for dog friendly restaurants, why? because they have respect for dogs! LOL.

    I love kimchi fried rice!

  23. PocketAnne,
    lingo invited me wan ok. 😛

    ooo ok next time ask lingo to tapao for you yaa 😛

  24. why does everyone has to say like Cheras – PJ is equivalent to the distance of Earth and Pluto?

    i every Thursday go to PJ for futsal one ok! =.=

  25. Yatz,
    no no, PJ to Cheras is Earth to Pluto. But Cheras to PJ is just.. well, cheras to PJ 😀

  26. harry tang

    hi, the shitake mushroom u mentioned with photo actually is oyster mushroom instead 🙂

  27. Miami Culinary Tours

    I dream of being able to try this type of food done by the true sources! I want to eat the chicken katsudon!

  28. Myhorng

    arrghhh… i missed this. 🙁

  29. harry tang,
    opss, you’re right!

    Miami Culinary,
    make it happen!

    hehe FYL

  30. why does everyone has to say like Cheras – PJ is equivalent to the distance of Earth and Pluto?

    i every Thursday go to PJ for futsal one ok! =.=

  31. Emily,
    hahaha ok ok chill

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  33. do they do take-aways? *shy*

  34. panda,
    not too sure, but u can always call up and ask 😀

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  36. kenny lim

    it was just overated. local sourced ingrediant but import priced price. not that ‘cheap’……i’ve been here and honestly, it wasnt as ‘value for money’ as mentioned. i would recommend that u try the octopus sushit inside ampang point shopping plaza. the food portion is big and generous as well. it wasnt the nicest looking sushi around but the portions…….worth it. for this review, i think it wasnt good……just overated.

  37. kenny lim

    btw, tried few of the restaurant that u reviewd and all of them are not that good….seriously…

  38. I have just had my dinner @ Gyuichi Japanese BBQ Restaurant @ Desa Sri Hartamas (same row with Fong Lye Taiwanese Restaurant). It is a hidden gem! They serves good quality Black Wagyu Beef! Superbly yummy, and price is reasonable too! Unfortunately, they do not have a proper menu yet, and they don’t seem to appear in any media as they were opened not too long ago. I understand from one of the staff, their new menu will be up next month; and there will be new additions.

    I have eaten, and tried the following food with my dear tonight:
    1. Black Wagyu TokujoKarubi – juicy
    2. Black Wagyu Harami – yummy
    3. Black Wagyu Nakaochi – smells really good when grilling
    4. Gyutan – love it!
    5. Hokkaido Scallop – very fresh, and delicious
    6. Lamb Cutlet – wonderful!
    7. Seafood Wakame Salad – lovely
    8. Utsunomiya Gyoza – the best I’ve ever eaten so far in KL
    9. Ishiyaki Bibimbap – absolutely good!

    There is complimentary appetizer of the day & fruits too! And ‘ocha’ is F.O.C.

    The best thing is I came home from the restaurant without smelling BBQ; no one in my family knew I went for BBQ tonite. Apparently they used some sophisticated & high tech looking roaster Made in Japan! Chef is also Japanese!

    Will definetely go there again soon!

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