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Sometimes late last year, some dude who probably shares our collective frustrations in calculating service charge andΒ government tax when trying to split bills came up with an idea: Why not a restaurant that doesn’t include the 5% or 10% extra charges?

While at that, why not have it decorated decently, comfortable, and yah, price the food cheaply too? And that was how Kitchen Creatures was born.

Kitchen Creatures at BU Centrepoint
Kitchen Creatures, no frill dining

Of course I made that up completely and never really talked to the owner, but I suppose the truth shouldn’t be too far from my conjecture.

Kitchen Creatures is located at the first floor BU Centrepoint on the lot that previously occupied by Manhattan Fish Market. You could mistake the restaurant for an Ikea showroom, brightly lit, with furniture made of glass, metal, paper, and plastic. Not exactly a bad thing.

chicken wings, baked mushroom
chicken wings, baked mushroom

We went there recently for early dinner and had us some different dishes. The chicken wings (RM 9) was delicious, it seems like they marinate it properly with the flavor not only skin deep.

The baked stuffed mushroom (RM 7.80) ordered by Suan must be at least decent, as the lady proclaimed “ohh it’s good!” after the first bite.

beef stroganoff, seafood cream sauce pasta, big daddy burger, aglio olio prawns
beef stroganoff, seafood cream sauce pasta, big daddy burger, aglio olio prawns

I chose one of the less common dishes from the menu – beef stroganoff (RM 14). It was a semi curry/cheesy sauce with beef, a bit of mushroom, onion, and rice. It wasn’t exactly great, I found the beef a bit too tough, but the sauce was pretty alright though.

The pastas ordered by the ladies: seafood cream sauce (RM 15) and aglio olio shrimp (RM 13) were both reported to be satisfying, and Gareth’s big daddy burger (RM 18) that came with 2 thick meat patties, egg, ham, cheese, and a side of chips was good enough to meet this mat salleh’s expectation.

Suan, Horng, Kerol, Gareth, Kim
Suan, Horng, Kerol, Gareth, Kim

Kitchen Creatures definitely offer great value for what you get, if you stick to seafood, chicken, or pretty much everything that doesn’t involve beef or lamb, they usually turn out pretty good. The problem with beef/lamb on a budget is that they’re usually of inferior cuts/quality, and I’d usually rather not have them.

map to BU Centrepoint

Kitchen Creatures
Lot F110, Centre Point
3, Lebuh Bandar Utama,
47800 PJ, Selangor
GPS: 3.137988, 101.610124
Tel: 03-7729 8039

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  1. omg best photo of shaolintiger and kimberlycun

  2. No 5% service charge for waiters doing nothing but their bloody jobs? I’m so in

  3. suanie,
    Haahha yah awesome!

    LOL yah!

  4. myhorng

    can stop laughing at ST n Kim.

  5. myhorng,
    can or can’t? LOL

  6. myhorng

    can stop because died from laughing.

    in actual, typo. should be can’t.

  7. kimberlycun

    my pasta seafood garlic cream was very fulfilling!

  8. biopolymath

    This kitchen has a lot of creatures! Why not try this restaurant at night?

  9. Yah is good, stick to chicken/seafood though avoid the beef/lamb.

  10. AHhh i need the big daddy burger!!

  11. myhorng,
    lol noob πŸ˜›

    yah looked nais!

    do it!

    yep πŸ˜€

    Make it happen!

  12. the food looks good and kim looked so cute with her glasses.

  13. eiling,
    kim is chicken little!

  14. Great looking food. I must try out this place one day.

  15. Mei Teng,
    make it happen πŸ˜€

  16. mimid3vils

    I love their concept, no taxes!!!!

  17. Suertes

    Once again, looks like kyspeaks scores!

  18. wah, i like this restaurant unique name…Kitchen Creatures… the price seems reasonable and the food looks delicious…must go and try next week liow…

  19. yeah.. it’s tax free alright! But the food was so so… dined here with my friends a few months back… drinks were diluted, and food-wise it was OK! Price-wise also not bad lah..

  20. mimid2vils,
    yaa, very nice!

    score? LOL

    ya do it, weekends quite busy tho

    Yah, don’t order beef/lamb and u’ll be fine, my drinks were okay tho

  21. Jaclyn Chew

    how come me n ah horng not there one a lol

  22. i love this place! thanks to you.. like 6 months ago.. now only u blog LOL πŸ˜›

  23. Wah prices quite reasonable also!

  24. Wow, so this place don’t charge you any taxes? Great, I think might be a good place for weekend brunch.

  25. U dined with Chicken Little?! Woot.. πŸ˜€ Must get her to wear the Chicken Little colours… sure sebiji da same!

    Sorry my comment a bit off topic but can’t help it. Kim looked sooooo cute like dat! lol…

  26. Jaclyn,
    horng is there maaa

    hahaha, I slow maa

    yah, very reasonable indeed! πŸ˜€

    make it happen. ;D

    hahahah yah kim will be happy to read that. πŸ˜›

  27. Wah chic wings look yummy!

  28. Yiling,
    yes chick wings were tastyyyyy

  29. i’m more interested in what Kim’s T is saying. lol

  30. Cindy,
    it says, TOO HOT FOR JOBS!

  31. Xiaopei

    One aglio olio prawns please. Thank you. πŸ˜€

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  33. Xiaopei,
    do it!

  34. the baked mushrooms were truly yummi-licious…drools

  35. panda,
    yaaa πŸ˜€

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