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The restaurant business is sometimes like real estate, the whole “location, location, location” mantra can be as important as food and services itself.

This couldn’t be more evident when it comes to Xhin Fhong bak kut teh at Sungei Way. Though located just a stone’s throw away from Ah Sang bak kut teh, this home converted BKT restaurant is little known. I didn’t know of its existence till I read it on Sue Lynn’s blog.

Xhin Fhong Bak Kut Teh, Sungei Way
Xhin Fhong bak kut teh at Sungei Way

The restaurant consists of some 10 tables arranged at the drive way of an old house, with the “kitchen” neatly tucked at a corner. While they serve all the typical bak kut teh ingredients, unlike a typical kopitiam, you can’t really expect a full fledge drinks menu.

One thing that I really like about Xhin Fhong is their service. The aunty is ever so friendly, additional soup is served without even asking. Same can’t be said about most other bkt places.

glorious bak kut teh, yau char kuai, and inoki mushroom
Yao Char Kuai, Enoki mushroom, clay pot Bak Kut Teh

We ordered a clay pot bak kut teh with everything in it, a bowl of yau char kuai, and a serving of enoki mushroom as side dish to go with oil rice (white rice available too)

The soup was fragrant and rather “kao”, and the meat and innards cooked to perfection. Our bowl of goodness includes ribs, pork belly, meat, pork tripes, intestine, tofu pok, vegetable, and a little bit of mushroom.

The yao char kuai was crispy and makes a good appetizer while waiting for BKT to be served. Enoki mushroom, well, tasted like enoki mushroom, but the serving size here was really impressive.

Kim, Haze, KY, FA, Horng
Kim, Haze, KY, FA, and Horng

We definitely had a good brunch, and the total bill came to around RM 10 per person, which was pretty reasonable considering we also ordered canned drinks (BKT best goes with tea, I know, I know, but the weather was way too hot)

Sungei Way Xhin Fhong Bak Kut Teh map

To get to Xhin Fhong, I recommend parking near the Indian Temple, walk up the inner road to the right side and take the first left turn, you should then be able to see Xhin Fhong just a few houses down from the intersection.

Give this place a try especially if you’ve been to Ah Sang, Xhin Fhong is definitely worth a visit.

Xhin Fhong Bak Kut Teh
557 Jalan SS9A/2
Sungai Way 47300
Petaling Jaya
GPS: 3.088408,101.615671
Tel: 03-78744154

So some of you might have heard of Project Alpha by now, but for the rest of you who didn’t realize this blog owner has somehow managed to get on Full HD videos shot by professional camera crews. Though stranger things have happened, this is still pretty amazing, at least when it comes to yours truly.

Here’s the very short version of the story and what has happened last January.

cheesie, shaolintiger, kimberlycun, and KY at project alpha
Jojo, Cheesie, the crews, Kim & Gareth, and Cheesie pretending to be a diva

So our shooting location was chosen to be the Lost World of Tambun at Ipoh. To be honest, I had initially anticipated it to be boring. What’s with this lost world thing? Is it another tiny amusement park that couldn’t make it?

We made our way to Tambun, and to get the day started, we stopped by the very yummylicious dimsum place that is Ming Court at Ipoh. (my all time fav dimsum place)

i had to put on make up :S
and they put make up on me, wtflux :S

But as it turned out, Lost World of Tambun was this huge amusement park that has a huge water park, lots of attractions, hot spring, a petting zoo, free running horses, and even live Siberian tigers!

It was an amazing location to do the shoot and I think the #porkgang should seriously plan a day trip there one of these days.

shooting cheesie and jojo with snake
the snake took some getting used to for cheesie & jojo

We did quite a lot of our shootings at the petting zoo, and even managed to sorta cured the snake phobia of Jojo & Cheesie at the same time though the latter screamed like Shrek on speed on burning charcoal when I first put the lovely albino python on her shoulder. (check out the video below)

Gareth and I were able to take some lovely shots when the girls finally settled down with the poor animal.

i was in the serpentarium!
raccoon’s cute, slithering snake by my shoes, awesome Siberian tiger

I somehow volunteered myself to go into the Serpentarium and almost got myself bitten by a reticulated python, but it was all fun and my Chinese zodiac namesake didn’t do me any harm. We also visited the raccoons, the monkey that bit Cheesie’s blackberry, and the really amazing Siberian tigers. They were so awesomely magnificent.

Guess I shall save writing more cos it’ll take forever, watch these videos instead!

Read this

I can’t really claim that Kepong is one of my favorite places when it comes to food, getting there during rush hour can be quite a PITA, on top of that, I don’t exactly know many good eats around the area other than Kaka bak kut teh (they have pork kidney!), the original KTZ, and several other restaurants I don’t usually frequent unless I happen to be there.

To be honest, if it wasn’t for the fact that the invitation to Sliver Spoon Trattoria was from the owner Jessica, a long time friend, I would have probably skipped this food review session already. As it turned out, I was more than glad we made the session.

Silver Spoon Trattoria
Silver Spoon Trattoria

Located at a pretty unassuming part of Kepong, Silver Spoon is sitting on the first floor of Wisma Manjarala. The decoration an ambiance of the restaurant rivals many 5 star hotel eateries, and yet a look at the menu pricing shows that the place actually live up to it’s name “Trattoria” – casual, affordable, and a hell lot less up tight than those so called haute cuisine establishments.

We were seated at the private room with a bunch of other usual suspects – fatboybakes, nomadgourmand, Gareth, Kim, Terence, Horng, and Haze. Our host was Jessica, someone I’ve actually known for some 8-10 years. According to Terence, she’s grown up rather well.

feta & olive foccacia, mozarella sticks & smoked salmon rice ball, stuffed portobello mushroom
feta & olive foccacia, mozarella sticks & smoked salmon rice ball,
stuffed portobello mushroom

We got started with some feta and olive foccacia, the dough served here is home made and they really tasted subtle but good. I also love the mozarella sticks with it’s really hearty cheese in almost liquid form, the salmon rice ball was alright too, but I couldn’t really taste much salmon in there.

If I had to choose one appetizer, I’d probably go for the stuffed portobello mushroom. Sitting between a bed of salad and minced meat, the mushroom was really really yummy, I had two pieces despite eating on a budget due to the number of dishes to come.

wine, silver spoon special mock tail
wine, silver spoon special mock tail

For those who are familiar with Kepong, you might remember that there was a place called Chef Ken in the 90s. It was a place famous for really cheap but awesome Italian food. Well, Silver Spoon got Chef Ken himself back to run this place.

According to the “old timers” like Fatboybakes who used to frequent Chef Ken, this place retains every bit the originality of his foods, down to the famous tiramisu (about that later)

wild mushroom risotto, prawn & avocado stack, smoked salmon pizza
wild mushroom risotto, prawn & avocado stack, smoked salmon pizza

The other appetizer we had was the prawn and avocado stack. Grilled fresh local prawn served on a bed of avocado with other salad and probably some balsamic vinegar. Though the prawn itself lacked strong flavor, overall combination turned out quite well.

Wild mushroom risotto was prepared to cater a bit towards the local taste (meaning slightly more cooked than the “real” Italian style), I love it! The smoked salmon pizza too was pretty good, but I’d love to have a lot more salmon to go with the crispy crust (from freshly made to order dough). Then again, it’s hard to argue when the pizza is priced at less than RM 30.

duck confit, grilled baby snapper, seafood marinara
duck confit, grilled baby snapper, seafood marinara

The 3rd main dish we tried was the delightful duck confit. Instead of just the drum stick, this one came with the whole 1/4 duck. I loved the taste, and made some sneaky moves to acquire quite a bit of duck skin. *slurps*

Grilled baby snapper was one of those dishes that doesn’t really seem to fit in. I’ve never seen whole fish served in such setting, with potato and beans on one side, and a slice of lemon on another. It did, however, turned out to be quite tasty, just not particularly very “italian” to me.

Lastly, there’s seafood marinara. The pasta came with generous amount of mussels, clams, prawns, squid and fish chunks on a tomato based sauce. I only had a couple bites and found that the taste was quite agreeable indeed.

chocolate pot, creme brulee, tiramisu
chocolate pot, creme brulee, tiramisu

Then there’s the desserts. We had chocolate pot, creme bruelee, and tiramisu. I find the chocolate pot a tad too rich (but goes well with wine though), the creme brulee satisfying, and the tiramisu a must order if you like your dessert to be rather alcoholic, it was niceeee!

Of course, we finished everything.

Rebecca & bf, Kim & Gareth, Terence & Horng, KY & Haze, Jessica, Joe & partner & Cheng Yi
Rebecca & bf, Kim & Gareth, Terence & Horng,
KY & Haze, Jessica, Joe & partner & Cheng Yi

We had loads of fun time at Silver Spoon, the food was great, drinks aplenty (Jessica’s dad even brought out the Royal Salute), and above all, the company was excellent.

I’m definitely going there again. The pricing was definitely very reasonable, lamb shank for RM 38, marinara for RM 29, desserts at around RM 15 or so, soup at RM 12. Great food, reasonable pricing, and awesome ambiance. What more could one ask for? Open a branch next to my house la Jessica!

silver spoon trattoria map

Silver Spoon Trattoria,
1st Floor, Wisma Manjalara,
Bandar Menjalara,
52200, Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.195364, 101.632456
Tel: 03-6277 0445

Tropicana City Mall is fast becoming one of the favorite places for the gang to hangout during those lazy weekend afternoons. The smallish mall is conveniently located at a pretty central location at the junction of SS2 and Uptown, with ample parking, reasonable crowd volume, and most importantly, good coffee!

The good coffee of course, is the Hawaiian chain – Bad Ass Coffee

Update 2019: this place is closed

Bad Ass Coffee
Bad Ass Coffee is located at the end of the Mall closest to the office tower

Bad Ass Coffee is probably one of the very few places that serves Kona coffee – a type of coffee beans cultivated all the way from Hawaii. It is one of the most sought after coffees in the world, but via some wonderful cosmic arrangement, the relatively unsophisticated coffee drinking crowd here in Malaysia gets a franchise.

100% Kona coffee, oxtail soup
100% Kona coffee, oxtail soup

The menu at Bad Ass Coffee is actually quite extensive, there are quite a variety of normal coffee, chocolate/vanilla drinks, and of course, the 100% Kona Coffee that is sold at a bit of a premium (RM 15.90 and up if I remember correctly). The 100% kona is very flavorful and rather kao, Terence once had it in the evening and couldn’t sleep till 5am. FHL

The best thing about iced coffee there is that ice cubes made of coffee is used, so your drinks will never ever gets diluted. That alone is a very good reason to choose Bad Ass over  the more famous chain that spots the green and white logo of Medusa.

KY Kerol Suan Kim Horng Terence
KY, Kerol, Suan, Kim, FA, Terence

While I haven’t had many meals at Bad Ass, I can vouch that the oxtail soup is in fact, super awesome. At RM 9.90, you get a bowl of really kick ass oxtail soup with quite a few chunks of, well, oxtail. There’re three slices of garlic bread too.

Seatings are available both indoor and al fresco. There’s even a smoking section with really comfortable sofa and power outlets for those who likes to bring their laptops too.

tropicana city mall map

When you find yourself at TCM in search for a good cup of coffee, look no further than Bad Ass!

Bad Ass Coffee
G-37/38A, 1st Floor
Tropicana City Mall
3, Jalan SS20/27
47400 Petaling Jaya

GPS: 3.130757,101.626421
Tel:03-7728 2622

When it comes to dimsum, Ming Court Hong Kong Tim Sum restaurant at Ipoh is gotta be one of my all time favorites. I always try to make it a point to stop by Ming Court whenever I drive between KL and Penang in the mornings.

For evening commute, I sometimes head to Pun Chun for wantan mee and chicken biscuits instead.

dim sum at Ming Court, Ipoh
Ming Court Hong Kong Tim Sum restaurant

The restaurant is located at the heart of Ipoh city in an unsuspecting shop lot, opposite another dimsum behemoth that is Fu Shan. While some swore by Fu Shan, I personally had the experience of rather disappointing meal there, hence I stick to this old school outlet these days. (the reason why I don’t blog about Fu Shan).

Parking can be a bit challenging, but there’re private car parks nearby. Like Hong Kong, sharing table is pretty much obligated here due to the volume of customer.

glutinious rice, chicken feet, brinjal
glutinous rice with chicken, braised phoenix claws, stuffed eggplant

The glutinous rice with chicken, braised phoenix claws (chicken feet lah!), stuffed eggplants, and of course, the usual hargao (prawn dimsum) and siumai (pork dimsum) are must orders. The portions are slightly smaller than those found in KL, but packed a bigger punch in flavors.

The dimsum here always tasted super fresh and steamy hot too.

har gao, siu mai, sesame soup, chee cheong fun
har gao, siu mai, black sesame soup

One of the must-order signature dish at Ming Court is their black sesame soup. While the black colored soup might look a bit like diluted mud from the photo, the combination of it’s smell and taste really blew me away when I had this. It was  rich yet really smooth, there’s no “jelak” feeling afer consuming the whole bowl either.

fried dim dum, pork ribs
deep fried dimsum, chee cheong fun, pork ribs

Other than traditional steamed dimsum, there’s a wide variety of deep fried dishes too. I’ve tried their prawns with mayonnaise, wu kok, and quite a few other items completely foreign to me. They all tasted pretty awesome.

Their chee cheong fun and pork ribs were A-OK too.

Horng, KY, FA
Horng, KY, FA, on trip to Penang Jan 2009

The dimsum here are priced between RM 2.00 to RM 2.80 with a couple items at RM 4.00. We usually spend slightly more than RM 10 per person for an awesomely satisfying brunch.

Gareth, Cheesie, KY, Kimberly
Gareth, Cheesie, KY, and Kim just before Porject Alpha shooting, Jan 2010

map to Ming Court Dim Sum at Ipoh

36 Jalan Leong Sin Nam
30300 Ipoh, Perak
GPS: 4.597068,101.086137
Tel: 05-255 7134