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How many times have you gone up to Genting Highland, had all the fun with the less than thrilling rides, the cooling air, and losing money to the late Uncle Lim, just to be disappointed with the dining options at the end? (they’re usually either lousy, or too expensive).

Most of the time, I avoid this by stopping over at Hock Lay, Ulu Yam, or just give up and get something fast from Mary Brown since paying extra for McD and KFC just doesn’t seem right. I know, I know, Mary Brown is cheaper at Pudu, but they get preferential treatment since they are local.

Qui Lin seafood restaurant
Qui Lin Seafood Restaurant at Gohtong Jaya, Genting Highland

And then there’s Gohtong Jaya. I used to think that at half way to Genting, the restaurants at this area must be slaughter houses like those on top of the mountain. I couldn’t be more wrong, this is actually the place where people who lives in Genting goes to eat, and the price is actually more than reasonable.

That was from the sample size of 2 places I had been, and lets look at one of them here: Qui Lin Seafood Restaurant

wild boar curry and clay pot seafood
wild boar curry and clay pot seafood

We chose to eat here since Kim’s dad (who used to run a restaurant) gave his approval. The 8 of us went up to Genting several weeks ago, and we stopped by Gohtong Jaya for a late dinner. Six of us were eating, and we ordered 4 pretty diverse dishes to go with rice.

The wild boar curry – a little bit gamy but perfect for curry. I guess curry isn’t exactly a traditional way to prepare pork, but they do it pretty well here, you have to avoid biting those chili padi though. *slurps*

Funny how a restaurant located 920 meter above sea level offers seafood, but that is exactly what happens here. Our clay pot seafood was an amazing dish, with plenty of sea cucumber, clams, mushrooms, prawns, peas, and fish maws in a very fragrant and addictive broth. I loved it!

vegetable, salted fish with egg plant
vegetable, salted fish with egg plant, and #porkgang

Another dish that I would positively recommend is the clay pot egg plant with salted fish (brinjal, aubergine, whatever you wanna call it). This unorthodox combination turned out to be very good, a bit salty, a bit sweet, and really yummy.

Then of course, we ordered a plate of vegetable for the color and a false sense of a complete healthy meal. It was decent, and the vegetable’s probably planted nearby.

Gohtong Jaya map

The dinner for 6 (Kim and Gareth was on diet), came to RM 88, or less than RM 15 per pax. Now who said you can’t get cheap and decent meal near Genting?

Qui Lin Seafood Restaurant
No. 58 Jalan Jati 1,
Taman Gohtong Jaya
Genting Highland
69000 Pahang
GPS: 3.394413,101.769061
Tel: 019-321 3609

Discuss : Qui Lin Seafood Restaurant at Gohtong Jaya

  1. ur maps are getting nicer. lol

  2. Robb,
    hahaha cos I bought a bamboo tablet! 😛

  3. The Petai Udang is AWESOME at Kui Lin.

  4. ericyong77

    why ur map – after gohtong jaya… the route look like lanciao wan… hehe u drawing body isit?

  5. Ya, man. I can’t believe how bad the food in Genting can be. Especially the buffet at the hotels.

    I suppose it’s a sort of Malaysian religion to have seafood in every nook and cranny.. that’s what our extensive road system is for, isn’t it? To bring the good stuff every where.

  6. Hahaha not diet la, we already ate at the same place a few hours before.

  7. I went there before last year and ordered the steamed ‘pa tin’…. HEAVEN

  8. eyeris,
    ooo I love petai!

    ori one ok! go check with google map! hahaha

    Hahaha yah we love our seafood

    it is diet! kim would have eaten more! hahaha

    woo yah I love patin too!

  9. It used to be slaughterhouse in the past!!! Somehow the management of Genting decided to take action on this unscrupulous profiteering practice. Plus most customers are getting wiser too.
    I think that there was a recent case where a customer was billed RM400++ for a meal with jelawat fish in Gohtong Jaya. My word of advice: ask the price of fish before ordering 🙂
    Most restaurateur will ask if you want to eat FISH when they come to take your order (I guess it’s standard practice almost everywhere)
    Having said that… I seldom go to Genting. My dad used to bring the whole family together for annual trip to Genting when we were small. Kinda bored with everything there~

  10. yup, this is my fav one on the stretch. Cheap and good! they even allow my mum’s little dog into the restaurant. a really PLUS!

  11. who is the girl with hat sit beside you???

  12. Ooh… the wild boar curry looks so good! 🙂 🙂

  13. cumidanciki,
    Ooo that’s nice, would they cook the little dog if you ask?

    ohh, that’s haze who’s too busy with her phone. lol

    tastes good too!

  14. mary brown is cheaper at pudu? eh i didn’t know that!

  15. wah…juz notice tat there owis special running out at genting

  16. eiling,
    every fast food is more expensive in Genting.

  17. long time din go up there after being banned by my wife …. very nice seafood food at gohtong jaya … yum yum

    i have gone to .com finally … let me share with u my new website … visit when u are free.

  18. Freddy Starr

    ha ha on diet. more like saving for there house expenses 🙂

  19. via,
    hahah why kena banned la!

    Freddy Starr,
    what’s this diet thing you’re talking about? 😛

  20. Errr.. Mary brown is with two R – Marrybrown. 🙂

  21. Aiks, that’s surprisingly cheap lah … even more than the restaurants on lower grounds, in KL, AND in Ipoh.
    Nvr ate in any of the restaurants in Gohtong Jaya though, for we always succumbed to fast food chains in Genting.

  22. Chef Mel,
    ops, thanks 😀

    yah, I was surprised at the price too!

  23. Sounds pretty good. The food in Genting is seriously crap, it’s something you eat to not feel hungry, not to enjoy.

  24. lilbunny

    nais mountain drawing there *wink*

  25. The restaurants’ food around that area is not bad, and quite reasonable. The many times that I’ve tried, most of the food are quite unique as well. I think as long as we avoid the famous ‘Ikan Kelah’ that cost hundreds per 100gm, then the price would be fine.

  26. wild boar delicious sial.

  27. Huai Bin,
    Yah, genting food usually quite disappointing.


    haha yah those fresh water fish can be very pricey


  28. Found a fly in the fish head curry and when we called the waitress over and asked her what is that in the curry, she picked it up and answered “wu ying lo” as if there is nth wrong with it. Any other restaurant would have quickly apologized and offer a new serving or something i suppose.. This was just 2 mths back.

  29. Joice,
    wah seriously? that’s a bit teruk :S

  30. seems like another name to list down in my buku 555 😀

  31. babe_kl,
    yaaa it’s good!

  32. KhaiYi (KY)

    hey.. accidentally found ur blog, and I enjoy it a lot.. =)

    Just to let you know that there is a very very very yummy shop at gotong jaya too.
    The “He yu” (steam river fish) is definitely a must try.
    Follow by “zha hua rou” (deep fried pork) and “si ji dou” (4season beans)
    also the dessert is papaya, well, i honestly, this papaya taste extraordinary. it is definitely a must try.
    If I am not wrong, the shop is call “Di Yi Jiu Jia” (Restaurant Pertama) os something like that.. will let u know next time if i visit again. You gotta try that!

  33. KhaiYi,
    Oo thanks a lot! 😀

  34. Seldom eat at Goh Tong Jaya due circulating news of “day light robbery”
    However , if u dont mind , drive further down to Bentong , there are a row of tai chow restraunts there ,

  35. Gonna try it this weekend! 😀

  36. Catherine


    I keep on calling to your handset to make reservation on Aug 2015 bt get thru

    Please reply to my email if any changes on handset no….URGENT !!

    Thank you

  37. That mean tis restaurant can bring a puppy to restaurant together?

  38. I just ask at their website , they answer me ‘NO’ so Disappointed

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