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A few days ago, I decided to head up to Bandar Seri Damansara to join Kim and Gareth for dinner. I usually avoid going there in the evening, but since Kim tempted me with the promise of “very good pork tripe soup“, I made an exception that ultimately proved to be the correct decision.

UPDATE 18/10/2010: unfortunately the uncle’s retired…

restaurant matahari at bandar seri damansara
Kedai Kopi Matahari with pork innards soup at night!

Kedai Kopi Matahari is arguably the biggest and busiest kopitiam this side of Bandar Seri Damansara, there’s about a dozen different hawker stalls with most of them serving different foods in morning/afternoon and evening/night sessions.

As fate would have it, our table happened to be situated right next to the stall I was most interested – “lou yau kei” (老友记) – serving braised or soup version of pork innards + meat + yam rice.

pork innards soup, with yam rice
braised or boiled, pork innards for your picking, yam rice too

I went to the cheerful uncle at the stall and ordered a bowl of soup with everything in. 10 minutes later what I got in front of me, for mere RM 9, was a bowl of very fragrant and peppery soup with plenty of coagulated blood, 3-layer pork, tripes, intestine, and something that looked & tasted like pork tongue. It was delicious!

The accompanying yam rice was very good too, with plenty of yam cubes to chew.  The dinner turned out to be much better than I had anticipated, the availability of coagulated blood really made my day.

Kim, KY, Gareth, Kerol
Kim, KY, Gareth, and Kerol

Kim also swore by the curry mee at the same restaurant, Gareth and Kerol too were happy with their Hokkien mee and wantan mee. I should return to the same restaurant and try out other dishes, there’s even laksa sarawak in morning/afternoon session, intriguing.

cum for RM 1.60
this isn’t something I would order though – Cum for RM 1.60

I also spotted this interesting drinks at Kedai Kopi Matahari, Cum selling for RM 1.60. Don’t think I’ll be ordering that. :S

map of bandar seri damansara

Restaurant Matahari,
Jalan Tanjung SD 13/1
Bandar Seri Damansara

GPS: 3.186665, 101.605843

Discuss : Pork innards soup with yam rice at Bandar Seri Damansara [Closed]

  1. LOL. the cum are sold in shots ?

  2. Genova,
    I don’t want to know! lol

  3. Awesome map!

    The Cum is besar ok, don’t play play.

  4. Shaolintiger,
    don’t mess with the Cum!

  5. HAHAHA if there is a like button for ur post i’ll definitely hit it for the cum that costs RM1.60 *shy*

  6. I would so die for soup right now!

  7. Looks good kan? BUT Bandar Sri Damansara in the evening.. the jam is frightening! 🙂

  8. ychn,
    LOL thanks

    Yesss me too!

    use penchala link 😛

  9. Cum on face? hehehehe….
    I wanna try out their Fish Head Noodle in the morning one too~~ 😛

  10. sotong,
    Let’s make it happen!

  11. EEyer. What sort of “special services” are they providing at this stall lah??

  12. wow first time I see cum is available on the drinks menu. Must be the most unpopular drink! i think they meant cham rite?

  13. i love all of the above mentioned… great selection at matahari.. and it’s such a cool name .. like out of some SPY movie 😛

  14. J,
    hahaha this stall, none, the kopitiam, i don’t know! lol

    haha yah, spelling failed 😛

    haha yeah, the double agent/stripper matahari!

  15. ericyong77

    ahahahaha i bet Sotong ordered the ‘cum’ right? ahahaha

  16. cum oso have it?WTF

  17. ericyong77,
    Ahahaha you have to ask her.

  18. pork is good^^

  19. Jaclyn Chew

    wtf damn nom
    is it peppery?

  20. I’ll stick to the curry mee…the pork innards soup looks a bit much. 😛

  21. Glo-w,
    yess 😀

    Jaclyn Chew,
    yes it is peppery!

    hahaha embrace the pork!!!

  22. I seldom go to this side of Sri Damansara.. normally I would go to Aman Puri side coz that’s where my friend lives!!! your direction is rather simple, will try to drive there one day!!

  23. Final climax for RM1.60!

  24. looks good. i pass by this shop almost everyday as my gf lives nearby but i never ate there before. in the day time, there’s a better coffeeshop nearby. good chp fan, prawn mee, etc.

  25. Leo,
    make it happen 😀

    hahaha yah so cheap

    it’s time to do it now!

  26. kimberlycun

    totally gonna eat this g charp tonight. noms noms

  27. kimberlycun,
    make it happen! 😀

  28. I think it should be spelled ‘Cham’ right? Cham ok lar, my fav drink at Kopitiam, but not Cum.

  29. Precious Pea

    Aiyooo…looks really awesome..with my fav coagualated blood somemore. Slurps! I shall make this soup at home tomorrow.

  30. JD,
    hahaha yah, the spelling was tragic.

    Precious Pea,
    waaa jealous!

  31. bro,

    I was laughing like hell when you circle the cum thing. Damn its disgusting but its selling cheap….

    Btw did you try? Lol Just kidding…

  32. clement,
    hahaha how about a no? 😛

  33. i think they meant it as “cham”…as in coffee tea cham…i bet it’s thick!

  34. yeah bro..

    indeed a spelling tragic. what is a girl write to you ” cum to me, so i can belanja you makan”. then this sentences is even deadly…. muahahah. i shall stop it here.. lol

  35. jules,
    haha yes it is, not sure how thick :X

    hahaha nooo!

  36. thanks for teaching me new word KY…never know ‘cum’ is actually XXX until i search dictionary after seeing all the comment.. thought is was merely kopi mix teh and 1.60 is normal price.. what is the big fuss to circle it..=)
    so it should pronounce as ‘cham’ or ‘come’? haha

  37. norick,
    hahaha learn something everyday!

  38. hi…i can’t wait for your review on their Sarawak laksa. i’ve tried the one in Bangsar which many claimed its authenticity, which of course was a disappointment!

    i miss home… 😀

  39. Tina,
    Ok i shall try, but I did find the bangsar one not bad. LOL, I’m not from sarawak obviously 😛

  40. I stay at bdr sri damansar but I don’t even know the existence of this shop. Must go check it out today! :p

  41. Jys,
    awesome! let us know how it goes 😉

  42. paiseh lar, now only i know this shop is the one that i always go makan.. hahahahaha.. didn’t know the name of the shop..

    anyway, it seems that the uncle no longer selling there, that stall had changed to selling thai food..

  43. Jys,
    it is still there!

  44. clement

    Hi bro, I went there yesterday as you recommended.

    The yam rice was good but not hot enough. Its about 20-30% warm only. and the stewed innards and soup based innards was ok. Not really a let down. Yum yum.

    Bet next time, i wanna try the curry noodles next time as i saw the presentation was nice too.

    And i was sitting infront of the cashier counter and i look at the “funny” word that cost is RM 1.60. I was laughing and my friends was saying i was crazy of laughing alone. I did explain but they didnt get the joke!

    hahahaha Have a great day bro

  45. clement,
    hahaha awesome, glad you liked it, tho it didn’t blow u away. 😀

  46. i tried this stall last few weeks, it was delicious!!!! Then return for 2nd time on next day, too bad..the stall not there anymore. Checked with kopitiam worker and they told me that uncle was retired. Sigh!!

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