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This is the last of 3 part series on my diving trip at Tenggol that happened from 27-29 March, 2010. Click on part 1 and part 2 (with dive site map)Β for previous entries.

Above is a short video from dives I did at Tenggol, editing it made me miss diving lots, but it’s all good since I’m already planning another trip to Tenggol over the labor day weekends. This time I’m going to have my own set of equipments too, yes, diving is now a serious hobby for me. πŸ˜€

Work hard, play hard.

diving at pulau tenggol
wreck diving at Palau Tenggol, Terengganu

  • dive #6 – House Wreck, Tenggol
  • date/time – 28/03/10 2:48 pm
  • depth – 25.0 meter
  • duration – 33 mins
  • visibility – 10-15 meters
  • temperature – 30c

This was the second time I visited the house wreck that is located within the protected bay where the resorts sit, the last time was on the 30th July, 2004. It was a relatively easy dive albiet the relatively murky condition. Terence took his time to snap pictures during descent and somehow managed to get lost and had to surface alone and missed the fun completely, poor thing.

nudi branch: sea slugs
nudibranch – sea slugs if you can’t be bothered

  • dive #7 – Pasir Tenggara, Tenggol
  • date/time – 28/03/10 6:05 pm
  • depth – 14.9 meter
  • duration – 53 mins
  • visibility – 15-20 meters
  • temperature – 29c

For the 4th dive of the same day, we chose to go shallow for a more relaxing dive at Pasir Tenggara. Saw more nudibranchs, starfish, and managed to take a couple more videos of clown fish too. It started drizzling as we surface, but luckily water wasn’t all too choppy.

starfish, coral, clown fish
star fish, table coral, and them nemo!

  • dive #8 – the 5 sisters, Tenggol
  • date/time – 29/03/10 8:22 am
  • depth – 35.8 meter
  • duration – 51 mins
  • visibility – 15-20 meters
  • temperature – 29c

For the last dive of the trip, we went to the famous 5 sisters dive site. Here lies 5 Vietnamese regufee ship wrecks at over 30 meters underwater. Looking at these relics made me wonder how the refugees must have felt when they arrived at this small island and had to sink their ships just so they can’t be towed out to international water and left for dead.

We stayed at depth for only about 15 minutes before proceeding to shallower water to avoid decompression time. Visited some artificial coral reefs too.

Due to my failure in checking the underwater camera casing’s seal properly, a couple drops of moisture went in, but thank god it wasn’t a full flooding. Gotta be more careful next time.

I’ll see you in a couple weeks, Tenggol!

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  1. again viait ur dive..nice photo coming soon i thk so

  2. nikel,

  3. Dropping by ere. =0. Nice shoots

  4. ahh wreck diving! envy u >.< i've only done a few dives at redang for the sake of my practical test lol, didn't even get to really look around because I have to focus on my instructor haha..

  5. JLean,
    Thanks! πŸ˜€

    hahaha go again!

  6. i think i’ll die in the sea if i see that sea slug. YUCK! no legs one wtf

  7. Tey Cindy,
    but they’re only as big as your finger nail!

  8. Can sea slug be eaten?

  9. JD,
    You can, and probably die from it too hehehhehe

  10. ericyong77

    ewww the sea slugs look disgusting!

  11. and I am still dreaming to get my scuba license πŸ˜›

  12. ericyong77,
    they’re cute ok! lol

    don’t dream, just do it!

  13. ahh! i get gooesbumps looking at those sea slug…they look kind of poisonous.

  14. lb,
    Hahah they are really tiny, and yes, poisonous. but if you don’t eat them you’re fine, they aren’t venomous

  15. wow….enjoy viewing ur video….nice ler!

  16. Jeles! Jeles!!! I want to gooooooo…. but I’m hydrophobic and it’s no joke.

  17. via,

    I guess no game for you then!

  18. melisa teoh

    we’re having diver’s night in 2 weeks from today…. selling t-shirts too… i’ll get u one ya….??

  19. melisa teoh,
    why not? πŸ˜€

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