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For the past 2 years, my family and I have been to Damansara Village at Damansara Jaya for steamboat reunion dinner over CNY, and if a place passes my mom’s taste test, it will surely passes mine.

The restaurant is a venture of the infamous Patrick Teoh, his daughter Melanie and Son-in-law. The original place was, and still is doing so well that they decided to open a branch right at the heart of KL. The new place is aptly named Restaurant Damansara Village at Imbi

restaurant damansara village at Imbi
indoor and outdoor seatings, the fish pool, and live seafood aquarium

Together with about a dozen other blogger friends, I was invited by Patrick himself for a review session. I am hesitant to be writing about the same place twice (tho different branch), but I was assured that the menu is different. Furthermore, how could I resist a an invitation from a celebrity that is named Patrick Teoh KY?

Yes, the truth is stranger than fiction.

village steamed chicken, bamboo clams
village steamed chicken, bamboo clams

Other than air conditioned dining area (as well as al fresco) and nicer decoration, Damansara Village at Imbi also offer more than just steamboat. Our motto of the day was to sample these offerings.

According to Patrick, there isn’t a chief chef per se at this establishment. Every dish is a recipe from someone’s relative/friend, and every ingredient is sourced directly from some of the more interesting locations.

For example, the village steamed chicken (RM 49 for half) is cooked with 100-day free range chicken from their own farm (usual intensive farmed chicken is slaughtered at about 6 weeks) and steamed only with salt. The texture is quite a lot firmer and I do like the richer flavor too.

The steamed bamboo clam is served with slices of chili, fermented beans, and some spring onion. The combination worked for me, seafood with a dash of spiciness and the saltiness from the beans. I like how there put 2 clams in one shell too!

pork knuckle vinegar, pepper pork tripe soup
pork knuckle vinegar, pepper pork tripe soup

Next we had the pork knuckle vinegar. Fatty pork knuckle with glistering layer of fat served in sweet vinegar that is not overly strong. This dish always work for me, I kinda wished I had some sambal and rice to go with it though.

Pepper pork tripe soup (or the spicy soup 辣汤) reminded me of Kien Kee at Seri Kembangan. It was very peppery, fragrant, and full of 3-layer pork, tripes, and other innards. I wouldn’t rate this any lower than Kien Kee to be honest, it was tasty!

steamed snake head, steamed duck
steamed snake head, steamed duck

Then come the steamed snake head. Instead of the more common farmed snake head, those served at Damansara Village are caught from the wild. As such, the meat is quite a lot firmer. Call me crazy, but I actually prefer the farmed variety with its’ smoother meat, though what we had was decent too.

For the first time of my life, I had steamed duck! Just like the chicken, this one is cooked with nothing but salt. Though not completely void of the strong “duck smell”, this dish still manage to end up tasting pretty good. However, I will only suggest this to duck lovers, casual diners should stick with roast duck instead.

salt bake crab, village special steamed clam
salt bake crab, village special steamed clam

The seventh dish of the night was salt bake crab (RM 48), another traditional recipe that even I know how to make – kill crab, rub with plenty of salt, throw in the wok, fire up). And sometimes the simplest method is also the tastiest method, provided you have superior ingredients. Though they were a bit smallish in size, the taste more than made up for the size, they were very, very sweet and flavorful.

Steamed clam (RM 20) was cooked with plenty of dried wolfberrie (kei chee), cilantro, Chinese wine, and some other herbs. The clams were juicy, and I liked the combination of the ingredients too.

damansara village steamboat with herbal soup
damansara village steamboat with herbal soup

After the eight dishes, I was already quite full, but Patrick wouldn’t let us go before trying the very dish that made the name Damansara Village famous – the Pulau Ketam style steamboat (RM 18.80 per portion) with additional Chinese herbs (RM 12)

Other than the typical servings of fish ball, dumplings, meatballs, mussels, vegetable, tofu skin, and so on, we also added flower crab to flavor the soup, and some live shrimps (RM 23 for 300g). As full as I was, I couldn’t help but to devour a few more of those oh-so-yummy shrimps. This is a must order add-on.

patrick teoh and the food bloggers at damansara village
patrick teoh and the food bloggers at damansara village

After the excellent dinner, we hanged out till way past closing time and had a pretty good time with Patrick and the gang that includes Gareth, Kim, Suan, Reta, FA, Huey Fang, Sue Lynn, Eiling, Yiling, Cumi&Ciki, Meena, and more.

The food was honestly better than I had anticipated, and I think I’ll be bringing mom to the new outlet next year!

map to damansara village at Imbi

map to damansara village at Imbi

Damansara Village at Imbi
32, Jalan Utara, Off Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.144715, 101.717166
Tel: 03-2141 1678

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  2. Ooo I didn’t know Patrick Teoh is one of the owners!

    And the bamboo clams look gooodddd

  3. mch of all the photos you can take and post, you take and post one of me eating like ahlian

  4. Like to “da pin lou” there too…one of the best cuz they serve fresh seafood but the only thing is they don’t serve pork! I like pork balls at their branch located at Damansara Jaya…they serve it now??? cuz i saw pork knuckle

  5. foodcrazee

    looks like a brand new palce for me to bring my guest to for dinner. Can ask Patrick if we can get discount for company’s entertaining guests for makan?

  6. nekomeow

    All da food was GOOD~ noms noms~ ^_^
    Thankss again~ feel like going again really soon~

  7. it’s a bad idea to see this when i’m hungry. 0.0 =)

  8. Mellissa,
    All KYs should look like that when they’re 60+ 😛

    now you do! 😀

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    Now they have pork at Imbi!

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  11. Yiling,
    Hehehehe, suanie is impossible to please! :X

    if I put the ppl big, they’ll complain about being fat! :X

  12. very nice pictures. I jeles!

  13. eiling,
    why jeles!? buy gears! hahaha

  14. How come only got picture of my shoulder? >.<

    Food was good…I especially loved the clams and steamboat!

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    you were elusive! 😛

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    I wanted to post the photo of the 2 of us and caption it “2 smooth characters. KY & KY” but thought it was too obvious. LOL….

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    Awww I look so cute. LOL. Good dinner (thank you, Patrick Teoh!!). Good company too!

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