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If you told me I’ll be among the “top” bloggers when I started this little blog five years ago, I’ll call you crazy. And if you are from the future (like Time Traveler’s Wife) and told me there’ll be this thing called Project Alpha and I’d be in season 2, I’d have laughed so hard I’d die instantly, much like Martin of Aragon.

project alpha season 2

The good thing about this version of reality we’re in is that time machine is very much confined to science fiction, and truth itself is often stranger than stories the best script writer could conjure up.

So yah, together with my fellow porkgang member Cheesie and Shaolintiger, proper celebrity Azwan Ali, pretty boy Niki Cheong, yoga instructor Ninie Ahmad, and Joe Lee, yours truly is in Project Alpha season 2. *bow*

KY's project alpha photoshoot

Life is ridiculous like that, and thus for the photo shoot of Project Alpha season 2, the make up artists gave me a ridiculous hairstyle that’s been described as.. *ahem* “Korean pop star” look. Don’t think I’ll ever get used to it, I’ll just keep my hair messy and free of combing as usual TQVM 😀

project alpha launch at the curve
Jojo working the camera, and the Project Alpha season 2 casts + sponsors

Cheesie, ST (with Kim) and I had our session shot with Jojo and the crew at Lost World of Tambun earlier in the year (will blog about the trip soon). It was a fun and exciting experience, being in front of the camera with half a dozen crew working behind it isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do.

But here we are, it is done, and Project Alpha season 2 is coming on the 19th April! Very soon now!

project alpha season 2 launch

Last Wednesday the show is officially kicked off! We had a press conference and screening at Cineleisure with all the cast (except Cheesie who’s in Japan) and sponsors. Gareth and I were pulled aside for an interview with Nanyang daily too, though the mat salleh can’t exactly speak in Mandarin.

At the same time, the trailer is launched and will be on big screen before movies this whole month at Cineleisure too!

Check out for more videos that are coming, and if you’re on twitter, follow #ProjectAlpha hashtag too.

Life just got more exciting! 😀

Project Alpha season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 as well as MAS.

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  1. Niki Cheong

    Korean Pop Star?

    OMG it’s KYspeaks! *hyperventilates*

  2. i believe the term audrey used for your hair and huaibin’s was ‘gay tvb star’ HAHAHAHA

    my possibly long-lost cousin is gonna be a TV star wooohooooo

  3. Niki Cheong

    OMG! It’s gay TV star! 😛


  4. wow someone is famous! the next time im at the cinema, i could at least say… hey i know this guy (from the commercial time, not movies hehe)

  5. future star edy la..congrat

  6. foodcrazee

    told ya u r femes. . .and i do like ur usual hairstyle. The project’s hairstyles makes u looks like a nerd

  7. Niki,
    Cis!!! hahaha

    wtf! 😛

    hahaha fehmes my butt 😛

    Hahaha i wish, but thanks thanks 😀

    hahahah well thank you! 😀

  8. Wah! KY wears super dry t-shirt! Veli nais! From Tangs ar? hohoho

  9. 63T,
    thank you, yah from Tangs, when I had the vouchers. Else couldn’t afford. hehe

  10. Wah KY fehmes-nya, and all styled up! Naiss..

  11. i just realised that KIM looks like reese witherspoon! (does anyone tell her that?!) hehe

  12. eiling,
    hahaha thank you thank you, now get back to work! hahahaha

    that’s the first impression I got from her, reese witherspoon! but with her new glasses she looks like chicken little! kekeke

  13. like TVB la hahahahaahahah the kind of TVB star that hosts game shows where people have to do stupid tasks 😛

  14. aud,
    Hahha yah aud pls come to my game show, I will make you jump and eat wasabi!

  15. hair of the day!! all male blogger get the same haircut !!

  16. congrats on being on Project Alpha 2. I’m sure connections with Nuffnang made the unthinkable appear faster! haha..

    looking forward to it! =)

  17. algin,
    Hahahah wtf! lol

    connections are important! hahahahah

  18. Congratz~ hmm, so if I say you’re among the top bloggers now, would you still call me “krazy”? XD

  19. Congrats! Looking forward for the 1st episdode next week. Can’t wait to see someone fehmes!

  20. aizuddin

    gud luck!!

  21. kRaZy,
    hahaha if that’s your name!

    Thank you thank you, by fehmes you mean Azwan Ali! lol 😛

    Thank you very much 😀

  22. KY, da hairstyle suites u la 😀

  23. Well, good luck and hope you have lots and lots of fun! 🙂

  24. You better start combing your hair before you lose them!

    can’t wait to watch Project Alpha when it’s live. Kudos to Adidas Action 3, P1 Wimax and MAS!

  25. jolene,
    you’re far too kind 😀

    THanks! will do 😀

    Speak like a true botak guy. 😛

  26. Lyrical Lemongrass

    You deserve it. 🙂 Eek…am I saying something nice to you?!

  27. Lyrical Lemongrass,
    heheeh thanks thanks *hugs* 😀

  28. congrats bro!!!
    hard works pay off eventually 🙂 keep up the good work!

  29. oh yar hor.. how rude of me to log on and tok about kim.. CONGRATS KY!!! LOL

  30. Leo,
    Thanks thanks. 😀

    Hahahah, *hugs*!

  31. u look great in those shots, u shud so keep that hairstyle 🙂

  32. richysam

    Wahhhhh…. Need to get your autograph at work tomorrow while it’s still affordable!!! What channel is it on on the TV?

  33. Kiran Kreer

    Congrate… waiting for new updates

  34. aahhh.. so jealous!! >.<

    great photos!

  35. clokey,
    THanks thanks, you’re a liar!? 😛 hahahaha

    Haha it’ll be on HITZ TV i think, but mostly online. 🙂

    Kiran Kreer,
    Stay tuned!

    oh you’re too kind!

  36. KY, you are definitely very famous that nite coz I was there and NO way did I get the chance to be photographed with YOU.. so busy you!

  37. Merryn,
    hahaha no la don’t say that! 😛

  38. hey i think the hairstyle looks good on you. make you look younger and more trendy. 😛

  39. ashley,
    haha you’re far too kind 😀

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