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Whenever I need to fill up my stomach quick and on the go, the default is always a Snickers bar. It is a habit that I have since college days.

sneakers bar
Snickers! πŸ˜€

Not only this condense pack of energy is really convenient, it also tastes awesome. Caramel and plenty of roasted peanut resting on a bed of soft nougat wrapped around with delicious milk chocolate. The distinct sweet and slightly salty flavor is the yums!

Snickers bars are also perfect for traveling, especially to somewhere remote. It’s always wise to keep a few bars in the luggage for the late night hunger attacks when you’re at somewhere without a convenient store or room service.

sneakers game prize

Anyway, Snickers is now having an online game called “Hungry for Football” atΒ And as with any contests, lets start out by looking at the prizes:

  • 5 weekly winners – iPod touch
  • 3 grand prize winners – Sony PSP

Pretty good if you ask me! There’s no need to send in any receipts or use any codes found on Snickers packaging to enter, simply go to the website, register yourself, and start playing!

sneakers online game
the Snickers “Hungry for Football” online game

The game is actually pretty simple. First type the highlighted letter that spells out SNICKERS, and when the energy bar on the right hits maximum, press on space bar to score goal (avoid the goal keeper!). Go through 3 rounds and score them all as fast as you can to get the highest score. Rinse and repeat.

Good luck folks, now head to and do it already. πŸ˜€

Discuss : Snickers for the tummy, not the feet!

  1. the pic of you indulging in the snickers bar is LOLOL

  2. kakaka,
    hahaha thankyouverymuch πŸ˜›

  3. I remember when I was younger I could indulge in as many Snickers and/or Kit Kat bars as I wanted without gaining any weight…
    … SIGH

  4. J,
    hahahaha then what happened?! πŸ˜›

  5. Then I got older and my metabolism took a nosedive! *wail*

    (Hahaha… Oh well, what to do? Now I’m still in the process of working off the excess fatssss I accidentally put on before I realised what happened to my metabolism…. )

  6. J,
    hahaha “accidentally”! and don’t complain about “old” cos I’m like… OLDER!

  7. Tan Yee Hou

    Snickers is awesome but somehow I don’t quite like nuts unfortunately πŸ™

  8. JolynGoh

    you enjoying snickers pic very hou yao feeling o… XD

  9. Tan Yee Hou,
    You are nuts!

    Hehe cos I was!

  10. i could use some rite now… but not for the tummy; for the boobs! lol

  11. Tey Cindy,
    Hahaha you don’t need any more!

  12. Always like sneakers but my diet currently don’t allow me to take peanuts, what a shame!

  13. snickers is the perfect companion when I was studying in University last time πŸ™‚
    something to fill the stomach in case I have no time for proper meal

  14. JD,
    Hahaha why not! why so tragic!?

    yeah, between classes, damn best

  15. your expression priceless! Haha, i dont like chocolate

  16. Gout attacks. So no seafood, no beans, no nuts…at the list goes on…

  17. Jess,
    Hehehe why! why u so weird! πŸ˜›

    ah that sucks!

  18. you didn’t even have to say laugh i laugh at your pic already hahahaha

  19. aud,
    Hhahahaha you’re terrible audrey!

  20. There was once in my secondary school days i was so addicted to it until it became my 3 meals. My mum had to stop giving me allowance and cook everyday lol.

  21. kelvin,
    Hahahah 3 meals quite hardcore. lol.

  22. Snickers are the best snacks!

  23. patrick teoh

    It’s sneakers for the feet and snickers for the mouth. Isn’t it?

  24. Hanie,
    yes! πŸ˜€

    patrick teoh,
    don’t be a spelling nazi now πŸ˜›

  25. I tend to chomp on snickers too. It gives me a quick sugar fix and it’s awesome in brownies! ;D

  26. snickers rox!! nom nom nom

  27. u look so cute.. so much “FEELING” eating that bar.. poor thing πŸ˜› LOL

  28. Bangsar-bAbE,
    yeah, sugar rush! πŸ˜€


    you’re cuter! πŸ˜€

  29. i beg to differ!!! Fidani FTW!

  30. Christine

    ky, so now u must have a lot of lunch money. when can u buy me lunch ? πŸ˜›

  31. eiling,
    blah only cos you work there!

    hahaha come!

  32. ReiTheNinja

    Ooh! Me loves snickers too! Sadly, I haven’t eaten one in a LONG time…:-(

  33. ReiTeheNinja,
    Ah, go to 7-11 and get some! πŸ˜€

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