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How many times have you gone up to Genting Highland, had all the fun with the less than thrilling rides, the cooling air, and losing money to the late Uncle Lim, just to be disappointed with the dining options at the end? (they’re usually either lousy, or too expensive).

Most of the time, I avoid this by stopping over at Hock Lay, Ulu Yam, or just give up and get something fast from Mary Brown since paying extra for McD and KFC just doesn’t seem right. I know, I know, Mary Brown is cheaper at Pudu, but they get preferential treatment since they are local.

Qui Lin seafood restaurant
Qui Lin Seafood Restaurant at Gohtong Jaya, Genting Highland

And then there’s Gohtong Jaya. I used to think that at half way to Genting, the restaurants at this area must be slaughter houses like those on top of the mountain. I couldn’t be more wrong, this is actually the place where people who lives in Genting goes to eat, and the price is actually more than reasonable.

That was from the sample size of 2 places I had been, and lets look at one of them here: Qui Lin Seafood Restaurant

wild boar curry and clay pot seafood
wild boar curry and clay pot seafood

We chose to eat here since Kim’s dad (who used to run a restaurant) gave his approval. The 8 of us went up to Genting several weeks ago, and we stopped by Gohtong Jaya for a late dinner. Six of us were eating, and we ordered 4 pretty diverse dishes to go with rice.

The wild boar curry – a little bit gamy but perfect for curry. I guess curry isn’t exactly a traditional way to prepare pork, but they do it pretty well here, you have to avoid biting those chili padi though. *slurps*

Funny how a restaurant located 920 meter above sea level offers seafood, but that is exactly what happens here. Our clay pot seafood was an amazing dish, with plenty of sea cucumber, clams, mushrooms, prawns, peas, and fish maws in a very fragrant and addictive broth. I loved it!

vegetable, salted fish with egg plant
vegetable, salted fish with egg plant, and #porkgang

Another dish that I would positively recommend is the clay pot egg plant with salted fish (brinjal, aubergine, whatever you wanna call it). This unorthodox combination turned out to be very good, a bit salty, a bit sweet, and really yummy.

Then of course, we ordered a plate of vegetable for the color and a false sense of a complete healthy meal. It was decent, and the vegetable’s probably planted nearby.

Gohtong Jaya map

The dinner for 6 (Kim and Gareth was on diet), came to RM 88, or less than RM 15 per pax. Now who said you can’t get cheap and decent meal near Genting?

Qui Lin Seafood Restaurant
No. 58 Jalan Jati 1,
Taman Gohtong Jaya
Genting Highland
69000 Pahang
GPS: 3.394413,101.769061
Tel: 019-321 3609

After a lot of hard work updating all the reviewed places (over 346 locations and counting) on google map, a bit of tinkering with the feed map programmed by Sheryl, here I present you with the first version of searchable food map on kyspeaks!

The page is located at and also accessible by clicking the “searchable food map” banner on the right.

Update 2019: this isn’t relevant in the modern time so I’ve stopped updating it.

KYspeaks food map of Malaysia
landing page of the kyspeaks searchable food map

There are several features on this map that makes it pretty awesome

  • zoom in & out, pan, and do whatever as you would, since it is google map
  • clicking on little icon and a link to the post with a thumbnail pops up
  • click on the link brings you to the review I did on this blog
  • you can search on the top left corner too, and only results from the current view (say, ss2) is shown

kyspeaks food map
zoomed into ss2, and here are all the places I reviewed

The map is not perfect, the way it looks right now isn’t exactly consistent with the blog theme, and there are still features (like routing, category, etc) to be added, but it is a start.

Check out now!

Suggestions are welcomed. 🙂


A few days ago, I decided to head up to Bandar Seri Damansara to join Kim and Gareth for dinner. I usually avoid going there in the evening, but since Kim tempted me with the promise of “very good pork tripe soup“, I made an exception that ultimately proved to be the correct decision.

UPDATE 18/10/2010: unfortunately the uncle’s retired…

restaurant matahari at bandar seri damansara
Kedai Kopi Matahari with pork innards soup at night!

Kedai Kopi Matahari is arguably the biggest and busiest kopitiam this side of Bandar Seri Damansara, there’s about a dozen different hawker stalls with most of them serving different foods in morning/afternoon and evening/night sessions.

As fate would have it, our table happened to be situated right next to the stall I was most interested – “lou yau kei” (老友记) – serving braised or soup version of pork innards + meat + yam rice.

pork innards soup, with yam rice
braised or boiled, pork innards for your picking, yam rice too

I went to the cheerful uncle at the stall and ordered a bowl of soup with everything in. 10 minutes later what I got in front of me, for mere RM 9, was a bowl of very fragrant and peppery soup with plenty of coagulated blood, 3-layer pork, tripes, intestine, and something that looked & tasted like pork tongue. It was delicious!

The accompanying yam rice was very good too, with plenty of yam cubes to chew.  The dinner turned out to be much better than I had anticipated, the availability of coagulated blood really made my day.

Kim, KY, Gareth, Kerol
Kim, KY, Gareth, and Kerol

Kim also swore by the curry mee at the same restaurant, Gareth and Kerol too were happy with their Hokkien mee and wantan mee. I should return to the same restaurant and try out other dishes, there’s even laksa sarawak in morning/afternoon session, intriguing.

cum for RM 1.60
this isn’t something I would order though – Cum for RM 1.60

I also spotted this interesting drinks at Kedai Kopi Matahari, Cum selling for RM 1.60. Don’t think I’ll be ordering that. :S

map of bandar seri damansara

Restaurant Matahari,
Jalan Tanjung SD 13/1
Bandar Seri Damansara

GPS: 3.186665, 101.605843

Taman Paramount is one of my favorite locations for dinner for the simple fact that it is pretty close to where I stay, and it doesn’t hurt that the area (including seapark and ss2) is littered with a lot of good old fashion eateries.

One one of our routine “what should we eat for dinner, how about just drive around till we find something?” exercise, we spotted this newly opened clay pot rice place that looked pretty decent, and thus decided to check it out.

Restaurant Gafan at Taman Paramount
Restaurant Gafan – the clay pot rice specialist

As it turned out, this Restaurant Gafan is a branch of the much reviewed clay pot chicken rice with the same name in Taman Connaught. If it’s good enough for masak-masak , it’s good enough for me.

The restaurant has a pretty basic kopitiam style set up, with plastic tables and chairs under plenty of ceiling fans.

clay pot chicken rice
clay pot chicken rice with lap cheong & salted fish, or fermented tofu

There’s 10 types of clay pot rice on the menu, 6 of them with chicken, remaining four with lamb, prawn, beef, and fish. They also offer a few types of vegetable, soup, and tofu to go with the main course.

I tried the basic clay pot chicken rice with lap cheong (with addition of salted fish) and also chicken with fermented tofu at this place, and so far both versions came out rather good (RM 7-10 per serving). I also like the fact that they give you a tower  towel to hold the super hot clay pot.

kerol and KY
Kerol’s enjoying her clay pot chicken rice, and so was I!

Do try the steamed soup (RM 4) here too. They are quite delicious, and sipping soup makes waiting for the freshly cooked clay pot rice a lot less boring.

Business is still pretty slow (at least at dinner time) but I do hope this place stays. Other clay pot chicken rice worth checking out includes Hong Kee at Petaling Street, Busy Corner and Khoon Kee at DJ, and Veng Soon at Old Town.

map to restaurant gafan

Restaurant Gafan
No. 11, Jalan 20/13
Paramount Garden,
46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS: 3.106096, 101.625338
Tel: 017-608 3228

Oly is artistic!

April 21, 2010 41 Comments

One very nifty feature of Olympus PEN E-PL1 that I reviewed just a while back is this ART filter function. Basically with this function, you completely remove the need for Photoshop at least 95% of the time. All the sample photos shown are straight out of the camera without any post processing. Efficiency!

the art filter function on Olympus PEN E-PL1

Let me explain!

Switch the dial to ART mode on the camera, and immediately you are presented with the screen that looks like the above. Using the up/down button, choose the desire ART filter, click OK, and start shooting like normal. The photos will turn out dramatically different from the usual way.

100% Arabica – sepia filter

There are six different art filters to choose from. The above was shot using the Sepia filter to give it a bit of a rustic look.

making a living – pin hole filter

One of my favorites would be the pin hole filter. Some might view the on-purpose vignetting a cheap way to make photos looking artistic. To me, if it looks good, why not? I love it.

olympus pin hole filter
Pulau Tenggol, 2010

Here’s another pin hole effect, on the left is without filter, and on the right you can clearly see the dramatic effect.

The plus point is that you can set the camera to record both original jpeg as well as jpeg with art filter at the same time. Of course, there’s always the RAW + jpeg format too if you want to retain even greater control.

toy city – diorama filter

The diorama filter effect is kinda cute, taking from an elevated vantage point, you can make the scenery looking as if it’s a scaled model, very cool.

daily commute – grainy film

I kinda like the grainy film filter too. I tend to shoot quite a lot of street photos (when I’m not shooting food, that is), and the B&W shots it generates works pretty well. Very usable.

olympus grainy film filter
after dive relaxation at Tenggol

The smaller size is a huge advantage when doing street photography, unlike a huge SLR, this isn’t as imposing and people tend to not notice it as much. Not to mention the lighter camera won’t strain your arms nearly as much.

jaclyn – soft focus

I have a feeling that the soft focus filter will be girls’ best friend. Not that Jaclyn isn’t a hot chick, but the filter just make post processing completely irrelevant in this case. Nice kan? 😀

There’s also the pop art filter that makes colors really stand out, think balloon party.

olympus pen e-pl1 pop art filter
pop art filter with lord of the rings!

Lacking a chance to attend any party lately, here’s a demonstration of the pop art filter effects with Lord of the Rings midget figures. You can see the amplified color saturation in this filter to make bright colors stand out more.

olympus e-pl1 art filters

Here’s four different types of art filter and their amazing effects in a nice little collage to sum it up! Pretty cool isn’t it?

Oh! and these function works on VIDEO mode too!  Check out this little video demo that I made while at Tenggol island.

There’s a slow motion effect with PIN hole, and a fast forward effect on Diorama filter when you apply them on video mode. The others will be running at normal speed, makes for pretty cool video, no?

I absolutely love this function, put post processing to bare minimum, saves time, and be artistic! 😀

If you’re thinking of getting this baby, do also check out the Evolve contest for a chance to win an Olympus PEN E-PL1! The contest runs until end of April, 2010. Check out for more!

this post is brought to you by the awesomesauce Olympus Pen E-PL1