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Three dives at Tenggol on the first day, and three done today on the second day. Hopefully able to get a few more in before heading back to reality tomorrow.

It’s been fantastic! Sun, sea, surf, and plenty of tranquil underwater moment

Wish you guys are here!

Discuss : from Tenggol with love!

  1. Nice! I wish I was on vacation now too…sun, sea, surf and diving! 🙂

  2. Huai Bin,
    But you’ve had plenty of vacations yourself 😉

  3. Can’t wait for my next beach holiday, probably another half a year.

  4. dammit ihatechu =(

  5. JD,
    But diving season would be almost over by then!


  6. wah and u just got back from sipadan. jealous!

  7. Yiling,
    That was almost 2 months ago hehehe

  8. wah you ar.. i thot u just got back? u’ll be walking with sea legs constantly eh, even in the office 😛

  9. cumidanciki,
    Haha my last trip was almost 2 months back!

  10. Hope Bali is good.

  11. wished I was there! so jeles

  12. Simon Seow,
    I’m sure it will be. 😉

    yahhh come come 😛

  13. Christine

    ky, why is ur post so short? i want to read lengthy entry with many pics! hehehehee

  14. Christine,
    soon i will, this post was written on the blackberry!

  15. KY,

    maybe you can get an underwater casing for your blackberry


  16. Claire,
    Hahahah I wish! 😛

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