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A couple weeks ago, in the post on char kueh teow at New Yee Sang, Kelana Jaya, a reader by the handler gracieq left a comment that she usually gets her CKT fix at a mamak restaurant near Wisma FAM. That made me very curious, at a mamak restaurant? Char Kueh Teow? Is it even possible?

Glorious char kueh teow

CuriosityΒ got the better of me, a few days ago I did a bit of research and found that boolicious from masak-masak gave very good review about this CKT stall at Restaurant Jamal Mohamed. If it’s good enough for boo, it is good enough for me.

I took my camera and went hunting alone for this impossible restaurant. I consulted google map, it’s actually less than 5 mins away from where I stay, how could I have missed it all these while?

Restaurant Jamal Mohamed with Penang Char Kueh Teow by fat aunty

Unlike most mamak outfits where the owners run everything, restaurant Jamal Mohamed is set up much like most Chinese kopitiam. There are at least half a dozen stalls operated by individual owners.

Sure enough I found what I was looking for. A char kueh teow stall operated by the famous “Fat Aunty”, with a label that simply states “Penang”

char kueh teow at restaurant jamal mohamed
income tax department could perhaps count the eggs…

Despite the brisk business, I was still a bit skeptical. This is a mamak restaurant after all.Β My fingers started to twitch, what if this was all a big mistake?

Then the Char Kueh Teow came. It looked unassuming. I picked up the chopsticks and carefully delivered a small portion into my mouth.

Noms.. noms.. noms…..

Oh boy, the CKT had plenty of umph, it was wet, it was flavorful, and it had everything (sans the super huge prawns only found in Penang) a CKT suppose to have. It was very delicious. I was over the moon.

The best RM4 spent in 2010.

map to restaurant jamal mohamed, near wisma FAM

After my meal, I chatted up with the Fat Aunty for a bit. I found out that like me, she hailed from Penang. We conversed in Hokkien, at the restaurant with Indian, Chinese, Malay, and more enjoying their lunch in a hot afternoon. It felt good, I was happy, this is truly Malaysia.

Restoran Jamal Mohamed
24, Jalan SS5A/9
Kelana Jaya

GPS: 3.095372, 101.605484

Discuss : Char Kueh Teow at Restaurant Jamal Mohamed, Kelana Jaya

  1. ericyong77

    this is THE best place to get ur HALAL char kueh teow…

    damn famous wan, been there for like 15 years at least! used to be at the other corner, until the landlords decided to increase rent like 3 folds cos they see the business superpacked!

    Go try this place but make sure u r willing to wait… at some random times, i’ve seen ppl come n order 100 packs or 200 packs tapao before…

  2. ericyong77,
    I agree, damn good!

  3. kimberlycun

    i wanna try +hum!

  4. now u spread the curiousity over to me. definitely curious cause ckt is the first dish i gobble whenever i hit home to pg

  5. kimberlycun,
    make it happen!

    Yah, this one’s well worth it. πŸ˜€

  6. Yah it’s good, especially for halal I was actually surprised.

  7. Looks very very good! And it doesn’t “look halal” with the wetness and grease all over the done CKT! ahhhh, I’m hungry! can’t wait for lunch time!

  8. used to go New Yee Sang for CKT when I stay at KJ last time but never heard about this CKT at the mamak

  9. yes, boo really finds the best eats.. KYspeaks as well! you both are my reference points of great streetfood:D happy friday. TGIF .. !

  10. Haze Long

    why so many char keow teow reviews one!!!!!!! 3 pages each got one!!!

  11. Yea, this won the FriedChillies Best CKT award last yr. But but.. I havent tried it ! LOL

  12. Now you got me craving. I had to glance and scrutinize the pics, for a Chinese CKT in a Malay shop sounds odd.

  13. SholinTiger,
    yah, me too!

    Chef Mel,
    make it happen! πŸ˜€

    Yaa I thought New Yee Sang was the best around here until this one.

    hehe thanks thanks. πŸ˜›

    Haze Long,
    cos I love ckt! πŸ˜€

    True true! πŸ˜€

    very odd isn’t it? muhibah!

  14. Ah, another good porkless CKT. Nice big prawn there.

  15. waa! aunty must’ve been practicing her cooking a lot.

  16. wah piang make me so hungy this si ham post LOL!

  17. Simon Seow,
    Yesss! πŸ˜€

    Yah, many many years already!

    oOo you’re a si ham fan? πŸ˜€

  18. foodcrazee

    #porkgang makan halal kuay teow??? wow!

  19. foodcrazee,
    I don’t discriminate ok, dog oso I will probably eat :X

  20. So is it wet type or dry type of CKT? Looks really good though.

  21. JD,
    It looked wet, it tasted wet, it is good!

  22. LoL. Glad you tried it out. She was actually featured in NTV7’s The Breakfast Show a few years back, which was how I found my CKT fix!

  23. gracieq,
    thanks to you! πŸ˜€

  24. Yea, my dad loves to go there…
    he keeps on telling me tat its very geng bcoz it is halal eventhough we r not a muslim…haha

  25. Jesse,
    Ya damn right πŸ˜€

  26. haha… I was loling at the fat aunty description. I think obese fits the pic! I won’t wanna eat CKT if not I’ll become like that!

  27. […] Foodies in KL, here’s a food review by a local blogger on the CKT I had. Interesting experience to be having CKT at a mamak […]

  28. curiousdude

    hey guys… question… is this place open on sundays?…

  29. foodcrazee

    dogs? if u does tht . . .1/2 the #porkgang will kill ya. . . lolz

  30. hi,

    your blog is done to perfection – writing, pictures, layouts…but i can’t understand why you don’t improve on ur maps! sorry but i just reeeeally can’t figure out where to go from ur doodles; it’s so vague and confusing! you could just post up a google map page for directions at the bottom, it’ll definitely help this site!

  31. I think ive been visiting this stall for a good 20 years or so.. Her business has ALWAYS been crazy ever since i was a kid. I used to live just across the road from where her old stall use to be.. Ah this brings back memories and ill go back there again soon..

  32. eiling,
    hahaha, chill, don’t need to eat everyday. πŸ˜›

    πŸ˜› who knows

    hehe thanks thanks, but I’ll keep the map as is, GPS location is given yaa, just pop over to google map and paste that in. πŸ˜€

    waaa 20 yrs is a long time!

  33. Online Boutique

    wao….the picture looks so delicious. Never thought that PJ there also got tasty char kuey teow…I always thought PG has the best one.. I must go there to try the next time I go KL….

  34. Online Boutique,
    Yah i had my fair share of doubts at first too

  35. Shamsul Amry

    This is the place that I mentioned.

    After reading your post of the other KJ CKT.

  36. Shamsul,
    Yes I remember bro πŸ˜€

  37. What is her business hour?? Normally I finished my work at 7am. Thought wanna eat Kiew Tiao after finished my work

  38. Caleb,
    I’m not quite sure, I usually go in the afternoon. I think they start from breakfast but not sure as early as 7am or not.

  39. You shud also try the curry mee at this restaurant. Yummyy

  40. gc,
    thanks for the tips!

  41. […] you can find pretty decent char kueh teow (aunty gemuk at Kelana Jaya, Seng Lee at Damansara Height), and behind and prawn mee (such as this one at Yon Lee, TTDI) in […]

  42. snowybabie

    so long din go back pg, very ngien wanna eat CKT, beria-ia went there just now but…

    haizzz…. very very VERY disappointed ah πŸ™

    maybe i too high expectation liao?

    u know any place else in PJ with the REAL PENANG CKT bo?

  43. snowybabie,
    haha i think your expectation’s way too high, let me know when you find something better, I craving toooo!

  44. KY have you tried Kuey Teow Goreng Lau Wan? It’s situated at Restoran Jaya (behind Restoran Syed) in Kelana Jaya. Nice ckt! Go and try it! Open at nights only.

  45. […] Jaya is situated a stone’s throw away from the slightly more famous Aunty Gemuk CKT at restaurant Jamal Muhammad, another halal CKT operated by Chinese stall owner in a Muslim restaurant. 1Malaysia, my […]

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