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I am KY and I’m a gadget junkie.

I have 6 phones, 3 cameras, 4 watches, 2 desktops, and a life so entrenched in technology it is bordering lunacy. The latest shiny toy that I have with me, thanks to Kim, is a review unit of the Garmin-Asus nüvifone M10.

Garmin Asus nüvifone M10

I must be one of the earliest adopters of GPS devices. Back in 2002 I bought a usb GPS receiver, hooked it up on my laptop and drove around Northern Virginia. There were no routing program I could use back then, just a little moving dot on the map showing where I was.

I felt like James Bond, the concoction was as cool as it was impractical.

Fast forward to 2010, enter the Nuvifone M10.

Nuvifone M10 in action, a true road warrior

In essence, this is the same solution in 2002 shrunk to a little device not larger than any ordinary smart phones. Running Windows Mobile 6.5.3 Professional with full featured Garmin GPS.

Flip it around (actually works in portrait mode too) to landscape mode, search or input your destination, click a button, and viola! The phone is now a true blue GPS device.

The Garmin GPS is definitely not stripped down mobile version found in some other phones. It is turn-by-turn navigation that actually speaks out the road names, and there’s even junction view too.

Since it’s a Nuvifone designed to move you, locking on GPS is a snap. I can’t tell you how many times I actually need to stop the car and wait for GPS on my other phones to lock, no such problem with this nifty little thing.

The car kit for M10 is pretty smartly designed. I like how the power cable is connected to the kit so when you remove the phone from the kit there’s no need for the extra step to take off the cable.

the bright 3.5″ screen

The 3.5 WVGA display is bright and very refined. With 800 x 480 pixels, it is actually very useful to browse most websites without having to scroll side to side especially when you use it in landscape mode.

For the workaholics, there’s also Office Mobile with the familiar Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote.

mini keyboard and wireless manager

When I first lay these fingers on Windows Mobile, it was on a Sharp PDA with a built in 36 kbps modem (to hook up with an actual phone line!) running on Windows CE 2.0. It didn’t have colors, it was sluggish, sucks battery faster than little kids with on lollipops, and downright impractical. Of course, that was something like 1999.

Actually even just a few years back working with Windows Mobile 2003 and version 5, I wasn’t impressed. However, with version 6.5, I think Microsoft has finally gotten it right. The UI is much cleaner, sleeker, and finally very usable. The touch interface is very responsive too.

sample photo shot with the M10

The M10 comes with a 5 megapixel camera that takes pretty good photos, just about the only qualm I have with this phone is the lack of flash (just like iPhone). Fortunately, the sensor managed to do pretty well even in pretty low light condition. The above photo is taken straight out of the camera at KLCC during night time when it wasn’t brightly lit.

I hooked up the phone on my work laptop running Windows 7 trying to download the photos, and within a few minutes this little applet showed up – Windows Mobile Device Center. At the end of the day, mobile phones running Windows Mobile is going to beat any other platform when you pair it up with a Windows machine.

Here you can download/transfer photos, music, video, change device setting, install programs, etc etc. Pretty cool, I didn’t even insert the CD to the laptop and all this was done automatically.

The Garmin-Asus nuvifone M10 will be released on the 25th of March, and I’ve heard that it’s gonna be priced below RM 1.8k.

I think this is unquestionably the #1 choice if you’re looking for a GPS phone, nothing I’ve tried came close to it, unless you prefer to have a 14″ laptop in your car…

Discuss : Garmin Asus M10, the GPS phone that wants to go places

  1. kimberlycun

    told u it’s awesome. haha

  2. Yah it’s a nifty device, a lot of ppl are caught between buying a smartphone with GPS or buying a cheaper phone and a dedicated Garmin unit.

    This solves their quandry, get both at the same time in 1 device!

  3. but seriously do you need 6 phones ? Hehe 6 gfs would be a better choice, you can take a break on Sunday !

  4. kimberlycun,

    yah, perfect combination!

    good idea, I shall think about that one. lol

  5. 6 phones, 3 cameras, 4 watches, 2 desktops???

    That’s a lot man…. 🙂

  6. J,
    Hehehe yes 😛

  7. I wonder what kind of pants you wear that has 6 pockets for your phones. I could guess where the watches would go though. hands and legs. 😛

    How’s the GPS reception compared to a dedicated Garmin?

  8. CincauHangus,
    Hahaha, I usually only carry 1-2 laa. GPS reception’s actually very good!

  9. kimberlycun

    cincauhangus: the GPS reception is on par with a dedicated device 🙂

  10. foodcrazee

    kewl . .just what we needed as a marketing personnel. . .damn.

  11. show off…. =..=
    I need a GPS… how about you give me this Asus-Garmin?? 😀

    p/s: don’t answer me “how about NO!” hehehe…

  12. kimberlycun,
    yess, very true

    dunch u have gps oledi? 😛

    Hahha yah, get one 😛 why damn? hehe

    how about you buy one yourself? 😛

  13. So do you get to keep this too? Anyway, nice phone, but I’m still loving my BB, maybe just a GPS lar.

  14. JD,
    Yah it’s hard to separate from BB, but if you’re looking for a GPS+phone combination, this is the one to go

  15. Yesss… you’re a gadget freak! I saw that phone review at Ciki’s blog. I want one too!

  16. eiling,
    Hehehe yes! buy it make it happen!

  17. wow, talking map! i need it in my car, but my car is too old, it won’t look good…

  18. lb,
    you can use it in your daughter’s car, heehee

  19. nice phone ! but how’s d battery life?

  20. very cool write up KY. you’ve covered all the bases.. like garmin should pay u 😛

  21. mica,
    so far it’s pretty decent, haven’t used it till it runs flat though

    hahaha likewise hot one!

  22. Hmm, wasn’t there another Garmin Asus phone being launched at the same time as the M10? The A50, was it?

    Shame the current WinMo devices can’t update to WP7S, ay?

  23. KY,

    wah lau eh… 6 phones ar?.. so rich ar u

  24. foodcrazee

    DAMN as in cant afford. . . .

  25. Yeah, I like the GPS too – the road names is very nifty.

  26. Keen,
    I think this is the first one with Garmin-Asus, previous ones were just garmin, or just asus.

    Hehehe no lah not rich ok!

    you can, sure you can. 😀

    Huai Bin,
    Yah, except for the accent. lol

  27. ivan khong

    i am a firm believer in GPS. i cant live without my Garmin. The Garmin M10 is way cooler than the BB or the iPhone, imho.

  28. Kimberlycun

    Ivan: I agree with u hehehehe

  29. ivan khong,
    hahaha, very different type of device, why not have all 3? 😛


  30. Waaaaa….6 phones? Now I don’t even own one. =_=

    I’ll take this into consideration. Still deciding on what phone to buy. But I definitely need one with GPS. 😉

  31. Bangsar-bAbE,
    time to get the bf to sponsor one, or three. and get a BB! 😀

  32. Jay Yang

    Does the GPS work for those that are on the ground walking about finding for places to dine / shop / etc?

  33. Anyone know where to order this phone?

  34. Jay Yang,
    yah it does!

    I think they’re on sale already, pretty much from any handphone places, try lowyat or digital mall. 🙂

  35. DeadSoul

    I tried looking at Tropicana City Mall the other day.. it seems like no one’s even heard of this phone =( Is it really THAT good, KY? I’m still in doubts la since the features are better than HTC and others, yet cheaper at 1.5k!!

  36. DeadSoul,
    yah it’s pretty good, and when it comes to GPS function it really excels. I think maybe lack of sotck? TCM is a lousy place to look for phones though, try digital mall or lowyat

  37. Roszaime

    where to buy???
    been looking everywhere. funny no info………

  38. Roszaime,
    Gahh, I think they’re having some problems with supplies. I’m waiting too!

  39. Hi, any idea where can I grab this model in KL? Searched in low yat, but never get any luck.

  40. i got it frpm Pc fair…

  41. The phone is superb, but the screen is not sensitive enough..

  42. Victor,
    I have a unit to sell!

    cool, I think screen sensitivity can be adjusted 🙂

  43. i want tis gpsphone! but have to think twice…just because M10 has NO autofocus!!! haiz…

    how much you bought this phone? Can you make a close up shot on a book or newspaper? (i just want to see the quality of d photo without macrofocus…)

    thanks a lot

  44. how to change the size of messaging font…i’ve changed it before but now i forgot it…help me plez..

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