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Whenever I go back to Penang, the first meal that I usually seek out is a plate of awesome Char Kueh Teow. The Sister’s CKT used to be one of my favorites, but the standard there has unfortunately took a turn to the south in recent times, and now I usually go to the unanimous tourist’s choice – the Lorong Selamat CKT.

Char Kueh Teow, chives, prawns, cockles, bean sprouts

While some of the “locals’ might bark at this endorsement, I do sincerely think that Lorong Selamat CKT is superior to the others I’ve tried on the island, and I’ve spent over 18 years living there. Sometimes when a place gets famous, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is also overrated.

Unfortunately, I call PJ home these days and seldom head back to Penang. The craving for a good plate of CKT stays though. That big prawns, cockles, with plenty of bean sprouts, chives, an egg, and a dash of preserved vegetable fried with a flat noodle in a super heated wok, ahhh…

New Yee Sang kopitiam, PJ SS6; Char Kueh Teow

After all these years trying various Char Kueh Teow places around the Klang Valley, I’ve managed to found a few that does not disappoint, and this unsuspecting stall at New Yee Sang kopitiam at SS6 (nearby the KJ small Giant) is the latest addition.

The ingredients and taste is on par with the one at Seng Lee Kopitiam (behind Hock Lee at Damansara Heights), with pretty decent size prawns and a good enough “wok hei” too. And by the way, the same kopitiam serves pretty good umbra with sour plum drinks at RM 2.50 a glass that I order whenever I don’t need coffee.

Cheesie first ordered the Lui Char, but ultimately couldn’t resist the CKT

My other top CKT choice at Klang Valley was this stall at PJ State, but unfortunately the kopitiam has shut down and I have no idea where it went. Anyone with the information please let me know ya!

For halal version, give the Straits Cafe at BU Centrepoint a try, and these 4 (well, 3 now) are my regular CKT places, any other suggestions from you guys?

New Yee Sang kopitiam
Jalan SS 6/8
Kelana Jaya

GPS: 3.106717, 101.598178

Discuss : Char Kueh Teow at Kelana Jaya

  1. KY there is a stall in ss3 just opposite/adjacent to the shell station. I have been eating CKT there since I was a lil kid. Now everytime I go back to msia, I will definately visit this place for a good ol’ CKT.

  2. Jesse,
    oOoo interesting, thanks!

  3. I also cannot resist the CKT!! I think I have tried this stall before but it’s a long long time ago.

  4. eiling,
    Do it again! make it happen!

  5. Go try Restaurant KH20’s Penang CKT.
    It’s opposite IOI Mall, Puchong.
    It’s the best CKT I’ve ever tried (:

  6. Rebecca,
    Thanks! 😀

  7. id rather gaze at cheesie’s spangled shiny eyes rather than the shiny CKT. she’s prettier:P

  8. i like the CKT near Central Market. That chinese coffee shop on the corner ar.. wots it called. got ngau lam mee there also .. hmmmm

  9. SERIOUS??? I used to live just at the apartment beside and I love the pork chap fun over here. Never did enjoy the CKT though.

  10. cumidanciki,
    speaking from a fellow fake eyelash user….

    Huai Bin,
    ooo I liked it! but you had bkt in KK, so it’s all abit bewildering. lol

  11. have not been to Lorong Selamat’s CKT… Sister’s version I’d tried once though and I thought that it was good enough (I’m not really that fussy)
    About the place that you mentioned.. apparently I have yet to try the stewed rice which everyone has been raving for quite some time now.. have u tried that?

  12. Leo,
    yeapp I’ve had the steamed rice many times there too! 😀

  13. WA PRECIOUS PRAWN PHOTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. i got a place to try out near PJ old town area there… someone told me there got one very nice one oh.. i dunno la.. shall check it out! 🙂

  15. cheesie,
    YES! tell me about it, you stole my prawn!

    Ok tell me ok! 😀

  16. There’s also one that’s in Jalan Alor, but unfortunately that’s also closed down.

  17. Can I bring my own prawns to the CKT seller? ^^

  18. JD,
    ahhh, unfortunate, unfortunate.

    I don’t see why not? 😀

  19. hmm…jumbo prawns? YUMS!!! but then would he charge me cheaper since i brought my own? ;p

  20. There’s a CKT place near FAM. The owner operates from a mamak shop at the corner and there are other Chinese food selling there too. I get my CKT fix there each time.

  21. Cindy,

    Hahah i don’t think so! 😛

    More than one person told me about this one already, I shall try soon! 😀

  22. Stargone

    Look delicious… I love Char Kueh Teow. nyumm nyumm 😀

  23. Stargone,
    Try this one then! :

  24. I’m a CKT lover too… esp with lap cheong… my favorite is the one at Taman Maluri, a coffee shop call new friend. My must eat breakfast when I go visit my customer… :)The restaurant is located at end Jalan Jejaka 2 (behind Jusco Taman Maluri).

    I’ve tried a new CKT (fried with duck egg) at 888 Food Planet. This food court is located near the old Ferarri show room at PJ section 19… not bad… see link below for details of the location.

    happy CKT hunting… 🙂

  25. KY, the PJ State CKT moved to Taman Sri Manja off Old Klang Road. He became the coffeeshop operator last I went there

  26. Raymen,
    hey thanks for the tips!

    awesome will try to get there soon. 😉

  27. Haze Long

    OMG Ringo looks hot here!!!!

  28. Haze Long,
    like a doll, lol

  29. there are a few CKT stalls at SS2 ‘wai sek gai’ but i personally prefer No.48 stall i think…Soon Huat Penang CKT. you should go try also 🙂

  30. There is one CKT stall known as “Lorong Selamat CKT” located in Subang Jaya USJ 14/1J which is facing opposite to De Happy Land Restaurant.

  31. Shirley,
    ooo interesting, thanks. 😀

    Wah, such a name, interesting. lol.

  32. nice juicy CKT, must try with ”extra Hot” frying

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