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After having rojak opposite Taman Bahagia LRT station at 5pm (I really should blog about that stall) on Saturday, I kinda forgot about dinner till it was past way past 9 pm. Logged onto MSN and saw Haze online, so I asked what she was up to. Her reply “emoing cos no one eating dinner with me“.

So I asked her to join me for late dinner, and by the time we got started it was already way past 10pm.

While most restaurants have closed and started cleaning up already, the night is still young at Berlin Biergarten. That was the first reason I chose to go there, secondly, they sells non-halal bratwurst, and thirdly, the Guinness promotion is on-going.

Having the promotion is definitely one of the biggest reasons I chose Berlin Biergarten instead of other outlets. I’ve done quite a few Guinness food reviews and they’ve always been good experiences.

Berlin Biergarten German Bar & Restaurant

Berlin Biergarten is located on the first floor at Solaris, just a stone’s throw away from the now pretty famous Tenji Japanese buffet. While the name translate to beer garden, it actually does offer a pretty comprehensive food menu too.

While there are some tables inside the smallish outfit, almost everyone chooses to dine al fresco style here, and like most outlets of this type, there’s a projector screen showing live sports too. A pretty chilling environment.

free pork balls with Guinness, Farmer’s Bratwurst

The Guinness promotion at Berlin Beirgarten is pretty simple:

  • 4 perfect pint (330ml) of Guinness for RM 60
  • get a free finger food/appetizer from the menu

I chose the pork ball (worth RM 19.90 if I remember correctly). They were pretty firm and rather flavorful, the sweetish sauce and the pork went really well with the slight after taste of bitterness of Guinness that I love so much. It was the yums!

Berlin rosemary lamb

Upon recommendation from the server, I chose the Farmer’s Bratwurst (RM 28). The two German sausage doesn’t look big here, but they were actually quite a decent portion. It was a good thing I didn’t ended up ordering the Berlin Sausage Selection (RM 59) that comes with 7-8 bratwursts.

The pan fried sausages were very very good, with the accompanying gravy and dill potato salad being very good side kicks. However, I have to say that german bread dumpling (looks almost exactly like wedges) did taste a bit weird to me though.

Haze the awesome artist, and KY with some Guinness

The other dish we ordered was the Beriln Rosemary Lamb (RM 48). Stripes of lamb with plenty of mint sauce resting on mash, steamed vegetable, and surrounded by chili paste and bits of bell pepper. The presentation definitely scores an A. Thankfully, the taste department is in sync with how well the dish looked.

Other than the carrot being a bit raw, the lamb was soft and flavorful, with plenty of mint sauce to give it that aroma and if you so prefer, the spicy chili sauce to add some kick too.

There are interesting dishes in the menu like Scotch Egg (with pork!), carrot in beer, and sundried tomato with mussels that look pretty promising. I shall return to this place for a second round.

The Guinness promotion of St Patrick’s Finger Food Festival runs from now until 31st of March, 2010 with more than 100 outlets nationwide, don’t miss out! Other outlets that are participating in this promotion includes, but not limited to:

Besides Finger Food Festival, there’s also the St. Patrick’s Hat promotion. A 13oz pint is a stamp, and 20oz pint 2 stamps, collect 12, send the redemption card in, and get a free St. Patrick’s Hat.

If you can’t wait, the Instant Reward gives you a Guinness St. Patrick’s luggage lock with every 3 pints of Guinness Draught or a bucket of Guinness Foreign Extra Stout. There are three designs in all!

There’s also the St. Patrick’s Day celebration at 1 Utama on the 19th of March from 6pm onwards! Check out for more.

Berlin Biergarten
Lot J-01-04
Solaris Mont Kiara
50480 Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.174689, 101.659595
Tel: 03-6203 0958

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  1. i kinda read, haze the awesome artist and KY the genius! ohhh… guinness izit – why never invite?! EMO… 😛

  2. cumidanciki,
    Hehaehahe cos it’s all like, short notice and all, plus married woman cannot go out late late

  3. LOL at your answer to ciki’s comment. The bratwurst looked so nice, firm and tempting. hehe…

  4. eiling,
    Hehehehe, yahh bratwurst damn nais!

  5. LOL. At one glance I thought the name of the place was Awesomesausage! 🙂

  6. Ciki I wanna see u so baddddddd.
    I have too much beer lately. Got pork belly liao

  7. J,
    hahahah they should adopt this name 😛

    You? pork belly? righttttttttt

  8. Lainie Yeoh

    I love that rojak stall!

  9. Lainie Yeoh,
    Haha yah it’s quite awesome, the owner said I cannot take pics of him cos sked income tax datang. lol

  10. foodcrazee

    Stripes ?? of lamb . . .since when F&B starts serving LAMB STRIPES ? aiks! me confused. . .lolz.

    Lovely review . . .

  11. never bring me! *emo*

  12. foodcrazee,
    heheh something like that. :/

    cos you weren’t on msn 😛

  13. ericyong77

    ehhh tak ajak lehhh…. hehehe…

  14. WAH LAN! @ Solaris but tak ajak. Hmph!

  15. ericyong77,
    hehehe 10pm already everyone eaten!

    You’d have died of starvation!

  16. lotsofcravings

    another place to makan makan in solaris..yeah!

  17. Great to know another nice place to eat German food! Time for some Guys Nite Out with my friends then!

  18. lotsofcravings,

    yah, and have some pork! 😀

  19. i tried their pork knuckles… great!

  20. Wow, guess Solaris is another city that never sleeps =)
    I have not tried any other outlets there except Tenji (yeah, very famous these days!)

  21. connie,
    ooOO i shall try next time!

    Yaa, KL never sleep!

  22. It’s been more than a year since I had scotch eggs. 0_o Was the bread dumpling the starchy kind, like a mix of potato and pulut? I think it’s called spatzle.

  23. Nothing like a good guinness to end the meal?

  24. Bangsar-bAbE,
    Yaa that’s right! I don’t know if it’s called spatzle or not though. lol

    yaaa 😀

  25. melisa teoh

    hah..i was just there last night !!

  26. melisa teoh,
    oOoo nais kan!

  27. KY

    If u ever go back u shud definitely try their crispy garlic pork knuckle

    Just ate it and all I can say is:

    Multiple. Orgasms.

  28. Serhan,
    oO thanks for the tips!

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