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The last time I blogged about pork intestine porridge was over 4 years ago on a hawker stall in Penang. It has always been one of my favorite old school hawker foods, but also one that is increasingly hard to find.

My first time at this small stretch of old school hawker center at Jalan Sayur in Pudu was a couple months ago, and while I had other food at the time, I noticed this porridge stall that offers pork intestine porridge, among other types.

old school hawker center on Jalay Sayur, Pudu

So when pocket Anne asked me out for a little dinner + catch up session in KL, I suggested to head to the very same place just so that I can have my pork intestine porridge.

This particular porridge stall is situated quite close to Jalan Pudu itself, they offer fish ball, salted egg, chicken, fish filet, seafood, and of course, the all important pork intestine porridge (猪什粥).

pork intestine porridge, and chee cheong fun

This bowl of goodness comes with deep fried pork innards, plenty of shredded ginger, some spring onion, and a good shake of white pepper with porridge cooked to perfection.

Compared to the one at New Lane in Penang, this one is less crunchy and has a slightly fresher taste mainly due to the ginger. Both of them are excellent nonetheless, and I am sure someone like Kim who loves intestine from Teow Chew porridge would love it too.

KY and the tiny pocket Anne

Anne also ordered the pretty famous chee cheong fun from another stall, one with the normal sauce, and the other with curry. Plain chee cheong fun with sesame on top and some proper sauce can be very addictive too, not to mention pretty economical. Our dinner came to only about RM 10 for two person, who said dinner at KL must be pricey?

Hawker center at Jalan Sayur
off Jalan Pudu, Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3135208, 101.713051

Discuss : Pork Intestine Porridge at Jalan Sayur hawker center, Pudu

  1. This is also known as Wai sek Kai. Tried the Chee cheung fun ar? Surprisingly this stall got abalone porridge also.

  2. Earl Ku,
    oOO that i didn’t know, interesting!

  3. I don’t mind to take dinner there everyday if there’s smooth traffic during the after work time lar~ hehehe 😛

  4. ooo, nearby got the nameless chapfarn place.. love! mmmm.. need porridge.. 😛

  5. So many food for only RM10. So jealous. I recently just return to Sabah, the food here starts with RM5.00. Even a bowl of gon lou min.. RM2.00 for cold drinks.

  6. sotong,
    hahaha take the LRT 😛

    make it happen! 😀

    Wah which part of sabah is that? lol

  7. pengsan orang melayu. lol

  8. i love pork intestine porridge too!!
    u must try the one at the imbi market (er..imbi pasar?) in the mornin…the pork intestine is super crunchy and yummy!!

  9. You should be trying the fried chicken from Winner , 2 shops away from this, this is so good than better than KFC, always a queue when want to buy, then down a road a bit, there is this intestine pepper soup! MUST TRY BECAUSE IT IS SO NICE ! because the soup is clear and the intestine is washed properly! this 4 are my favo place to eat !

  10. Tey Cindy,
    Hehehe why pengsan? :/

    oOo I should, thanks! 😀

    Yah Anne told me about the fried chicken too, that place is packed with awesome hawker food. 😉

  11. ah the porridge look so yum! It’s 5 in the morning now. T.T

  12. Chef Mel,
    Hahhaha FYL,it’s only 4:45am when you typed this tho!

  13. This is called Bun San Bar Wai Sek Kai right? Anyways love the Chee Cheong Fun and the Fried Carrot Cake opposite the stall. There’s also Sotong Bakar and yummy Sup Kambing towards the end of the street. Nice food!

  14. Andy Hayes | Sharing Travel Experiences

    Sounds gross, but I’d try it – yum yum. Do you put any sauce on it, like hot sauce or soy sauce?

  15. JD,
    Yesss you are absolutely right! Yaa got the taufu bakar too!

    Andy Hayes,
    No need sauce, it’s very good already. 😉

  16. Feel paiseh, coz seldom go to this part of the world even i stay in KL. Lots of good stuffs there, i heard.

    Good recommendations

  17. Hmm…not a big fan of porridge but with pork innards everything tastes better! 🙂

  18. that is very nice indeed! i also want….

  19. superwilson,
    make it happen next time!

    Huai Bin,
    Hahaha yeah, innards = yums!

    do it do it!

  20. PocketAnne

    Yeah they had a lot of food but just the 2 of us so we didn’t order much. The queue for the fried chicken was unbearable to look as people queue up non stop.

    Sadly after this dinner, KY went for 2nd round of dinner/supper cuz he was hungry by 10PM. And he had porridge, again hahaha

  21. thumbs up for the pork intestine porridge in New Lane Penang!!! I was hooked immediately when I ate it last year I went to Penang…
    About the Jalan Sayur, I have yet to try.. hopefully it is as good as you describe. I have only tried the famous fried chicken there but it was a long time ago!

  22. PocketAnne,
    Hahahha yah la digested very fast ok!

    They’re slightly different but I like both versions 😉

  23. I think this is the same place we visited one January evening.The food was no doubt very good but the whole place was a dump.Literally with a garbage dump just next to it and huge rats running all over the place.

  24. dyson17,
    yeah, classic old school hawker center, if there’re no rats, the food is no good. lol

  25. The fried chicken is a must try also …

  26. Earl Ku,
    Will do that next time!

  27. Thanks so much for recommending this porridge! Been searching high and low for it for years. Can’t find it back in Bukit Mertajam anymore each time I go back. 🙁

    Fortunately, my craving for it has been satiated last night. Love the innards, love the porridge, love the old school place!

  28. gracieq,
    You’re welcome! BM don’t have but Penang island still got lo 😀

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