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A couple weeks ago I received an email from one of my readers by the name of Von who asked if I could do a review on Seeri Authentic Thai Restaurant.

Her exact wordings include:

“I found the green curry at that place just excellent, and hope that place won’t close shop as not many people know about it. It will be a waste to let such good food close shop.”

The email came across to me as pretty honest, so last week I suggested to some #porkgang jokers that we should give it a try, and we did just that.

Seeri Authentic Thai Restaurant, so authentic it’s in the name :S

Seeri Authentic Thai Restaurant is located on the same row as Kayu (which serves pretty good roti tissue) at the slightly less glamorous side of SS2, the Chow Yang area. Parking is usually not a terribly difficult exercise in this area.

When we arrived, there were only a couple other tables occupied. It was pretty quiet, but I wasn’t deterred. With it’s rather bland interior decoration and cheap plastic chairs, it’s not hard to imagine the lack of attraction to potential uninformed customers.

seafood tomyam, fried kai lan with mushroom, green curry with chicken

For the 8 of us, we ordered up quite a feast. Seafood tomyam and the recommended green curry were a no brainer, we also had vegetable, steamed fish, egg, squid, and pandan chicken.

Seafood tomyam (RM 30) came in an old school steamboat and actually turned out quite good, we didn’t order it very spicy (due to several low tolerance member) but it still had a zing, and ingredients were plenty full too. The recommended green curry chicken (RM 15) did not disappoint at all either, the curry was very rich with santan and yet super flavorful.

Fried kailan with mushroom (RM 12) was just to satisfy vitamin C quota. Nothing too exciting there.

steamed siakap fish, fried egg with crab meat, Thai style squid, pandan chicken

The steamed siakap (RM 30) we ordered was prepared the traditional Thai style. Last I had this was at De Chiengmai at Sungai Buloh, and while the soup based here was very delicious, I find that the fish wasn’t very fresh nor was it prepared properly. Perhaps I am spoiled by super fresh “live” fish at Chinese restaurants, but I do expect this situation to improve if business turns brisk.

Fried egg with crab meat (RM 14) was very delicious even though we could taste little crab meat. The squid (RM 12) too was very rich in flavor with plenty of basil, chili, and even whole pepper; I could be happier if they removed the eyes and beaks off the squid’s head though.

Kim, Cheesie, Jac, Eric, Suan, Kerol, and 4-eye KY

Last but not least, we also had the pandan chicken (RM 30, 10 pieces). They were rather fragrant and pretty tasty, but we had too much food, and the portion was a bit too big. If you were ordering this, better specify the exact amount you need.

With rice, plenty of cold fresh coconut (RM 4.5), and other drinks, dinner came to RM 197 or about RM 25 per pax, pretty decent for what we ordered. I’m sure Seeri Authentic Thai Restaurant is a place worth revisiting. *burp*

Seeri Authentic Thai Restaurant is located the same row as KAYU

Seeri Authentic Thai Restaurant
No.26 Jalan SS2/10,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS: 3.115587,101.616926
: 03-7877 7659, 012-378 9618

kailan – 12, egg 14, squid 12, pandan chicken 20, tomyam 30, fish 30, coconut 4.5, logan 3, chinese tea 1. total 197

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  1. wooo.. KY sudah jadi 4-eye..
    Cute ^^

  2. Werk those specs haha.

  3. JolynGoh,

    Yah have to exploit em 😛

  4. kimberlycun

    it was nais! and i look like crap omfg!

  5. kimberlycun,
    you looked cute!

  6. the tomyam soup was nice, although a bit oily

  7. oo.. one of my fav cuisine.. thai! was gonna ask you how was the som tam.. but maybe i go try it soon;) (love the heat.. but shit damn hot :P)

  8. suanie,
    yahh just slightly. hehe

    Make it happen, thai food will make your ass hot!

  9. should try sawasdee thai restaurant at SS15, Subang..near the famous pork noodle!! the steam fish with lime & chilli is awesome n fish is live…n the stir fried squid in salted egg…n prawns with glass noodles!!!

  10. you everytime siakap fish ah

  11. Apple Lim,
    thanks for the tips!

    seems like it, too poor for other stuff. LOL

  12. wah…another great thai food recommendation…will bookmark this! yum yum…i luv thai food!

  13. Niki Cheong

    Pandan chicken is my favourite Thai dish! 🙂 Okay, I’m gonna make plans to visit soon!

  14. ANOTHER one in SS2? Geez … to imagine being trapped in that area for weeks and yet no shortage of good food.

  15. KY u and your specs…… O.o”

  16. Seafood tomyam.. drool drool.. I wonder if they serve Tom Kha Kai or not.

  17. At last found one good tomyam at KL/PJ… cause you all know what my request on my favorite foods lah… 🙂

  18. vialentino,
    make it happen 😀

    Niki Cheong,
    Their pandan chicken was just alrigh though.

    Hahah a year!

    Tey Cindy,

    Ooo what’s Tom Kha Kai? some.. chicken thingy?

    if it satisfy you, it’s all good!

  19. Oh, give me an idea where to celebrate friend’s 30 year old birthdays!

  20. so much fun eating out in a group, made me wanna join a gang…

  21. It’s so funny seeing you with glasses now… haha

  22. JD,
    hahaha how i know! budget? number of ppl? usually i prefer bbq at home with plenty of free booze and crazy ppl, and maybe chicks in bikini?

    Hahah come! 😀

    Heheheh best kan?

  23. No lar KY, I was saying you have given me an idea where to celebrate my friends birthday. The comment did sound that I am asking you for suggestions, hmm…but your suggestion is good too.

  24. You’ve that teacher’s look in specs.

  25. JD,
    oOo hehe ok ok best. 😀

    YEY! 😛

  26. Yup… sort of chicken galangal soup. Hard to find a nice one here.

  27. PocketAnne

    I can hardly recognise sotong in the picture.. first thought “who’s that aunty..” 😡

  28. i just wanna eat d fishhhhhhhhhhhh

  29. fraulein,
    oOO interesting!

    Hahah aunty? LOL

    make it happen! 😀

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