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Mee Suah is one of my favorite form of noodle out there. Made of rice flour and usually served in soup with a wide variety of other ingredients, mee suah is silky smooth and usually has a very soft texture.

Update: Unfortunately Ming Tien food court is now closed permanently

herbal soup mee suah at Ming Tien food court

Mee Suah is also often consumed during traditional Chinese birthdays, the long strands of noodle signify longevity, and you’re supposed to not break it into smaller strands when having mee suah for such occasions.

As for me, I just love mine with some herbal soup and some chicken/duck drumsticks.

a bowl of herbal soup mee suah with chicken drumstick

The Herbal Soup Mee Suah stall at Ming Tien food court at PJ happened to offer pretty decent versions of these herbal soup mee suah this side of Klang Valley. The dish comes with your choice of meat, flavorful Chinese herbal soup, mee suah, and some green onion sprinkled on top. Very simple and yet rather delicious. Soya sauce with chili padi usually accompanies the dish as condiment.

A bowl of chicken drum stick mee suah goes for RM 4.50, they also serve the same dish with duck meat (RM 5), duck drumstick (RM 6), and pork spare ribs (RM 5).

4-eye KY, Gareth and Kim, Haze the awesome artist

The general standard of food at Ming Tien has shown a marked improvement from a few years ago too. Other things that I like there include the fried lychee, soy duck with rice, and  fried dumpling. It also helps that this is a dog friendly place, especially you choose one of the tables at the side that’s closest to the pet store.

Ming Tien Hawker Center
Jalan SS24/8, Taman Megah,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.114334, 101.611658

Discuss : Herbal Soup Mee Suah at Ming Tien [Closed]


    sorry ky, whenever i see you on spec i can’t control myself to laugh out loud… hahahahahahahahahahahaha….

    Well, I think i not yet try this… but eh ming tien’s food for me still….. :s

  2. Sotong,
    Lots of new stalls at ming tien now la. And what’s wrong with glasses? Hehehhe

  3. Mee suah aaa…one of my fav food. In Sibu, as a foo chow we have it on the first day of lunar new year and lots of other celebration. I tried their version of mee suah but it was very far from my liking…the broth is a little to clear for me..perhaps i’m one of those who prefer thick strong

  4. Food glutton

    Ky, you also can try the duck noodle at the food court @ the Jln New Ferry, B’worth(previous old wet market). The aroma of the soup is irresistible. The price somehow is reasonable from RM3.5 to 5.You have to try on it.

  5. yalor..all time favorite..but if timing drumstick d..vri sad lor..

  6. i had this throughout cny, at all my foochow friends’ house!

    i usually add plenty of red wine before eating, and get slightly buzzed from that.

  7. cheh. that time went with u n ringo i recommend she eat we also say nice di now only wanna blog. lol. lousy

  8. charles,
    ooo didn’t know they have it differently in Sibu.

    Food glutton,
    Interesting, must remember this when I go back to penang next time!

    then eat pork ribs! 😀

    Hahahah why are you always buzzed!

    LOL lotsa things to write about ok 😛

  9. wah someone has got glasses on now!!!

  10. eiling,
    hohoho yes 😛

  11. not my favorite, i’d eat them for the nostalgia factor though…another one is soyabean noodles/tau chiam, very nostalgic my mom used to cook.

  12. looking mighty cute in them glasses! i like meesuah – no need chew.. can eat em like ole lady ! mwuahaahha 😛

  13. lb,
    Hahaha first time I heard anyone eating for nostalgic factor!

    Hehehe thank you very much. 😀

  14. Yup, one of my favorite stalls too! I’m not there that often now that I’ve moved but almost did a full review of Ming Tien, every single stall. Alas, it was cut short. I agree, I don’t like soupy stuff but this is pretty good!

    (especially after you’ve eaten them super spicy Taiwanese sausages)

  15. Wah, time to head for Ming Tien soon. Love mee suah ever since the introduction to Shih Lin, local ones sure are delicacies!

  16. Huai Bin,
    Hahah every single stall is a bit hardcore!

    oOO shih lin one a bit too few oysters!

  17. Lyrical Lemongrass

    Love the new look, hensem! ^_^

  18. Lyrical Lemongrass,
    zomg thank youu ^_^

  19. immabastard

    I’m scared.

    Is it true that the uglier you are, the more popular your site will be?

  20. immabastard,
    there’s certainly a correlation, but you don’t need to be scared, a sense of humor will work too! 😀

  21. hahahah love your last reply to comment, KY!

    anyway am NOT always buzzed. like tonight, i’m perfectly sober.

  22. irene,
    hehehe thank you. 😀

  23. Yeah. Now I can try this in Ming Tien when I go there for supper on night shift.

  24. Simon Seow,
    Haha yah more choices now!

  25. went there for breakfast with mom before she left kl the other day… had wan tan mee… not nice :S

  26. winsern,
    should have asked me what to order there. hehe

  27. eh? i never knew you were specs. have you had lasik since? or do you just wear contact lenses 99% of the time? lol.

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