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The SS2 square at Petaling Jaya has always been labeled as one of the premier eating places this side of Klang Valley, new dining establishments come and go, the good ones stay, and the substandard outlets usually go away within a couple years, or sometimes months. It is a very competitive place for restauranteurs, and quite a heaven for food lovers.

NOTE: This place has since closed down

甜品哥哥 has a really huge menu

One of the latest establishments at SS2 square is the aptly named Tin Pan Kor Kor (甜品哥哥), or Dessert Brother in Cantonese/Mandarin.

Tin Pan Kor Kor is operated by the same people behind Chef Loong (龙师傅) located just a stone’s throw away. While Chef Loong serves quite a fair bit of traditional Chinese snacks (including xiao long pao), Tin pan Kor Kor concentrates solely on desserts.

glutinous ball in ginger soup, walnut & peanut soup, sago with mango

The most impressive thing about this place is the sheer size of the menu. There are altogether 142 items divided into over half a dozen categories to choose from. Most importantly, every single item is photographed and presented in the menu with brief description in both English and Chinese, making ordering a slightly easier chore (if you consider going through 142 items easy)

pear stewed tendril, mango pancake, fresh milk with stewed hasma,
glutinous rice balls with peanut and black sesame

Just before CNY, the #porkgang went there after having dined at Hoho Steamboat. There were some 10 of us, but we managed to order 13 different items, in part thanks to Kim who doesn’t choose between item one, two, or three, she always take the “all of the above” option.

snow mountain and pomelo and sago in mango, apple pear juice, apple melon juice

Among the things we ordered (as you can see in the photos), the only disappointment was the mango pancaket. The cream were just a tad too hard and way too much in volume, we didn’t finish it. The fresh milk with stewed hasma was a tad weird and rather difficult to taste the hasma too.

The peanut/walnut soup was thick and flavorful, glutinous balls (both soup and the one covered with peanuts) were quite tasty, and the pear stewed tendril especially nice and chilling in a hot day. The girls were very happy with their variety of juices too.

some of the #porkgang members

Most items at Tin Pan Kor Kor is priced between RM 5 – RM 10, with the more exotic dishes like hasma costing slightly over RM 10. A pretty good stopover after dinner, if you can find a table that is, this place is getting pretty popular in a jiffy!

Tin Pan Kor Kor is located right in the middle of SS2 square

Tin Pan Kor Kor (甜品哥哥)
No: 36, Ground Floor,
Jalan SS2/63,
47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.11878,101.621996

Discuss : Tin Pan Kor Kor (甜品哥哥) with Huge Variety of Desserts [Closed]

  1. wow what sinful desserts! I want I want!!!

  2. kimberlycun

    my fav dessert there is the taufufar with nata de coco!

  3. Jen Cheung

    hello there!
    I’m a new blogger =) Nice to meet you! Loving your blog. I also have a food blog of my own! Feel free to visit when you got the time to! Happy Chinese New Year!!

  4. Nice! I always go to the other one – forgot what it’s called but it has three letter. TKZ or something like that. It’s also in SS2. 🙂

    This seems to have more variety though!

  5. eiling,
    make it happen 😀

    wooo i didn’t know got nata de coco!

    Jen Cheung,
    Happy CNY to you too!

    Huai Bin,
    that’s KTZ, same row! 😀

  6. Yah super hard to choose what to eat at this place, so far everything is pretty nais tho.

  7. ShaolinTiger,
    yahh, everytime have to spend 20 mins just looking through the menu!

  8. Hi Ky

    this shop is same row as Chef Loong?

  9. Jason,
    Nope, it’s the same row with KTZ 😀

  10. not too sweet ftw.

  11. need to take a long time to try out ALL the desserts there… too many choices… @_@

    and the most important thing is we can bring dogs but have to sit outside lor.. not bad! 🙂

  12. myhorng,
    yahh don’t need to order kurang manis

    Hahah it’ll take the whole year!

  13. got KTZ in SS2?

  14. ky, i love chinese food, and especially in this entry, those desserts makes me salivate already. however, is this cafe certified halal?

  15. jason,
    Yes, same row as Maybank!

    I am not sure if there’s a halal certification but i don’t think any of these things has “animal” content other than hasma & maybe kuai ling gou

  16. i like durian pancake..keke..

  17. Awesomesauce! *yummyyy*

  18. nikel,
    yesss sluros

    Tey Cindy,
    yaa it’s very nais! 😀

  19. You did it again… This is why I LOVE your blog… Great food recommendation! 🙂

  20. It’s been awhile since I dropped by. I’ve been living in Aust for a long time now, and looking at your blog posts, always reminds me of home…. VERY close to home actually. (I live in SS2) So thank you.

    I guess that’s how I keep up with all the new things that happen at home, all the new shops and food!

    I can’t wait to come home and devour all these new and yummy things!

  21. I’ve only ordered 1 the other day. Still have 141 to go. Pls bring me there again for another 141 times. :p

  22. Cecelia,
    Hehehe thank you thank you 😀

    Ooo what a small world

    hahah JOM!

  23. the name itself already tickled my sweet tooth

    and jacjac’s smile so sweet^^

  24. pork and desserts/sweets.. wot more you need in life? 😛 (don’t say sex)

  25. lb,
    ooO JacJac will love to read this!

    Hahah I’m not saying anything! 😀

  26. Deliciously sweet stuff. Ss2 reli brimming w desserts outlets eh?

  27. J2Kfm,
    yeah, everything’s there! 😀

  28. I can’t help but noticed the similarity of it with Fatt Kee Tim Pun in HK. But well, at least there’s an outlet in Kepong, so I don’t have to go far for good HK dessert lol.

  29. i wurve fattyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i like dat pic A LOT 😛

  30. Simon Seow,
    oOo I haven’t been to HK hehee

    Yaaa very nice pic of you and fatty! 😀

  31. I reckon that if you compare the green bean paste with the one in ktz, the one in ktz is much better. Few of my friends who went to tin pan kor kor also thinks that the desserts are too sweet, and maybe a bit diluted as well.

  32. AT,
    well, I think they’re both very different, KTZ serves food along with desserts while tpkk is a bit more of a lighter dessert place. 🙂

  33. 甜品哥哥两人那是马來西人和香港的老板意见不合。在登报纸后撤回马來西亚全部營业的股份,並不準马來西人售卖旗下的产品和撤回甜品哥哥的招牌。 🙁

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