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When #porkgang was first initiated, we met each other almost exclusively only over dinners, and there were almost always pork involved. One of our earliest dinner meet was at Ribs@Oasis. This happened late last year, but I had somehow forgotten to process the photos until now.

Better late than never anyway.

Ribs serves a variety of Western food with a strong dosage of swine, just the way we like it. Situated just a couple minutes away from 1-Utama shopping complex, parking spaces aren’t hard to come by. However, getting there can prove to be a bit of a hassle on weekday evenings due to traffic.

Seating areas are mostly indoor, but there are limited tables near the sidewalk for those who prefers alfresco dining.

grilled pork loin chops

Anyway, lets get on with the food.

My eyes were fixated on the grilled pork lion chops (RM 30.50) when I saw it on the menu. It simply says “Chef Lee’s special recipe, served with braised cabbage and tangy apple sauce

When the pork chop came, it did not disappoint at all. A huge slab of pork with a layer of fat around the edge, grilled to perfection with the fatty layer glistering and the leaner part still juicy, add a bit of that apple sauce, perfecto. I’d order it again on my next trip, no question.

grilled ribs, deep fried pork chunks, pan fried butter fish

Since the name of the restaurant is called Ribs, it goes without saying that we had to give it a try. Kim ordered a big slab of grilled belly Oriental pork ribs (RM 32.90) that came sitting on a generous serving of mash potato. I took a bite, and while it was pretty good, it wans’ t really overly impressive to be honest.

The deep fried pork chunks (RM 12.50) though, was really awesome and would serve as perfect beer food. The taste a little similar to the deep fried “nam yu” pork from Pan Heong at Batu Caves, but slightly more batter and crunchier, it was really good.

One of the ladies ordered the pan fried butter fish (RM 21.90) instead of something porky and gave the dish a huge thumbs up. Good to know Ribs@Oasis knows how to please your friend who wants to maintain her figure.

Eric, Horny, and Gareth ordered the bacon pork & reverse pork burgers

Then there are the pork burgers.

Ribs@Oasis offers quite a few types of pork burgers.  The usual, with bacon, with grilled pineapple, or if you so prefer, the ultimate reverse pork burger too (RM 20-29.90).

The shiny bacon, caramalized pineapple, and that big juicy home made pork patty ought to make any pork burger lover droll like a hungry puppies. Gareth rated this as good as the Cristang’s pork burger but totally different at the same time, with a completely different taste and texture too, but equally agreeable to the taste buds.

banana fritters, ice cream, molten chocolate cake with haagan daaz

Then there’s the desserts. I can never really understand the idea of over stuffing yourself at dinner, and yet still order desserts, but apparently suanie , jaclyn, cheesie, and kim do, and that’s why they ordered desserts.

The ice creams were from Haagan Daaz, and hence they were pretty good. I had a bite of the banana fritters and found it to be too huge, it was not exactly great. The molten chocolate cake though, was quite delicious. Forgot how much they were priced, but I remember them to be pretty reasonable.

founding members of porkgang, and 2 of horng’s lady friends

Ironically, the ribs at Ribs@Oasis might not be the dish to order, but the other pork dishes – especially the pork chop and burgers, does make the place worth a visit or three despite the traffic.

We had wanted to hang out at the place a tad longer, but unfortunately they observe the “normal” closing time by around 10 ish at night. I’d wish they open later and sell more drinks though.

2 Tengkat Bandar Utama,
1-1 BU4 Oasis Complex,
Petaling Jaya, SELANGOR 47800‎

GPS: 3.150219, 101.609912
Tel: 03-7729 8921‎

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Discuss : awesome pork chop and burgers – Ribs@Oasis, Bandar Utama

  1. QC may be a problem sometimes. Take your chances

  2. suanie,
    Haha mine was good. Haven’t been there the 2nd time yet though.

  3. yeah the pork chop and the reverse pork burger are awesome.

    try the apple crumble next time – it’s pretty decent.

  4. Let’s hope it don’t turn to another Pork-Free restaurant before I get my chance to visit the place!

  5. Enoch,
    Oh yess, yummy!

    Hahah I sure hope not. 😀

  6. This one definitely won’t become pork free, pork is like 60% of their menu haha.

    Yah the burger is great, really enjoyed it. The pork chop is a bit hit and miss, the time above when you had it was still the best.

    Ribs I agree, they are so-so only. Betty’s Midwest kitchen is much better.

  7. ShaolinTiger,
    Yah, I heard. Actually I still haven’t had better ribs than Tony Romas in Bangkok. hehe

  8. wah i want to eat the reverse burger!

  9. wah..the burger in big portion lor…but exclusive in pork name is platinum enjoyable..

  10. eiling,
    make it happen

    platinum? huh?

  11. Heard the pork burger there is good..
    personally, i’ve tried their ribs and i think its ok-ok only..
    probably can give the burger a try nx time 🙂
    looks good in the pics~

  12. lynn,
    give it a try, make it happen. 😀

  13. thenomadGourmand

    Oh my! Someone left a comment on one of my post to try their reverse pork burger & I h forgotten abt it!
    Ah, memory refreshed now. Mayb i shoud treat myself aft boot camp tmw! ;p

  14. ericyong77

    mmm kaneh… why my pic look like that wan? hehe…

  15. OMG. The ratio of the fat and meat on the pork loin chop is damn nice.

  16. thenomadGourmand,
    Yes do it make it happen. 😀

    Hahah that’s your natural look yo!

    Simon Seow,
    Yes, perfecto! 😀

  17. looks excellent.. u sure know how to cari makan i tell ya;)

  18. Good to know that the food there are great. I’ve been passing that place everyday but was skeptical to try it.(checking the clock)’s dinner time…

  19. “…My eyes were fixated on the grilled pork lion chops (RM 30.50) when I saw it …” DAMN!! They sell lion chops there as well?? Talk about variety!! LOL!!

  20. TummyRumble

    babi sedap…

  21. ciki,
    Hehehe introduced by friends maa

    make it happen. 😀

    Yess, very the yums!

    Hahhaha memang 😀

  22. Damn that bacon on top of the burger looks pretty damn good!

  23. Huai Bin,
    Yah the glistering bacon is super yums

  24. damn, , ,me hungry seeing the bacon. Fcuk

  25. foodcrazee,
    Heheheh eat! eat! eat!

  26. Lyrical Lemongrass

    Can’t go wrong with pork! 😀

  27. Lyrical Lemongrass,
    Can’t argue with that reasoning 😛

  28. I just had dinner there. It was really bad. For starters, the place was way too warm. We were all sweating our way through food that was both bad and overpriced. I ordered the pork knuckle. The skin was way WAY soft and spongy. It tasted like steamed pork knuckle. I have never had pork knuckle with spongy skin. The grilled lamb we had didn’t taste like it was grilled. The taste was so overpoweringly ‘lamby’ that I swore I could hear lambs bleating in the background. It didn’t even taste like it was marinated at all. The only dish that tasted half good was the crunchy pork starter. Then again, I could have got the same dish for a quarter of the price at the economy rice stall at any coffee shop. My family and I were really disappointed.

  29. Pearl,
    waaa, looks like their stuff took a turn for the worse! I heard one of the chefs left or something, hope they sort it out soon

  30. Hi, I was there same day as Pearl. My Pork Loin & Reverse Burger as good as before. And my MIL order the Pork Knuckle also, but don’t have the problem as what Pearl said. Anyway i only love their Pork Loin & burger. Don’t think will try others.

  31. Jen,
    Thank god they didn’t really regressed that far back, hopefully the other issues will be sorted out soon too.

  32. Vivien Wong

    Ribs@Oasis Sharon, thanks for everythings u do to make my 1 year old BB Kayden B’day party perfect. All my guest like the envoiroment & FOOOD alot. They really have fun that day. TQ *Thanks to *Steven* & Staff. he really help alot.

  33. Hi, I’m taking my uncle & his wife to lunch this Sunday and as I was reading up about your pork food adventures. Would you recommend Rib@Oasis or Cristang?

    • YS Lee,
      Cristang for burger, and I’ve heard Rib’s pork chop might have its standard lowered a bit lately due to some chef shuffling. Their burger’s supposed to be still quite good, but do take caution. 🙂

  34. I’ve heard Rib’s pork chop might have its standard lowered a bit lately due to some chef shuffling

    Seems above got some hints there ler…so,is that “Hwa Chung Yau Hwa” ler???

    Their burger’s supposed to be still quite good, but do take caution.

    Again….so,KY what is your comment from 1-5 (1 = worst and 5 = excellent)..
    I trusts u since last 3 years back, (hints hints)

    • kl_sadguy: haha I haven’t been there for a while, last I went it was awesome, now not so sure lorr esp. if the chef shuffling is true.

      • Ahahahh KY…

        U really good in answering my question.

        I still believe on u and shall give it try on tonite,later I reply u the comments of d foods…..

        Can ask r,is tat ur another part time job teaching “Tai Chi”???? :mrgreen:

        • kl_sadguy: haha been too busy to do that laaa

          • Atlasts here is my comment on d restaurant..

            Went there last tuesday nite,thought going to wrong place because is totally empty with no customer ler…like I “pau cheong” ler.. 😆

            Order Grilled Pork Belly,can said like “char siew” lor and the taste nothin to shout about lor..

            Order Deep Fried Pork Chunks,emmmm not bad like marinated with Nam Heung but if with more spice will be better…

            Order the chef reconmended dish – Grilled Pork Loin chops,damn… dissapointed ler, not marinated enough ler.Just like eating whole big chop without taste..

            Can said on the portion side is worth to eat but sadly the taste so so only on the price we’re paying..

            If u asking whether will go for 2nd visit,I might said depends..want makan banyak banyak oklor but if taste will never think about it..

            Dissapointed Level : 1 (bad) – 5 (worse ever)

            Service : 1 ( is burmase server)
            Environment : +2
            Price : +1 (Almosts same price as TGIF)
            Taste : 2 🙄

            P/S : I oledi polish my lidah b4 I try tis restaurant.Thought not my lidah got kulat qua on this time…..

            • kl_sadguy: oh well then i guess we’ll have to see if they buckle up and regain back their swagger.

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