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The 20th day of November, 2009 marked two significant events – it was my buddy Horng’s birthday, and at the same day, Kim collected her new ride SuzyGanas. Since the birthday boy was coming back from his assignment in Manila, Jac, Eric, Kerol, and I decided to catch him from the airport (we went to the wrong one initially).

Kim and Gareth later joined us for dinner at Dengkil Seafood Restaurant, the one place you should definitely check out if you love fresh water fish and tong po pork. It helps if you’re close to Putrajaya or KLIA for the drive from PJ won’t exactly be a short one.

fish menu on the wall, horng holding a bottle of Glenfiddich single malt whisky

The “fish menu” displayed on the wall were at least a couple dozen of both fresh and saltwater fish you can order. The prices of each fish is displayed prominently for your budgetary convenience. Of course, the ability to read Chinese is utmost important in this case.

For example (per 100 gram):

  • Patin – RM 7
  • Giant Grouper – RM 12
  • Haruan – RM 5
  • Parrot fish – RM 15
  • Cod – RM 12
  • Empurau – RM 80

Yes, you heard it right, Empurau really does cost that much, which is quite apt for it’s Chinese name 忘不了, literally means  Never Forget (especially for the one who pays).

tong po pork, vegetable, steamed patin fish

We ordered five dishes for the seven of us, fish, pork, vegetable, prawn, and chicken to go with rice and a bottle of Glendfiddich single malt whisky the birthday boy obtained from the airport duty free shop.

First to come was the tong po pork (RM 18). Now I’ve had this dish several times but I must say that this is the absolute best that I’ve had so far. The pork so succulent, soft, and so flavorful almost to a point of disbelieve. The combination of the steamy hot mantao (RM 1 each) and fatty pork was a match made in heaven. It was so good we ordered an encore straight away. This is definitely a must-order dish here.

The steamed patin fish (RM 63 – 900g) too was quite excellent. It was sweet, fresh, and steamed just enough to leave the soft texture intact. Fried ginger and coriander provided some contrast and the soy sauce used were of good quality too.

The vegetable dish (RM 12) was just to fulfill our supposed vitamin C quota, nothing spectacular to be frank.

Vietnamese prawn, patin fish with rice, salted chicken

The big ticket item turned out to be the giant fresh water prawn cooked in Vietnamese style (RM 120 for 7 big prawns). The huge prawns deep fried before mixing with the very strong tasting sauce that is spicy but yet unlike curry. It was quite tasty and went well with rice, but didn’t leave an impression nearly as strong as the fish and especially the pork.

Salted chicken (RM 20) was our fifth order and the unsuspecting looking dish actually turned out to be rather nice. The chicken skin was crunchy yet the meat still juicy. Sometimes it is toughest to create a good tasting dish with simple ingredients. We liked this dish quite a lot too.

Kim, Gareth, Horng, KY, Kerol, Jac, and Eric

The two order of pork, four other dishes, rice, and drinks for seven of us came to RM 277.  That worked out to be slightly less than RM 40 per person, a pretty reasonable amount for what we ordered. The group went there again after one of the go-kart sessions not long ago, and of course, we ordered a bigger portion of tong po pork that time.

By the way, this place is dog friendly too, and operates for lunch and dinner till rather late (past 11pm)

Dengkil Seafood Restaurant
Lot 20, Tingkat 1, Jalan Kajang-Dengkil,
43800 Dengkil, Selangor

GPS: 2.859538,101.678971
Tel: 03-8768 7868, 012-218 2919

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  1. ericyong77

    mch dun lah post these makan posts at night – make me hungry liao hehe…

  2. ericyong77,
    which is why I’m going to sleep now, too hungry damn it

  3. u should try the dengkil 4am chicken rice!

  4. I thought you would order the wang bu liao! Haha…

  5. Jac,
    Ooo bring me!

    Hahahah cannot afford, don’t be crazyyy

  6. i love fresh water fish.. that means i must go here liao.. !

    empurau means never forget esp for the one who pays.. ROFL.. you crack em up- velly farnee ler 😛

  7. cumidanciki,
    make it happen! 😛

  8. wah..enjoyfull moment..

  9. The Empurau fish is known as the kelah or masheer. They have beautiful golden red color scales. I went fishing with my dad in jungle rivers in Terengganu back in 81. This was before the rivers were dammed up. We were trying to catch kelah. My dad caught pointed snout haraun. We didn’t catch any kelah but scooped one up with a net when it was flowing down river. Apparently, some villagers had put posion palm oil seeds in the river and the fishes ate them. That’s how we got the kelah. The meat was nothing special. It was similar to a big grass carp. They are in the same family. We met up with some loggers. The cook at the camp had salted many kelahs. We had them for dinner. I am surprise that it is so expensive.

  10. everything looks so yummy and it is not expensive !!!! got to try it someday ! thanks for the review 😀

  11. Hey looks good! Empurau is widely available in Sibu, it’s very expensive over there too, caught fresh, bought from the fisherman, prices can range from 2k-3k per fish.

  12. single malt is a NICE whisky….nvr hangover on the other day…

  13. nikel,

    Oh well, famous for being famous I guess?

    Yes, make it happen 😀

    Huai Bin,
    2-3k per fish is 1.8-2.8k more than what I’m willing to spend. heehee

    Depending on how much u drink. lol

  14. OMFGZ I’m HUNGRIES nao.

  15. So the empurau goes by another name which is the kelah? Ate it the other day at Cheers Palace but is very geli, because of the scales all jolting out! But the prawn definitely look really good! Btw, you all going for KL Dragons last home match?

  16. ShaolinTiger,

    Will try to make it to the last home match of KL Dragons! Not sure yet cos I have to be at Ipoh, hopefully can make it back in time.

  17. thenomadGourmand

    Tong po pork!! must make tis trip even if its just for tht!
    Mayb nx week, since tis week we r hitting Ijok for beggars chic

  18. thenomadGourmand,
    oOo Ijok, sounds like a trip. 😀

  19. I think the best would be if they make it for playoffs, then will have more home matches in Feb.

  20. JD,
    Yah I sure hope they get into the playoffs, one or two more wins and we’ll be in!

  21. That looks like one fantastic tong po pork! Nearly made me lick the computer screen… =P

  22. Wah you guys travel all the way there to eat =.=

    Used to be a very famous Friday afternoon lunch place for all the folks who work in Cyberjaya to eat. We all call it Yellowhouse 🙂

  23. Bangsar-bAbE,
    Oh yes it is awesomesauce!

    Mark Leo,
    oOo yellow house heh? Interesting name. 😀

  24. I wanna eat d patin fish again!!!!!

  25. Working in Cyberjaya for more than three years, I have never had dinner at Dengkil before, now that you mention it. Only lunch.

  26. JaCJaC,
    me too!!!

    Ooo, you can always make it happen 😀

  27. the tong po pork makes me salivate.

  28. very nice place to makan at this restaurant …further down the road…there is one restaurant selling sang har noodles…very nice and famous too…do check it out

  29. Genova,
    Yess it’s very nice!

    oOo interesting, thanks!

  30. feel like going there now again

  31. myhorng,
    tell me about it.

  32. yes. empurau – a name that can’t be forgotten.

    average it is about RM1k per fish. and it is called MASHEER. i got to know one of the supplier selling it through out the World. Hong Kong, Japan, China, West Malaysia.

    the unique part is he is selling them ALIVE!! and export them out. < check it out.

  33. hcyeong,
    oOoo very cool! I cannot afford. lol

  34. Don’t come.. Domporou not nice also.. Burnt caramel sticks to teeth..

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