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There is usually at least one type of food that represents a city, and when you are lucky, they are those that can be tapao-ed.

For Penang, it is the Him Heang tambun biscuit, from London, you shouldn’t miss the pork crackles, if there’s someone coming back from the States, get them to source you a pack of Reese’s peanut buttercup, and from Perth, the Corica Apple Strudel.

Corica Apple Strudel from Perth

When Val came back just the other day, it was Cheesie who had asked her to get a loaf of apple strudel from the original Corica Pastries all the way from Perth.

I became the courier for the prized dessert out of convenience since Cheesie was still enroute from Tokyo, Val and I had dinner at BU Centrepoint to complete the transaction and catching up some lost time. After all, we were together for some two years prior to her departure to the land down under.

KY, Horng, Kim, with Cheesie and Koyuki eyeing the Apple Strudel

The next day, Jaclyn, Eric, Kim, Horng, Cheesie, and I got to share the pastry (with Koyuki the huskies & Fatty and Ally the schnauzer eyeing us).

The apple strudel made of layers of crispy pastry with generous amount of apple fillings and custard in between, topped with a thin layer of caramelized sugar. Even though it was more than 36 hours since the strudel left the bakery, it was still awesomely delicious! Not overly rich nor too sweet, it was wholesome and definitely very fulfilling.

I believe a loaf costs over A$15, a bit on a pricey side, but I’d definitely want more! Val, you’re reading this right? 😀

Corica Apple Strudel
106 Aberdeen Street
Northbridge Western Australia 6003

GPS: -31.945753,115.858855
Tel: +618-9328 8196

Discuss : Corica Apple Strudel from Perth

  1. I remember eating loaf after loaf after loaf til i was sick when I was staying there. Will visit it again when I’m back later this year.

  2. wat khoricar apprel strudel strudel all i want all!! Want to make it and eats!!

    The nicest part, the crust #koyuki eat DDDDDD

  4. i want a pieces to taste too..look delicious with ur face look

  5. A Lil Fat Monkey,
    Hahah that’s a bit extreme!

    Haze Long,
    Haaaaa, why don’t you stay in PJ!

    Hahah no more liaoo! 😛

    Hehehe, yess it was awesome

  6. ooo i tried it before and it’s super awesome!! ahaha now you make me crave for some 😛

  7. it was delicious shit man.

  8. foodcrazee

    whats with u and down under? *wink*


  10. it is really nice… we were given a treat by the owner of our regular restaurant in perth when there on our golfing trip… will be back ther for more golf soon… ~chia

  11. I also want ze apple strudel! my fav!

  12. Pinky,
    Too bad you’re back in msia now hehe


    Fate ok, fate! Hehe

    She loves me! 😀

    Wahhh how nice

    Buy for me too!

  13. Where is my share????????!!!! Ihatchiuuuuuu!!! T_____T

  14. sotong,
    Hahah you sendiri malas to come!

  15. You mentioned “Reese peanut butter cups” from USA, you can get them from supermarkets here now. I used to buy loads from Canada but found that they already selling here.

  16. gc,
    Yah certain supermarkets, and also airports! you’re absolutely right. 🙂

  17. absolutely loved buying it when i stayed in perth! 🙂 and you cannot find anything like it anywhere else in australia!

  18. YZ,
    Yah, seems like it’s the one and only!

  19. My absolute fav, ive been looking for a replica recipe

  20. Corica apple strudel is like, the only best thing to ever come out of Perth wei.

  21. I love Reese’s buttercups too, but had them in Australia. Awesome stuff.

  22. Jess Ng,
    Good luck, and if you do, bake one for me 😛

    Hahahah hard to argue with that statement hehehe

    Huai Bin,
    Yah, can buy them here now 😀

  23. ooo…nice nice…can courier to my house too…kekekee

  24. vialentino,
    Hahahha yah then I collect from your house!

  25. I remember that – they had mango strudel seasonally too! 😀 I lugged back a whole slab of the apple strudel when I left Perth for good…and it barely lasted 12hrs before being completely devoured (by the family who claimed they hated “sweet pastry”…aihh)

    There was a bakery at 1U that actually brought in strudel from Corica a few years back – not sure if it’s still in existence or if they still do it though..

    The one thing I really miss is the honey-roasted macadamias from Kakulas Brothers in Perth though…awesome stuff!

  26. Aaron Schubert

    Nice, Perth truly has some great places to eat at. You should try the ‘pay what you think its worth’ Indian restaurant near the Bell tower.


  27. beetrice,
    waaa now I wish I am there, shall check out 1U too.

    Aaron Schubert,
    Interesting, but I haven’t been to Perth yet!

  28. Had this too when I was in Perth. Damn, it was good!

  29. Yiling,
    I think that’s like the no.1 tourist attraction at Perth? 😛

  30. Ooooh I love apple struddles too!! We get at these yummy buffets in Bangalore.However would love to get the recipe. Do you have the recipe?pass it on pls!!

  31. KJ,
    I don’t have it, unfortunately!

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