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Hoho steamboat is probably one of the earliest “pulau ketam” type steamboat in town, it has been operating for so long that Kim said her parents actually dated there. It is then safe to say that this place has been in operation for well over two decades.

Hoho steamboat, established since forever

Housed at the same premise as the pretty well known Ipoh Road Yong Tau Foo at Segambut just a stone’s throw away from the intersection of Jalan Kuching and Jalan Duta, the restaurant is converted from a former Bungalow with ample parking space. There are tables inside the building, under the tin roof (with fans and ample lights), as well as under the moon light. The usual ingredients for pulau ketam style steamboat.

steamboat set, deep fried dumplings, bacon strips

Most of the porkgang and two extra guests braced the traffic last Friday evening for a good steamboat meal thanks to the suggestion by Cheesie.

For the eleven of us, we ordered steamboat set for nine pax that includes dumplings, pork balls, fish balls, fish noodle, tofu, prawns, vegetable, tofu skin, eggs, noodles (yee mee), mee hun, quail’s eggs, and fish cubes.

Kim and Cheesie doing the hardwork

We added a couple plates of deep fried dumplings to munch while waiting for the soup to boil, and they are actually rather delicious.

Other extra orders we had were clams (to make the soup sweeter), quail’s eggs (cos Eric has low cholesterol), and of course, extra pork balls and some raw bacon. Hoho is one of the very few steamboat places that offers bacon strips, the concept is a bit new to me as I usually like my bacon fried, but the boiled version is actually pretty nice too.

Haze is a very happy girl. Jac doing the “cooking”

Due to a bit of miscommunication, we ordered both tomyam and clear soup for our pot. While the tomyam soup turned out to be pretty tasty, I usually prefer to have only the clear soup. Having the pot split down the middle with two soup base that has very different tastes is usually not a great idea as they tend to mix up quite a bit when boiling.

The sambal supplied by Hoho steamboat is rather potent and fragrant too. To me a pulau ketam steamboat is never complete without good sambal, and this place does not disappoint when it comes to that.

map to hoho steamboat at segambut

Though not the absolute best out there, the combination of price (less than RM 25/pax with drinks), taste, and experience does make Hoho steamboat a place worth visiting. By the way, they have the best URL too:

Hoho Steamboat
67, Jalan Segambut,
Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.180645, 101.677523
Tel: +603-6252 6473

The year of Tiger in Chinese calendar is looming at large, and like many who make new year resolutions for 2010, I too have my own Tiger year wish.

Since it’s a Chinese thing, lets make this wish fit within the auspicious value of RM 8,888. Here goes:

a diving trip at an exotic island

It was 2005 the last time I went for a diving trip at Redang with the guys, we had a whole lot of fun and the underwater world was a really amazing place. For many reasons I can’t exactly pin down, I haven’t dived since, but my wish is to do it again this year.

A comfortable diving trip would cost somewhere in the region of RM 1500 – 2000 depending on location.

Suunto D6 dive computer

To make the diving trip complete, lets throw in a sexy Suunto D6 dive computer. It may just look like a nice looking watch on your wrist, but this baby can do a whole lot more. It can log your dives and calculate surface intervals, show decompression status, and even spot a digital compass you can use underwater.

The Suunto D6 costs about RM 2,500.

full scuba gear (er… for human)

I already have a wet suit, fins, booty, goggle, and the snorkle, so the next logical step is to get a full set of scuba gears so that I don’t need to rent anything other than a tank of gas from the diving lodge. This works out to save money in the long run.

To complete my equipment list, I’ll need a BCD (buoyancy control device), regulator, octopus (secondary emergency regulator), and the accompanying gauges. This should cost somewhere around RM 2,000 – 2,500.

how about a pet that looks almost like a tiger?

So far the diving trip and equipments add up to about RM 6000 – RM 7000, I should still be left with 2k+ or so to work with. I was thinking of underwater photography equipments in my wish list, but perhaps I’ll have a Maine Coon instead!

This is one of the largest domestic cats ever, and can possibly have Cheddie the maltese for breakfast. I might name the fella Tigger, don’t it look so awesome? 😀

I have my tiger stripes on!

So why RM 8,888? Well, Tiger Beer, the official beer of the year of Tiger, is having a Tiger Beer and Nuffnang Run and there are 3x RM 8,888 worth of dreams for the winners. The three prizes are one each for male and female, and a grand prize with an additional RM 1,888 in cash!

What you need to do is not exactly difficult – Write a blog post with the same title as this one “My Dream in the Year of Tiger” and send your name and the blog post’s permanent link to 88 lucky runners will be chosen to participate in this auspicious event, the details as follow:

Time: 4.30pm
Date: 6th February 2010
Venue: Bar Madrid, Jaya One, PJ
Dress Code: Anything!

One of the tasks during the run involves the Tiger Beer facebook page too, so do click on the link and be a fan.

Make it happen! I’ll see you there, I don’t know any more details of this very mysterious run, but I reckon it isn’t your usual half marathon type, which is just as well since I don’t think I can complete a 10 km run in one shot anyway. It’ll be exciting!

When it comes to Japanese food, you can’t really find a higher concentration of restaurants than Hartamas and Subang SS15. With the former, there’s at least quite a big community of Japanese expats living around Mont Kiara area, but with Subang, well, there isn’t an easy explanation.

It just seems like there are more and more new Japanese restaurants opening at the area every year, Jyu Raku being one of the newest kids on the block that already packed no less than some half a dozen outlets.

Jyu Raku, with classy deco and a rather extensive menu

Incidentally, the first Japanese restaurant I blogged about all the way back in 2005 was Rakuzen, situated right next door to Jyu Raku. In fact, it was the former Japanese head chef from Rakuzen that opened this restaurant.

an extensive sushi bar with grilling area at Jyu Raku

You can really see the resemblance in the menu as well as the restaurant layout between Ryu Raku and Rakuzen. An extensive sushi bar with grilling area connected to the kitchen, about half a dozen tables on the ground floor, and bigger dining area on first floor as well as a couple private rooms.

Photos you see from this blog post were taken from two separate visits, but I have been to Jyu Raku probably at least half a dozen time since. Quality of food has been pretty excellent, and there is a wide selection of dishes to choose from.

sashimi, jyu raku roll, Sheryl

The sashimi (kame, RM 48) has always been very fresh and served with grated wasabi. Wasabi makes a heck of a difference when it comes to enjoying sashimi, and once you had freshly grated wasabi to go with the raw fish, there’s no turning back.

Their signature Jyu Raku roll (RM 28) is something not to be missed too, unagi, prawn, and sashimi and lettuce wrapped with a very thin piece of cucumber and topped with salmon roe. Really luxurious and positively delicious.

ebi maki, cha soba, gyu tan, and that grated wasabi

The cha soba (cold green tea noodle) here is as good as anywhere, smooth silky, and absolutely delightful especially on a hot day.

One of my favorite parts of cow – the tongue, is served at Jyu Raku too. The tongue has a slightly firmer but smoother texture compared to meat, and carries a slightly different taste to it that to me, equals some of the best cuts of meat. A place for cheap gyu tan is at Daidomon (buffet style), but quality aren’t as good as Jyu Raku.

Cheesie with her mentaiko (marinated pollock roe)

Mentaiko, or marinated pollock roe, is available on the menu but somehow aren’t available most of the time. The Ebi Mentai goes for RM 15, but when Cheesie asked for a bowl of mentai without the prawn, the restaurant obliged too. Mentaiko is quite a lot smoother than the more common ebiko (shrimp roe), and usually has a bit of a spicy kick to it. I love it.

cold inaniwa udon, beef with shimeji mushroom, green tea ice cream

Other dishes I’ve tried here include the inaniwa udon that is consumed much like cha soba, but a lot more subtle in taste (doesn’t come with wasabi). Beef with shimeji mushroom was pretty delicious too, but I’d imagine if we had ordered wagyu instead, it’d be even better, but alas, I don’t have a limitless wallet.

Jyu Raku is located right across from SJMC

Since the menu is rather extensive, there’s quite a lot more that I haven’t tried from Jyu Raku, yakimono, kushiyaki (skewed grill) wagyu, salad, and so forth. Those that I tried hasn’t been disappointing, but according to masak-masak, the tempura should be avoided though.

Jyu Raku
13, Jln SS15/5A
47500 Subang Jaya

GPS: 3.074770, 101.586370
Tel: 03-5633 3819

Following the successful previous contest (with cash prizes up to RM 5ka piece, I always love cash prizes!), Mister Potato is at it again. Only this time it is even bigger, with grand prize being a gold bar worth RM 88,888!

GOLD BAR! I’ve heard about these mystical thing when I was young, we called it “Kim Tiau” in Hokkien. Those old TV series with the rich tycoons playing with gold bars sitting behind their desk, it was so bling, so surreal.

And now you’re telling me there’s a chance I can win one of these babies? (not the actual picture of the prize)

I think I’d use it as a door stop *evil grin*

If I win the gold bar, it doesn’t mean there’s nothing left for you, my dear readers. 😀

There’re 3 x RM 8,888 first prize, and another 100 x RM 888 consolation prize winners. These are all cold hard cash, and with over 100 winners it’ll be quite unlucky if you actually don’t win.

The contest:

  • Get the unique SMS code from the 75 or 160 gram Mister Potato contest edition pack.
  • Guess the combined weight (in KG) of Mister Potato, Ortega, the three Mariachis (Unos, Dos, Tres), and the sack of 100 potatoes. Send in via SMS with unique short code)
  • Submit as many entries as you like, but each short code is only valid for 1 entry
  • for more details go to

Sherlock Homes’ deductive skills is utmost important here. There are clues on the website as to how much these characters weigh in. Let me give you some tips (I shall not share all for I want the gold bar!)

  • Mister Potato himself – 33 pounds heavier than a baby elephant (at 105kg), with 2.2 lbs = 1 KG. A simple calculation should put his weight at 120 kg or so.
  • Ortega – profile puts him at “about” 132 lbs but definitely below 134 lbs. That’s between 60-65 kg.
  • Tres – 40 kg (from the clue given)
  • Dos – Dos + Mister Potato = 170 kg, so that should put him at around 50kg
  • Uno  – with the Mariachis averaging 48 kg, Uno should work out to be around 54 kg
  • sack of 100 potatoes – not gonna give you this one, work it out yourself!

Now excuse me while I go get some Mister Potato, the contest runs from 1st Jan till 31st March 2010, so hurry!

When #porkgang was first initiated, we met each other almost exclusively only over dinners, and there were almost always pork involved. One of our earliest dinner meet was at Ribs@Oasis. This happened late last year, but I had somehow forgotten to process the photos until now.

Better late than never anyway.

Ribs serves a variety of Western food with a strong dosage of swine, just the way we like it. Situated just a couple minutes away from 1-Utama shopping complex, parking spaces aren’t hard to come by. However, getting there can prove to be a bit of a hassle on weekday evenings due to traffic.

Seating areas are mostly indoor, but there are limited tables near the sidewalk for those who prefers alfresco dining.

grilled pork loin chops

Anyway, lets get on with the food.

My eyes were fixated on the grilled pork lion chops (RM 30.50) when I saw it on the menu. It simply says “Chef Lee’s special recipe, served with braised cabbage and tangy apple sauce

When the pork chop came, it did not disappoint at all. A huge slab of pork with a layer of fat around the edge, grilled to perfection with the fatty layer glistering and the leaner part still juicy, add a bit of that apple sauce, perfecto. I’d order it again on my next trip, no question.

grilled ribs, deep fried pork chunks, pan fried butter fish

Since the name of the restaurant is called Ribs, it goes without saying that we had to give it a try. Kim ordered a big slab of grilled belly Oriental pork ribs (RM 32.90) that came sitting on a generous serving of mash potato. I took a bite, and while it was pretty good, it wans’ t really overly impressive to be honest.

The deep fried pork chunks (RM 12.50) though, was really awesome and would serve as perfect beer food. The taste a little similar to the deep fried “nam yu” pork from Pan Heong at Batu Caves, but slightly more batter and crunchier, it was really good.

One of the ladies ordered the pan fried butter fish (RM 21.90) instead of something porky and gave the dish a huge thumbs up. Good to know Ribs@Oasis knows how to please your friend who wants to maintain her figure.

Eric, Horny, and Gareth ordered the bacon pork & reverse pork burgers

Then there are the pork burgers.

Ribs@Oasis offers quite a few types of pork burgers.  The usual, with bacon, with grilled pineapple, or if you so prefer, the ultimate reverse pork burger too (RM 20-29.90).

The shiny bacon, caramalized pineapple, and that big juicy home made pork patty ought to make any pork burger lover droll like a hungry puppies. Gareth rated this as good as the Cristang’s pork burger but totally different at the same time, with a completely different taste and texture too, but equally agreeable to the taste buds.

banana fritters, ice cream, molten chocolate cake with haagan daaz

Then there’s the desserts. I can never really understand the idea of over stuffing yourself at dinner, and yet still order desserts, but apparently suanie , jaclyn, cheesie, and kim do, and that’s why they ordered desserts.

The ice creams were from Haagan Daaz, and hence they were pretty good. I had a bite of the banana fritters and found it to be too huge, it was not exactly great. The molten chocolate cake though, was quite delicious. Forgot how much they were priced, but I remember them to be pretty reasonable.

founding members of porkgang, and 2 of horng’s lady friends

Ironically, the ribs at Ribs@Oasis might not be the dish to order, but the other pork dishes – especially the pork chop and burgers, does make the place worth a visit or three despite the traffic.

We had wanted to hang out at the place a tad longer, but unfortunately they observe the “normal” closing time by around 10 ish at night. I’d wish they open later and sell more drinks though.

2 Tengkat Bandar Utama,
1-1 BU4 Oasis Complex,
Petaling Jaya, SELANGOR 47800‎

GPS: 3.150219, 101.609912
Tel: 03-7729 8921‎

Xpax adverts

For you Xpax, U.O.X./S.O.X. users out there, have you  heard about the Big Freekin’ Sale yet? From 11 Jan till 31 March 2010, the offers include 50% off calls, 50% off downloads, and free blackberry access weekends (I talked about it on this post)

Now lets look at the comparison on the rates you get during the sales period and some other telco.

Calls within the network as low as 19 and 7.5 sen per minute from 10pm-10am, whereas the cheapest from the other three providers is at 30 sen per minute. For Friends & Family within the same network, calls from the same time period are only 5 and 6 sen per minute, with the other providers pricing it at 15 sen per minute.  Don’t miss out! For more details check out the Big Freekin’ Sale site.

Just in case you forgot, the Free Blackberry Access Weekends work this way:

  • Monday to Friday, reload the unlimited BB 250 plan for RM 2.50 per day
  • Saturday and Sunday – FREE!

It is that simple. 😀