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A big merry xmas to everyone, and thank you for coming to the party and made this 6th installment of the annual xmas eve party at my humble little place as happening as successful as ever!

Thanks to the power of Robb & Nuffnang, this year we had Heineken sponsoring the house party with plenty of beer, a canopy, and even food (including freshly grilled satey!). Suanie also got her friends from to decorate up the place with plenty of balloons too!

Hence, this year we had the whole works, nice decorations, food, drinks, and even party kits! My house almost looked like a wedding kenduri from far. But it was awesome. πŸ˜€

did you notice the satey man?

From the facebook photo album tags, there were over 45 or so people in attendance. There were lot of old faces from previous parties turned up, and quite a few new comers too.

The previous attendees were: Suanie, Kerol, Gareth, Kim,Β Ahfa, Horng, Yee Hou, Terence, Huey Fang, Hwa Chai, Wei Yi, Michael, Elfie, Rachel, Selina, Tock, Rebecca, Jaime, Janice, Shiang, Wai Meng, Reta, Mohan, Eiling, and Zoe.

New comers include: Haze, Robb, Tim, Audrey, Su Ann, Suet Li, Eric, Jaclyn, Ruby, Nazrul, Richard, San San, Nigel, Li Ling, Thomas, Arthur, Ginny, Desmond, and Vanessa.

Brief encounter: Reta’s bf, Eric, showed up for a bit to pick her up, as with another Wai Meng who had to send Elfie back earlier cos she wasn’t feeling well.

Oh.. and the petrol car came by with a cop, followed by 2 petrol cars some 15 minutes later with 3 friendly police officers asking us to .. tone it down at about 2 something in the morning.

turkey and roast pork for xmas eve dinner

Just before the party got started, the #porkgang actually prepared a nice dinner with a big turkey, a couple kilograms of roast pork, vegetable, bacon pasta, and even butter bread puddings for ourselves. Jaclyn and Kim did most of the cooking while Terence handled the roast porkΒ business, and boy, everything was so delicious!

That got us all ready to roll for the party.

don’t you want to look like a green superhero too?

As usual, most guests came later than the official 8:30pm start time with the exception of a few. Traffic on the day was pretty horrendous too, so I guess that could be served as an excuse of sort.

There were plenty of cold Heinekens to go around, and inside the party pack were some pretty cool costumes too. We had quite a bit of fun with those, until it started to feel a bit too warm to be wearing capes and hats… oh well.

the bong made quite a few ppl sprayed back out its content

Ever the inventer, Terence brought a home-made bong to the party and was trying to convince people to try his concoction via the funnel. I don’t think anyone actually managed to swallow the drinks without at least spilling half of it on the floor.

Absinthe + beer isn’t exactly a very desirable taste, especially when it’s channeling through the pipe directly to your throat, I supposed. Huey Fang and Hwa Chai probably sprayed 90% of it on the floor.

and the gift exchange got started!

We got the gift exchange started by 12 am, right when Super Late Su Ann arrived.

As with every year, everyone draws a number (40 gifts intotal this year), and then system works this way:

  • the person who drew #1 picks a gift from the pile (giver’s names are written on the gifts)
  • #2 onwards gets to hijack one of the opened gifts, or pick from the pile
  • if your gift got hijacked, you get to hijack another one, ad infinitum

we had bak kua, godiva chocolate, tumbler, and even cigarettes *gasp*

The person with the smallest number usually lose out, the one with the biggest number has highest advantage, theoretically speaking anyway.

With the rules in place, there were a lot of gifts exchanging hands (most of the time very reluctantly). It was to the point where we had to start limiting the exchange since some rounds had over 7-8 hijackings.

Haze wasn’t too happy with Penang Asam Laksa, but liked the War Craft

Among the most sought after gifts were a set of banana republic cocktail shaker, a really nice laptop bag, original war craft games, bak kua, Haze’s painting, Starbucks planner, and the geometrical rubik’s cube.

The more unfortunate gifts were adult diapers, giant rubber chicken, tiny toy guitar, and shaver.

The most unorthodox gift was from Yee Hou, a few packets of Asam Laksa he tapau all the way from Penang on the same day!

emotional roller coaster, you thought you get to keep those gifts? hijacked!

The gift exchange took over 1.5 hours to get done, but it was really the highlight of the night, I thought it was very fun!

We continued to party for a little while, and started winding it down after the cops came for the second time. For whatever reasons, these dudes actually cheered when the petrol car showed up for the first time. The party wouldn’t have been complete then I supposed.

Oh, by the way according to his tweet, Yee Hou puked when he got home after drinking only one beer at the party, hohohoho.

Thank you guys for coming and made this an awesome party, lets do it again next year!

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Discuss : Xmas Eve Party 2009, the full account

  1. CRAZY LA U U ACTUALLY RMB ALL THE NAMES!! lol and the cops came twice ah got offer them turkey anot u?

  2. ericyong77

    hehehehe best!!!

    Nice night, nice booze and nice food hehe.

    By the way, the petrol cars didnt come, it was the PATROL cars.. hehe…

  3. a special memorable xmas party.

  4. foodcrazee

    Syiok . . . .pity we always have to work during festive . .

  5. thenomadGourmand

    Another rawking awesome party this year!
    Thk u for the invite & Merry Xmas!!

    and yea, the party aint a party without the police cars! ;p

  6. I would have so wanted Penang Assam Laksa. T.T

  7. Awesome game~~ Your Party never fails to spell F.U.N!! *Salute*

  8. Beer bong, beer bong, don’t drink, too slow!

    Trust God to come up with something like that. Heh!

    Looks like fun.

  9. Tiny toy guitar came with original Princess and Frog soft toy frog ok! LOL

  10. Tan Yee Hou

    Ooo I think I puked because I drank Vitagen before I drank the beer fml.

    I puked all the way till dinner so it wasn’t the beer T__T

  11. Assam Laksa!?!?! Hahaha, that’s unorthodox.

    Oh we play the hijack gift game too… only in ours, the #1 has the final pick when all presents has been opened. So yar, everybody wants to be #1!

    Happy Boxing day.

  12. Evil God has bring the frat house poison bong.

    So anyone became Frank the Tank and ran naked trying to go to the gym?

  13. joshuaongys,
    cos everyone’s my friend! πŸ˜€

    ops.. spelling salah πŸ˜›

    Yah, always πŸ˜€

    cari rezeki, apa nak buat? hehe

    Hahahaha cis! and thanks for coming πŸ˜‰

    lol, it’s a niche item I guess πŸ˜‰

    thank you thank you

    Huai Bin,
    Yaaa, but you weren’t here!

    wah hardcore. hahahaha

    Tan Yee Hou,
    excuses excuses,

    A Lil Fat Monkey,
    oOoo haha Happy Boxing Day to you too!

    Hahah luckily no.

  14. i want more heineken!

  15. looking forward to ur next party if any . . .

  16. merry Christmas

    visit me at Nikel Khor

  17. The hijacking of X’Mas gift is good. Only good for a bunch of friends, if at company gift exchange, sure got employee issue. Hahaha. Good to be able to see some pics! Nice one! And Happy Christmas!

  18. We did history: 2 police cars came and stole the giant rubber chicken.

    My Christmas eve will never feel the same again haha!

  19. they took the rubber chicken????

  20. btw i heard you got my godiva chocolate spread :))) it is contextually important to know that that is my fav spread everrr!!!!

  21. The gift exchange lasted 1.5 hours? I had no idea haha!

  22. JaCJaC,

    of course there will be more! πŸ˜€

    merry x’mas to you too

    Hahahah, well if your colleagues are a close bunch then ok lor

    they took the rubber chicken? O.o

    precisely what i want to know! and I haven’t tried the godiva yet. πŸ˜€

    Hahaha yah it was that long!

  23. Patrol cars not petrol cars

  24. but no snow. hmmph!

  25. ZeekNotGeek

    wow! looks like a realy happening party.. you guys had a lot of fun la. anyway, merry christmas and a blessed new year ahead – 2010!

  26. dragoncity

    wow.. seems to be a nice party…esp the free beer and roasted pork.. = D

  27. William,
    Hahah I know, salah spelling

    but got gift exchange!

    Yaaa merry xmas to you too! πŸ˜€

    Hahah roast pork wasn’t free πŸ˜›

  28. kimberlycun

    btw, rubber chicken is safely in our hands.

  29. Wow, looks like I have missed all the fun!

  30. cool party wor! Heineken ftw

  31. kimberlycun,
    Yah, to scare Charlie. πŸ˜›

    hehehe i’m sure you had your own fun. πŸ˜€

    Yess πŸ˜€

  32. oh okie i thought they did cause i never saw it again after the police came and went, and someone told me about it lol! Chick’s safe, all’s good πŸ˜€

  33. ericyong77

    hehehe yeah i gave the chicken to #EmoCharlie liao hehe…

  34. christock,
    hahaha, yeah it’s all good.

    but emocharlie is scared of the chicken. lol

  35. Lyrical Lemongrass

    Wah, looks like a lot of fun! πŸ™‚ Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, dahling!

  36. It was awesomesauce as usual.

  37. Lyrical Lemongrass,
    Heppy New Yerrrr to you too DAHLING!

    Yeahhhh best!

  38. yee hou is very creative! :3

  39. shit my warcraft and laksa photos is fehmes!! thanks for the invite!! I seow crash ur parties every year *wink*

  40. Haze Long,
    Hahaha come come, you’re always welcomed!

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  43. Dear KY,

    Will be heading over to my friend’s party later and there will be a gift exchanging going on as well. I am very interested with how your gift exchanging actually works. Say the #10 guy were to pick a gift and he choose to hijack #5’s gift, so #5 and #10 have to exchange their gifts right? and then #5 has the right to hijack another person’s gift?

    I see this game is real FUN, but getting the details right would make it even more exciting πŸ˜‰ Merry Christmas my friend.

    • Kenneth: ya it’s real fun. #5 can pick up from the pile or get from others that are opened. Merry xmas!

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